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36. MattW1969   (02.05.2018)
I ordered tomato seeds. The seeds arrived on time and were in good shape. I will be ordering from this company again in the future.

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35. dapapabear2   (27.04.2018)
A lovely and professional experience on every level.

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34. FormerFF   (25.04.2018)
I've bought tomato and pepper seed from this company for the last year. They've always shipped promptly. I've had good germination rates using a heated tray, and good production from the mature plants.

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33. Fla_Chick   (24.04.2018)
I placed an order from their very interesting web site, and received the tomato seeds, along with a bonus packet of seeds, very quickly. Very satisfied, and will order from again.

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32. JetGal   (20.04.2018)
Another wonderful experience with OrganicSeeds. Once again, their seeds and service have exceeded my expectations!!! Thanks so much again!

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31. cbandpb   (17.04.2018)
This was my first year using OS. Prior to the sale, all correspondence and questions were answered promptly. Shipping was on time. Seeds were well packed, and healthy upon arrival. I will definitely use them again.

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30. azmiakabbani   (16.04.2018)
Quick, excellent service. Nice neat seed packets w/information. Good germination.

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29. MrsDTM   (05.04.2018)
Wow fast service! I had placed a number of orders for seeds with a few different companies and my order for organicseeds was the first to arrive!!! biggrin

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28. Slackermom   (04.04.2018)
Nice variety of 93 cent seeds.Their selection keeps expanding.Great company for gardeners who would to try alot of different varieties on a budget. I received my order in 9 days. The owner sent a polite email to be sure I was satisfied with my seeds.l had excellent germination from previous orders. Be sure to subscribe to their newletter for free shipping offers and promotions.

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27. devinevegan   (03.04.2018)
Great company with lots of offerings. No hybrids, or treated seeds which is a plus. I ordered a few seeds and was pleased with the quick shipment and quality seed packaging and seeds. Will order from again!

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26. Irena   (02.04.2018)
I received the package today. Everything looks great. Thank you for including extra seeds as a gift. Also thank you for an invitation to your partnership program, I may use it in the future. Looking forward to try out your seeds and if it works well you will receive more orders and possibly more customers :o)

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25. gardenVIKIng   (23.03.2018)
Love this company! Quality seeds and speedy turn around time on my orders.

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24. newwine2go   (22.03.2018)
OrganicSeeds was prompt with the order and I look forward to using their seeds. Thanks for the great service!

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23. josully   (21.03.2018)
These folks are wonderful. Ordered my seed, and received them the following week. We will be back.

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22. Aniela   (21.03.2018)
They were very prompt and did a replacement in a flash, very graciously, and sent bonus packages we greatly appreciated.

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