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«Aji Melocoton» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13691
1.14 €
Pepper from Peru, translated as “peach”, is a thin-walled chilli, crispy peach-orange pepper, a sprawling bush, height can be more than a meter, fruitful, fragrant fruits with a sweet tropical taste.
«Aji Pulsar» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13690
1.14 €
In this variety, the color of the calyx merges with the color of the fruit, the fruits are small cone-shaped, in technical ripeness the fruits are yellow, in biological ripeness they are red, the taste and aroma are fruity, for fresh food and canning.
«Alma Paprika» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13689
1.14 €
One of the most famous Hungarian hot pepper varieties, the plant is 45 cm in height, the fruits are round, tomato-shaped, up to 6 cm in diameter, the pulp is juicy, for fresh food, stuffing, drying.
«Brazilian Starfish Red» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13688
1.14 €
A very famous variety of hot pepper, originally from Peru, a plant up to 2 meters high, very prolific, the fruits resemble a starfish in shape, red in color, the fruit taste is fruit and berry with sweetness.
«White Bhut Jolokia JW» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13687
1.14 €
One of the hottest chili peppers in the world, more wrinkled than most white Jolockias, citrusy aroma, ripens from green to creamy white.
«Double abundance» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13686
1.14 €
A mid-early outstanding variety for open and closed ground, has no equal in yield, up to 40 fruits can be harvested from one plant per season, fruits 18-21 cm in size and weighing 50-80 grams.
«Macarena» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13685
1.14 €
Variety from Mario Dadomo, compact bush, self-formed, height 20-30cm, covered with curly conical fruits growing upwards, ripens from black to cherry red when fully ripe.
«Madre Vieja» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13684
1.14 €
Capsicum fruitful yellow pepper, medium pungency and excellent grapefruit aroma, compact bush, 50-60 cm high, fruits ripen from green to yellow, excellent pepper for oriental cuisine.
«Dwarf Mexican» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13683
1.14 €
The bush is very compact, branched, it forms itself, it is covered with small conical fruits growing upwards, ripens from green to red when fully ripe, the variety is distinguished by its external decorative appearance and fruit taste.
«Purple Delight» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13682
1.14 €
A beautiful shrub with black leaves, bush height 20-30 cm, round, edible fruits of bright lilac color at the beginning of ripening and bright red color when fully ripe, suitable for indoor cultivation in flower pots from 2 liters.
«Portokolova Fifronka» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13681
1.14 €
A variety of hot peppers, originally from Macedonia, an old variety and very popular in the Balkans, the fruits are orange-pink in color, plant height up to 1 meter, the variety is very productive and suitable for growing outdoors.
«Rokoto Mini Yellow» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13680
1.14 €
Rocoto fruits have thick walls, juicy and crunchy flesh and are very hot, aroma and taste - fruity, bush 50-60 cm, spreading due to active lateral branching, one of the earliest Rocoto.
«Rokoto Mini Olive» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13679
1.14 €
The growing season is 180 days, the fruits ripen from green to olive, one of the earliest rocoto, for the preparation of various aromatic hot sauces, salsa, jams and fresh food, the fruits are suitable for freezing.
«Rompedor» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13678
1.14 €
This pepper was brought from Peru in 1959, the fruit, when fully ripe, is red, cone-shaped, grows downward, one of the features of the fruit is a matte surface, like a candy, the taste is good, pleasant, slightly sour, quinensen aroma.
«Saco de Velho» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13677
1.14 €
A rare and little-known variety from Brazil, a compact bush of 50-60 cm, large bright yellow ribbed fruits, a fleshy wall, a fruity taste with sourness, a high habaneer pungency, for fresh food, making sauces, preservation.
«Salsa Purple» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13676
1.14 €
An early ripe variety for growing in open ground, on balconies, in indoor conditions in pots of 2 liters or more, fruits are small, grow in bunches, directed upwards, cone-shaped, at the beginning - dark lilac, then red-orange, weighing 5 grams.
«Pork Pig Intestines» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13675
1.14 €
This variety of hot pepper comes from China, the taste of pepper is sweet without sourness, similar to the taste of sweet pepper Ramiro, sweet taste and warm spiciness give an amazing effect, for fresh consumption, in salads and sauces.
«Scotch Bonnet Saraga» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13674
1.14 €
A rather spicy variety with a slight sourness and aroma of a cherry tree (like rocoto peppers), the plants grow well in pots and give a good harvest of peach-orange fruits with a fruity tropical aroma, the pungency is habanernaya.
«7 Pot White» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13673
1.14 €
A rare and very hot variety, the pungency is similar to the pungency of Bhut Jolokia, one pepper can be used to season seven pots of ragout, the fruit taste is fruity with hints of celery.
«Purple Flowered» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13671
1.14 €
A one-of-a-kind baccatum, blooming with very beautiful purple flowers, a green flower with a wide bright purple border, the taste of the fruit is very fragrant and quite pungent, the fruits are medium-sized, conical, red.
