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«Glory to PPO» - Organic Dill Seeds Income for support AFU
Product code: 15505
0.91 €
The rosette of leaves is semi-spreading, 35-45 cm high, weighing 30-40 grams. The leaves are large, fragrant. Sowing is carried out in several periods with an interval of 15-20 days. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Product code: 5549
1.14 €
A mid-season variety, a powerful, spreading plant, 18-25 cm high, not prone to lodging, leaves are large, fragrant, dark green with a waxy bloom, the first collection of greens can be carried out after 35-45 days.
Product code: 508
1.14 €
Dill is excellent in sauces, soups and salads. A chef's favourite with fish. Grows up to 1.2 metres tall. Sow this herb in pots, containers from mid Spring onwards. Cover these herb seeds with finely sieved compost. Dill can be sown direct outdoors.
Product code: 2708
1.14 €
The easy-to-grow dill weed has become an essential ingredient in cuisines around the world. Pretty, feathery, blue-green foliage is a favorite flavoring in many dishes and dressings. Dill seeds can be used for pickling.
Product code: 4877
1.14 €
An early ripening variety of dill with high aroma, unpretentious to growing conditions, which has a dark green leaf with a weak waxy bloom.
Product code: 12659
1.14 €
High-yielding variety. The leaves are large, strongly dissected, dark green, delicate and fragrant. Go to bolting slowly. It has a very attractive presentation and high aromaticity. Long keeps economic suitability in technical ripeness.
Product code: 12032
1.14 €
Shruby, mid-late variety, for open and closed ground. Characterized by a long period of gathering greens. The leaves are large with a wax coating, a violet-blue shade, fragrant. Requires light, moderately moist, fertilized soils.
Product code: 12031
1.14 €
Mid-late variety. The plant is vigorous and branchy, intensely green in color. The leaves are large, juicy, with a strong aroma. The variety is genetically resistant to fungal diseases.
Product code: 12030
1.14 €
40 days from transplanting seedlings. Among the most useful of herbs, dill is fragrant, attractive, and delicious. A member of the same family as parsley and cumin, its seeds have a flavor reminiscent of caraway while its leaves have a gentler.
Product code: 12014
1.14 €
One of the best varieties of bush type in the world. Do not shoot, stands out for its high yield. A tall variety (90-110 cm) of bush type with thick dark green leaves and a strong aroma. Dill is intended for growing in glass and greenhouses.
Product code: 12015
1.14 €
Early-ripening variety of dill - 30-35 days. Value of variety: increased content of essential oils. Rosette leaves standing, leaves with strongly dissected segments, the color is dark green, with a bluish tinge. Cultivated by direct sow in the soil.
Product code: 11812
1.14 €
Early ripening. From mass shoots to harvest 30-44, before flowering 51-71 days, before the formation of seeds 89-105. Rosette diffuse, 6-10 large leaves, 29-33 cm high. Coloration green with a faint bluish shade. The stalk is short (5-6 cm).
Product code: 10904
1.14 €
Dill is an annual with feathery blue-green leaves and tiny yellow blooms that produce masses of small brown seeds in fall. Both leaves and seeds are used in cooking, lending their flavors to everything from pickles to potatoes, eggs to fish.
Product code: 9336
1.14 €
Late ripening aromatic variety. Rosette leaves semi-elevated. The leaf is medium-long, dark green, medium-striated with a wax coating. The plant is in the flowering phase 100-110 cm high, sprawling, strongly bred.
Product code: 2369
1.14 €
This is a late-ripening variety. The first harvesting of greenery is carried out in 50-65 days. Plant shrub, height 45-55 cm, weight 70-100 grams. The leaves are large, 12-16 cm long, light green with a weak waxy coating, excellent taste and aroma.
Product code: 1776
1.14 €
This is a mid-ripe variety with a slow formation of inflorescences. The stem is single, straight, branched or almost simple, 40-120 cm high, thinly furrowed, undressed, dark green, branched at the top, between branches bent.