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Cherry laurel seeds (Prunus laurocerasus) NEW
Product code: 15719
1.14 €
An evergreen dense shrub, reaching a height of 1 m and 150 cm in diameter, annual growth is about 15 cm, the leaves are dark green, shiny, leathery, narrow and long, the flowers are white, collected in spikes, blooms in May.
Product code: 11591
1.14 €
Rosa canina hips can be used to make jam, jelly, syrup, marmalade and wine. Homemade rose-hip syrup is delicious and well worth making. It is an excellent natural source of vitamin C. It also contains vitamins A, D and E, and antioxidants.
Product code: 11494
1.14 €
Hibiscus syriacus, the common garden Hibiscus is also called Rose of Sharon. It is a flowering shrub native to much of Asia. It is vase-shaped, reaching 2-4 meters in height. Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea.
Product code: 11493
1.14 €
Hibiscus syriacus, the common garden Hibiscus is also called Rose of Sharon. It is a flowering shrub native to much of Asia. It is vase-shaped, reaching 2-4 meters in height. Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea.
Product code: 4311
1.14 €
This is actually called a pearl bush and flowers long and abundantly with cascades of beautiful, pure white blooms! So lovely to see! This ornamental shrub is compact growing with a bushy growth, remains low and grows wide.
Product code: 7954
1.14 €
A particularly unusual and rarely seen shrub which originates from China. Rhodotypos scandens bears single, white flowers from the tips of each shoot with an appealing simplicity. The blooms are later replaced by large berries meausining up to 8mm across.
Product code: 6842
1.39 €
The large bladder like fruiting structures of this medium sized shrub are just irresistible to curiosity each one containing one or more chestnut brown seeds that are a bit larger than a fat pea.
Product code: 6863
1.14 €
Red Elderberry (Sambacus racemosa) thrives in Riparian Zones, on north aspects and transition zones. It is a large deciduous shrub or small tree of the Honeysuckle family that grows 10-20 ft tall with a broad arching form.
Organic Almaty Hawthorn Seeds (Crataegus almaatensis) NEW
Product code: 6846
1.14 €
A tall shrub or small tree 4-5 m. The crown is tent-shaped, the bark of old branches is dark brown, the bark of young branches is dark purple or cherry, the inflorescences are complex, loose, multi-flowered, purple-red.
Product code: 7945
4.68 €
An evergreen species of barberry from the Barberry family, the Juliana barberry is very decorative and is used in single or group plantings against the background of a lawn, near trees, in the form of curbs and hedges.
Product code: 3698
1.14 €
The Black Mulberry is a medium sized deciduous tree usually only to 20 to 30 feet, but can reach 70 feet. Trees are known to be very long lived and can bear fruit for several hundred years. Mulberry trees are either dioecious or monoecious.
Product code: 3670
2.73 €
The English Yew has a native range that is broader than you might first imagine reaching across western, central and southern Europe, to north west Africa, northern Iran and south west Asia. Yew is widely used in gardens and in landscaping.
Product code: 1692
1.14 €
Indigofera gerardiana is a superb pea cousin from the northwest Himalayas (5,000-9,000' elevation from Afghanistan to western China) that makes a superb garden specimen. The open branches can reach 5-7' long, creating a 7' tall x 7' wide specimen.
Product code: 3699
1.14 €
Five-petalled white flowers, resembling big white bluebottle flies, bloom in June on this unusual, rarely-seen, much-branched shrub which grows most commonly in lush woods on slopes, and around fields, and was being cultivated in Britain by 1683.
Product code: 4289
1.14 €
One of the hardiest wine grapes. Vigorous vines consistently produce abundant large clusters of small blue-black berries. Makes a full-bodied, high-quality red wine with a cherry bouquet. Very frost-resistant variety, up to minus 40 Celsius.
Product code: 1680
1.14 €
Euonymus is a wide-ranging genus of about 170 deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs. The majority of the shrubs in the genus are native to East Asia, but the Euonymus europaeus grows naturally in many areas of Europe on the edges of forests.
Product code: 4295
1.14 €
Fruit - raw or cooked. Sub-acid, dry and mealy. Our experience has been that the fruit is sweet and somewhat juicy, it has a thick flesh with a nice flavour and makes an acceptable dessert fruit. The fruit can also be used in making pies, preserves etc.
Product code: 3700
1.39 €
Seeds that have been successfully pretreated will have swollen to around 2 to 3 times their previous size. Remove all swollen seeds as these will be damaged by further pretreatments. These can be sown immediately.
Product code: 1411
1.14 €
Making decorative, snowball-like flowers in the spring, shiny red berries in the summer and brightly colored leaves in the fall, this gorgeous bush can grow to 20 feet with a 15 foot spread. Used extensively in landscaping.
Product code: 1679
1.14 €
Elderberry is known for its fragrant, flat topped, cream flowers that are followed by abundant, edible purple-black berries in September. The flowers are hermaphrodite. The shrub is attractor of beneficial insects and hummingbirds.
