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«Shirazi» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds
Product code: 5876
1.14 €
'Shirazi' is Turkish-type of tobacco originating from Iran. The leaves tend to be thick and heavy, high in nicotine, and are valued for their rich flavors and aroma. Historically sun-cured, it is used for cigarette and pipe blends.
Product code: 4335
1.14 €
'Connecticut Broadleaf' produces large, fine-grade leaves that are used for cigar wrappers. The lower grade leaves on the plants are used for cigar filler, blending and binder leaves. The leaves are broad, strong, thin, elastic, silky.
Product code: 4336
1.14 €
Another very popular cigar variety. Will grow up to 6-7 ft. tall. It's leaves are longer, more slender and slightly darker than the Habano 2000. It's cured leaves have a silky texture making it a good covering for cigars.
Product code: 10123
1.14 €
Nicotiana tabacum is a sticky, thick-leaved perennial that can reach up to six feet in height. Hardy to Zone 8, this is the preferred species of the tobacco industry. Its sweet-scented, highly ornamental flowers are white to pink and are pollinated.
Product code: 10125
1.14 €
Another great favourite and popular dark Burley tobacco. It is used for its hardiness and rich, stronger flavour. Good for cigarette making, pipes and cigars. This plant grows fast, with broader than usual leaves and is ideal for the beginner.
Product code: 10127
1.14 €
A large plant producing a bountiful harvest of blemish free tobacco leaves. Air cured leaves produces an excellent smooth flavored cigar and makes excellent wrapper, filler and binder. It grows to about 6 feet in height.
Product code: 10115
1.14 €
There are a number of common names in use for this species including: Wild Tobacco, Shamanic Tobacco, Erowid Tobacco or Aztec Tobacco. In South America it is traditionally called Mapacho. Midewiwan Sacred Tobacco is an annual.
Product code: 5880
1.14 €
One of the best Turkish tobacco seeds you can buy. These seeds are particularly apt at growing in dry conditions or just about anywhere. They are short in height and the leaves are smaller than usual. Their taste is mild, sweet and aromatic.
Product code: 6599
1.14 €
Extremely Potent half hardy annual that grows to about 3 ft. and is cultivated worldwide for smoking and nicotine production, but also works great for pesticides. This plant has many green to yellow flowers that remain open during the day.
Product code: 1765
1.14 €
Perique has leaves that are medium-sized, glossy in texture, gummy and tough but have fine fiber with small stems. It has been historically used as a smoking, chewing, cigar, and cigarette variety.
Product code: 4339
1.14 €
This is a wonderful tobacco leaf for cigars, making a good filler and binder that imparts a deep, rich flavor to cigars. Leaves are darker, long and narrow, and offer a good high yield harvest.
Product code: 10133
1.14 €
'Zimmer Spanish' is an old cigar binder-type variety dating back prior to 1880. It is said to be an improved "Havana-type" like 'Wilson's Hybrid'. The suckered plants reach about four feet in height producing fourteen to twenty quality leaves per plant.
Product code: 1001
1.14 €
The Samsoun Turkish tobaccos are among the best Oriental tobaccos out there. This variety of tobacco with - higher nicotine content now used to a greater shisha tobacco, and as an aromatic ingredient of cigarettes and pipe tobacco.
Product code: 999
1.14 €
A very light gold leaf when curing, it makes an excellent smoking tobacco. It grows to a height of 6-7 feet tall. The light green leaves are from 14" to 18" wide and 24" to 30" long, and turn a light yellow when ripe.
Product code: 6598
1.14 €
Height of the stalk with inflorescence, leaf number, length of the middle belt leaves and dry mass yield per stalk. The trial was set up in the Experimental field of Tobacco Institute-Prilep in 2013 and 2014.
Product code: 1879
1.14 €
Used for the manufacture of cigars and cigarettes. Has a green leaf, a cylindrical shape with a height of 150-160 plants cm. The number of days from germination until tender seedlings in greenhouses (cold ridge) is 47 days.
Product code: 10113
1.14 €
Nicotiana rustica, known in South America as Mapacho and in Vietnam as Thuoc Lao (thuốc lào), is a plant in the Solanaceae family. It is a very potent variety of tobacco. Rustica is also used for entheogenic purposes by South American shamans.