«Jalapeno Tajin» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13670
1.14 €
An early ripe jalapeno variety with aromatic and thick fruits, red fruits with white cracks, bush height 40 - 50 cm, this variety is good for grilling, pickling, preserving, making sauces and eating fresh.
«Sweet Lunchbox Red» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13667
1.14 €
A very productive mid-season pepper variety. The time from planting to ripening is 75 - 90 days. Fruits are 5-7 cm long, juicy, thick-walled, crunchy, very sweet, aromatic with a fruity flavor.
«Doe Hill» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13668
1.14 €
Yielding, early variety, growing season - 60 days, compact bush, 40 cm tall, fruits weighing 30 grams, orange color, flesh is thick, crispy, sweet, fruity aroma, the first fruits ripen at the end of July.
«Gogosar Vlad» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 13669
1.14 €
A variety of sweet peppers such as Gogoshar, mid-ripening, tomato-shaped, large, ribbed fruits, weighing 150-200 grams, great for salads, preservation, stuffing, freezing.
«Peach Habanero» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 12717
1.14 €
The fruits are more elongated than other Habanero, a distinctive feature is that when ripened, the pepper acquires a bright salmon color, is surprisingly beautiful and has a deep taste.
Product code: 7962
1.14 €
The very attractive plants have dark green folige and produce tear drop shaped, purple quite hot fruits. Beautiful purple stems and purple flowers. Can be used fresh or can be dried and stored for longer, the plants bear masses of peppers.
Product code: 7960
1.39 €
The intensity of this ornamental pepper makes all others look playful, even whimsical! The foliage is smoky-black and violet, occasionally streaked with white, and clusters of marble-sized ebony fruits perch atop it.
Product code: 2781
1.14 €
Early ripening variety. The vegetation is 110 - 125 days. Plant compact, height 50 - 65 cm. Fruits are oval-cuboidal, orange-red in color, weighing 100-150 g, excellent taste qualities. The pulp is juicy and tender, 6 - 8 mm thick.
Product code: 2779
1.14 €
This is an early ripening variety. Vegetation period from shoots to biological ripeness is 100-105 days. The bush is half-stitched, 45-55 cm high. The fruit is prismatic, weighing 100-130 grams, in the biological ripeness of the orange-red color.
Product code: 2775
1.14 €
A simple name for a simply fabulous bell whose brilliant orange fruits are packed with melt-in-your-mouth sweetness. Compact plants exceed expectations, producing prolific yields of blocky, 3 to 5" fruits with thick walls and crisp flesh.
Product code: 2831
1.14 €
This is an early ripening variety. The vegetation period from shoots to technical ripeness is 95-110 days. The plant is 80-100 cm high. The fruits are cuboidal, large, weighing 200-250 grams, 10-11 cm long, 9-10 cm in diameter.
Product code: 2891
1.14 €
Unique, black-colored fruit that are the shape of a cuboid. They are sweet and have a delicious flavor. Early variety (110-120 days). Growth as a compact plant. The fruits are large, 150-250 g, cube-shaped, thick flesh black in ripeness.
Product code: 3037
1.14 €
Classic Hungarian hot pepper with a rich flavor. Heat is high but not too extreme. Round, red cherry shaped fruit are about 1” wide and deep red when ripe. Relatively thick walls for a hot pepper make this variety great for hot sauce and stuffing.
Product code: 4332
1.14 €
An Aji pepper that looks and tastes like a Habanero! Aji Habanero fruits ripen to a golden orange yellow, with a tapered, wrinkled shape. Unlike the Habanero, this Aji has minimal heat, but retains the smoky flavor so associated with the Habanero.
Product code: 4331
1.39 €
Why settle for just flowers, merely dark leaves, or simply glossy fruits when with Black Olive, you can have all 3 at once?! This ornamental pepper is the coolest plant this side of the cucumbers, and you've got to give it a try this season!
Product code: 28
1.14 €
An attractive medium-hot pepper from the Ukraine. The plants grow to 24 inches tall and produce heavy crops of long thin peppers up to 8 inches in length which resemble tongues of fire. Excellent for use in salsas.
Product code: 6276
1.14 €
Sweet, cone-shaped peppers. Excellent producer. Tons of beautiful, sweet red peppers. A delicious pepper with 4-inch long tapered, fruit that are super sweet. This fine pepper is early and ripens well in the north.
Product code: 6255
1.14 €
This is an early grade for open and protected soil. From shoots to the beginning of fruiting 95-110 days. The bush is compact, 45-55 centimeters high. The fruits are elongated cone-shaped, smooth with delicate thin skin, excellent taste qualities.
Product code: 12305
1.50 €
Peter peppers range from medium-hot to pretty darn fiery (reportedly in the 20,000 to 30,000 Scoville Units range and are good tasting (great for spicing up salsa as well as conversation).
«Cow's ear» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 4908
1.34 €
Early ripe, fruit - an elongated cone, thick-bore 6-8 mm, fruit weight up to 300 grams, fruit color from yellow-pink to bright red, differs in uniformity of fruits by high yield, bush 50-60 cm high in light green color.
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