Product code: 1007
3.00 €
Our only native species is this attractive, medium-sized shrub with pendulous racemes of small, pale yellow flowers (with unusual, sensitive stamens) followed by bright red, translucent berries. These are edible and make an excellent jelly.
Snowberry seeds (Symphoricarpos albus) NEW
Product code: 15716
1.14 €
Deciduous shrub up to 1.5 meters high with thin shoots, spherical fruits, up to 1 cm in diameter, white, with two seeds inside, inedible, high winter hardiness, unpretentious, tolerates pruning well.
White birch-leaved spirea Seeds / Spiraea betulifolia NEW
Product code: 15697
1.14 €
A tree-like shrub about 50 cm high, used for landscaping roadside areas and places with a lack of irrigation water, it will feel great in your garden and will become your favorite.
«Anthony Waterer» - Japanese meadowsweet Seeds / Spiraea japonica NEW
Product code: 15698
1.14 €
A medium-sized, attractive, unpretentious, spherical shrub up to 1.5 m in diameter, very interesting for its carved green foliage with reddish leaves in young growth and beautiful pink flowering from June to September.
Organic Leatherleaf viburnum Seeds / Viburnum rhytidophyllum NEW
Product code: 15694
1.14 €
An evergreen shrub up to 3 m tall, with erect, densely tomentose shoots, this shrub grows very quickly, good in single plantings and group plantings for park alleys and squares.
Organic Wild Privet Seeds (Ligustrum Vulgare) SALE
Product code: 1667
1.00 €
1.39 € (Sale: 28%)
Wild Privet is a very popular semi evergreen/deciduous variety (it will lose some leaves in frosty weather). This is the variety that is most often included in mixed native hedges to give some element of evergreen cover in Winter.
Organic One-seed Hawthorn Seeds (Crataegus monogyna) NEW
Product code: 6861
1.14 €
Shrub or tree 3-6, less often up to 8-12 m high, with a rounded-tent-shaped or wide-pyramidal, fairly symmetrical crown, the fruit is a red or brownish-red, less often yellow apple, broadly ovoid or broadly ellipsoidal in shape, long 7-10 mm.
Product code: 15125
1.50 €
Most often used as a rootstock for roses, it is also used by landscape designers for landscaping city parks, as it not only decorates the site, but also fills it with a pleasant aroma, and is suitable for forming hedges.
Product code: 15124
3.00 €
The yew berry is also called greenwood or mahogany, it is a coniferous tree from the Yew family, the yew berry is quite attractive, has an unusual pyramidal crown, the main feature of the plant is its lifespan.
Product code: 12882
1.14 €
The wine grape variety is a hybrid of two varieties, which was obtained in a completely natural way, the berries are medium in size, have a black peel, which is covered with a specific wax coating on top.
Product code: 12434
1.14 €
Perennial woody vine. Native to Manchuria, northeastern China and Japan. The odoriferous pink or white flowers give way to bright red fruit which droops down in clusters from the vine. This is known as the many-flavored berry.
Product code: 11519
3.00 €
Corylus colurna (Turkish hazel) is a tree native to southeast Europe and southwest Asia, from the Balkans through northern Turkey to northern Iran. It is the largest species of hazel, reaching 25 m (82 ft) tall, with a stout trunk up to 1.5 m.
Product code: 7949
1.14 €
Bladder Senna Shrub (Colutea arborescens), also called "Bladders Tree" is a shrub in the family Fabaceae characterized by its original fruit named "baguenaudes" reddish brown pods swell mature and become translucent.
Product code: 745
1.39 €
You do not have to start your blueberries from cuttings or nursery shrubs. For the patient gardener, though, growing blueberry shrubs from seed can give you excellent results.
Product code: 1378
3.00 €
Another relative of the Common Privet but higher in the handsome stakes, this is an attractive semi-evergreen shrub with small waxy green leaves and long terminal panicles of scented, white frothy flowers.
Product code: 1403
3.00 €
Myrtus communis, commonly called Greek Myrtle, is an evergreen shrub that can grow up to 15 foot tall in it's native habitat. If you use it as an indoor plant then the plant will not usually get much larger than 2-3 foot.
Product code: 1672
2.00 €
Japanese privet is an attractive and tough plant that requires little care. It is extremely fast growing and can add green "bulk" to new landscapes quickly. Ligustrums provide a source of food for birds when other berries or food sources are meager.
Product code: 2323
1.14 €
Also known as Summer Lilac, it is a butterfly-attracting, aromatic bush that has narrow branches supporting lilac-like clusters of blossoms. You might even attract a hummingbird or two to this sweet-scented perennial bush.
Product code: 2617
4.00 €
Perennial deciduous tree native to the Southern and Eastern United States. America’s largest edible fruit, the banana-like pawpaw looks like an escape from the tropics. Tasting like banana custard. Traditional usage: sedative, laxative medicine.
Product code: 2427
1.39 €
This venerable plant is loved and hated for the same reason - it grows fast and covers everything. Most people love the deep green glen it creates as it covers the ground, and also any tree trunk it reaches - with plenty of moisture, it'll climb to 50 ft.
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