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«Crimean» - Organic Watermelon Seeds NEW Income for support AFU
Product code: 15482
0.91 €
Mid-season watermelon variety, the period from germination to the beginning of ripeness is 85-95 days, medium-sized fruits, elongated-rounded, weighing 3-5 kg. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
«Kherson» - Organic Watermelon Seeds NEW Income for support AFU
Product code: 15483
0.91 €
An early ripe variety, the period from germination to the beginning of ripeness is 65-75 days, fruits are medium in size, rounded, weighing 5-6 kg, light green in color with dark green stripes. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Product code: 15171
1.14 €
The most popular variety all over the world, early, intensively growing, fruits are round, dark green in color with barely noticeable stripes, the flesh is bright red, juicy, sweet, fruit weight is 3-4.5 kg.
«Pretty boy» - Organic Watermelon Seeds NEW
Product code: 15170
1.14 €
One of the most promising varieties, obtained by crossing the varieties Ogonyok and Super Suite, super early ripening, fruits with an average weight of 3-4 kg, the pulp is tender, juicy, bright red, sweet, retains density for a long time.
«Gray Bell» - Organic Watermelon Seeds NEW
Product code: 15169
1.50 €
The variety is mid-season, high-yielding, characterized by excellent transportability and keeping quality, oval fruits, weighing up to 7 kg (some up to 12 kg), light gray-green with marble veins, thin-skinned, the flesh is intense pink, tender and juicy.
«Borchansky» - Organic Watermelon Seeds NEW
Product code: 15168
1.14 €
Early ripe variety, oval fruits, smooth surface, medium thick bark, strong enough, bright red, granular, tender, very sweet pulp, average fruit weight 3 kg, very high taste.
«Talisman» - Organic Watermelon Seeds NEW
Product code: 14960
1.14 €
An early variety of watermelon, high-yielding, stress-resistant, round-oval fruits, uniform in ripening and weight (9 - 13 kg), have bright red crispy flesh, with small seeds.
«Suga Baby» - Organic Watermelon Seeds NEW
Product code: 14961
1.14 €
Early ripe variety, roundish fruits, medium size, weighing 4-5 kg, bright red pulp with delicate structure, juicy and sweet, the variety has excellent taste, relatively resistant to anthracnose, transportable.
Product code: 14959
1.50 €
The early ripe variety differs from other berries in the color of the yellow pulp, as well as in the increased sugar content of the pulp (up to 13%), the fruits are rather large, weighing 8–11 kg, round in shape.
Product code: 14957
1.14 €
Ultra-early watermelon with concentrated ripening of fruits, forms round, striped, very uniform fruits with an average weight of 5-8 kg, the pulp is tender, red, juicy, with high taste.
Product code: 14958
1.14 €
Mid-early variety, striped, rounded-oval fruits, large enough, weight - from 9 to 12 kg, accumulates enough sugar, a large amount of vitamins and other useful substances.
«Baronessa» - Organic Watermelon Seeds NEW
Product code: 14956
1.14 €
A mid-early variety of watermelon of the Suga Baby type, round-shaped fruits, large, weighing 8-10 kg. The peel is dark green, shiny, well covered with a waxy coating, the flesh of the watermelon is dark red, juicy and crunchy, with a small amount of seed
Product code: 14955
1.14 €
Medium-early watermelon of high quality, strong walls of the fruit allow good transportation and storage of the crop, resistant to anthracnose, fusarium wilt, unpretentious to growing conditions.
Product code: 13157
1.14 €
Designed for growing both in open and closed ground, the fruit is oval, large, striped, the average weight of the fruit is 11-14 kg, the pulp is bright, red, with a fine texture, high sugar content, excellent transportability and storage.
Product code: 13431
1.14 €
Medium-early variety, 75-90 days, fruits of a round-oval-round shape, green with light green stripes, weighing 3.5-5 kg, pulp YELLOW PAINT, crispy, sweet, juicy and aromatic, with a small content of seeds ...
Product code: 13127
1.14 €
Early ripe variety for growing in open and protected ground, fruits of elongated-rounded shape, weighing 4-6 kg, the surface is green with subtle dark green stripes, the flesh is red, juicy, sugary, very sweet.
Product code: 13126
1.14 €
An early ripe variety with good taste, the average weight is from 8 to 10 kg, the fruits are round-cuboid, the roots are strong, the leaves are impressive in size, it is unpretentious, high productivity, excellent transportability.
Product code: 13093
1.14 €
The mid-early variety, the fruit is round, aligned, the same, weighing up to 12 kg, has a solid light green peel, on which there are dark green stripes. The pulp is tender, dark red, has no veins, is very crispy and sweet.
Product code: 12908
1.14 €
The variety is mid-ripening, from germination to the beginning of fruit ripening 85 - 87 days, the fruits are round, the surface is smooth, the background color of the fruits is green, the pattern is black and green prickly stripes, the weight of the aver
Product code: 12907
1.14 €
The variety is early ripe, fruits are rounded in shape, the surface is smooth, the background color is green with light to medium color intensity, the flesh is red, tender, juicy, sweet. The weight of the average fruit is 4.0-5.0 kg.
Product code: 12906
1.14 €
The variety is medium late, fruits are rounded in shape, white in color, with barely noticeable light salad stripes, the surface is smooth, sometimes slightly segmented, the weight of the average fruit is 5.5 kg, the transportability is good.
Product code: 12114
1.14 €
The variety is medium early, perfectly tolerates drought, spherical fruits, average fruit weight 5.0-6.5 kg, red pulp, granular, tender, juicy, sweet, fruit transportability is good.
Product code: 12112
1.14 €
The variety is early ripe, the fruits are round, sometimes slightly segmented, the surface of the fruits is smooth, the pulp is bright pink, tender, juicy, sweet, the weight of the average fruit is 5.0-6.0 kg, the transportability is good.
Product code: 12064
1.14 €
Medium early, long-climbing, spherical fruit, light green with wide dark green stripes, weighing 2.5-4.5 kg, flesh is carmine-red with a pink tint, grainy, tender, very juicy and sweet, characterized by good transportability.
Product code: 2896
1.14 €
This is the mid-early variety. Vegetation period is 75-85 days. The fruits are rounded, smooth, average weight 2.5-3.5 kg, light green with wide dark green blurred bands and with a slight wax coating.
Product code: 2609
1.14 €
An ideal plant for gardeners with limited space, the vines of Polar Lights bush only reach 3-31/2 feet in length. This is an early producer, the juicy and sweet little 6 pound fruit should be ready harvest in 62 days. Flesh is a deep scarlet.
Product code: 2611
1.14 €
The variety is resistant to overripe and rotting fruits, has a distinctive appearance. Transportability and storage quality is high. Variety of watermelon "Chumak" is resistant to fusarium wilt. Cold resistant. The taste is excellent.
Product code: 2624
1.14 €
This is a mid-ripening variety of watermelon, vegetative is 84 days. It has a rounded shape of the fruit, an average size of 2.7 kg, sometimes up to 5 kg. Bark of medium thickness, flesh of bright pink color, medium density, juicy.
Product code: 2619
1.14 €
80-85 days. Large 15 to 20-lb melons very tough, striped rind. The flesh is deep red and very firm. Has a high sugar content and is an excellent, big tasty watermelon. AAS winner from 1950.
Product code: 2621
1.14 €
85-95 days. A favourite, this round or oblong watermelon matures early and boasts very sweet crimson flesh with black seeds. It is well known for a good yield of melons that average 8-12 pounds each.
Product code: 4370
1.14 €
Late variety (86-98 days). Round, smooth green fruits with dark green stripes. Very sweet, tender and juicy plink flesh. Average weight 4-5 kg (9-11 lbs.). High-quality Watermelons in September which can be stored up to 2 month. Resistance to anthracnose.
Product code: 4369
1.14 €
This is an early watermelon variety - 77-90 days. The fruit is rounded, smooth, light green with wide scalloped stripes. The weight of the commodity fruit is 2.4 kg (up to 5-8 kg). Productivity of 16-32 tons per hectare. Flesh is pink, juicy.
Product code: 4368
1.14 €
85-95 days. Flesh is a gorgeous strawberry pink, ripening to within a half-inch of the rind, and usually has very few seeds. Fine grained, distinctively flavored and super sweet. It is classed among the best-tasting by those who have tried it.
Product code: 12680
1.14 €
Mid-season variety. Vegetation - 80-88 days. The length of the main lash 3-4 meters. The fruits are round, large, with an average weight of 4-5 kg, sometimes reaching 14-18 kg. Bark 1-1.8 cm thick, green, with dark green stripes.
Product code: 12390
1.14 €
Early ripe watermelon variety. Ripens on 70 - 80 day after emergence of shoots. The fruits are large, round, weighing 2.7-3.0 kg. The surface of the fruit is smooth, the color is black and green the pattern is slightly noticeable narrow strips with a wax.
Product code: 12113
1.14 €
The variety is early ripening, from shoots to the beginning of ripening 65-67 days. Fruits are ball-shaped or blunt-elliptical, the surface is smooth, black-green, occasionally dark-green in color, with a waxy coating.
Product code: 12240
1.14 €
The mid-early variety, the vegetative period is 70-73 days. Fruits are striped, dark green, large (weighing 10-15 kg), rounded. Fruits contain 10.0-13.0% of dry matter, 8.5-10.0% of sugars, 9.0-10.0 mg% of vitamin C.
Product code: 12065
1.14 €
This variety is mid-ripening. Highly productive, suitable for growing outdoors and under a film. Gives a high yield, even in arid conditions. The fruits are rounded, striped, with an average weight of 4-7 kg. Transportable. Flesh is bright red, sweet.
Product code: 12063
1.14 €
Prince is another classic watermelon variety that features sweet and juicy flesh, and an attractive striated rind. Prince also tends to produce heavy yields of watermelons weighing in the 3-5kg range. A round variety.
Product code: 12062
1.14 €
Astrakhan is an early maturing with good watermelon quality and a vivid red flesh color. The 13-17 lb. oval-shaped fruit have a medium thick rind with a dark green stripe on a medium green background. Astrakhan has shown wide adaptability.
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