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Set of vegetable seeds «Gardener’s Dream» - 15 packets NEW
Product code: 12928
9.99 €
The set includes seeds of the best and popular varieties of vegetables with different ripening periods; all vegetables have high yields and great taste.
Set of seeds «Green garden bed» - 10 packets NEW
Product code: 12830
5.99 €
10 bags of green seeds in one set.
Set of Seeds «Northern vegetables» - 20 packets SALE
Product code: 15406
12.99 €
20 packs of vegetable seeds suitable for growing in northern climates in one set.
Set of Seeds «Seeds of Victory» - 31 packets Income for support AFU
Product code: 15511
26.21 €
29.15 € (Sale: 10%)
Patriotic set of flower and vegetable seeds. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Product code: 10751
10.99 €
Organic Heirloom Variety Seeds. 100% Heirloom, Natural & Non-GMO Strains Grown in the Ukraine. Brand оf this year Stock. Open Pollinated with Very High Germination Rate.
Organic Perennial wall-rocket Seeds / Diplotaxis tenuifolia NEW
Product code: 15822
1.14 €
A very drought-resistant plant that retains a bright green appearance and blooms with rare yellow flowers with a sweetish smell even in the summer heat, two-row greens are edible in early spring and are characterized by a rich set of vitamins and minerals
«Vyshyvanka» - Organic Salad Seeds NEW
Product code: 15824
1.14 €
An early ripening variety, the color of the outer leaves is red, the average weight of one plant is about 105 grams, it has high taste properties and good commercial qualities.
«Indoor» - Organic Arugula Seeds NEW
Product code: 6449
1.14 €
Designed for year-round cultivation of the popular spicy plant without leaving home on a windowsill or balcony, the greens contain vitamins C, B, PP, and compounds of useful microelements.
«Volunteer» - Organic Arugula Seeds Income for support AFU
Product code: 15504
0.91 €
Valuable spicy-tasting culture, with an unsurpassed nut-mustard taste of the leafy part of the plant, the plant forms a small bush 15-20 cm high. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
«Dzhonsonyuk» - Organic Salad Seeds Income for support AFU
Product code: 15503
0.91 €
Mid-season, semi-headed lettuce variety "Australian", the rosette of leaves is large, 25-35 cm high, 20-30 cm in diameter, weighing 300-350 grams, light green in color. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Product code: 15209
1.14 €
Headed upright early ripe variety, dark green leaves, crispy and juicy, has excellent taste, is characterized by a long period of growth without bolting.
Product code: 13868
1.14 €
Stem salad differs in that it has a large stem on which the leaves are formed, you can use both the leaves of the plant and the stem itself, the use of which has a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems.
Product code: 13867
1.14 €
The period from mass shoots to marketable ripeness is 36 days, the use of lettuce affects vision, relieves eye fatigue, helps to strengthen the immune system, lowers cholesterol levels and accelerates metabolism in the body.
Product code: 13439
1.14 €
An early ripe salad, forms a large rosette of yellow-green bubbly leaves weighing 250-300 grams, the leaves are sweet, juicy, oily, without bitterness, to constantly obtain fresh greens, the salad is sown every 10-15 days.
Product code: 13438
1.14 €
Extremely beautiful and tasty salad, bred in Italy, early ripe plant, round head, average density up to 200 grams, leaves are tender, oily, yield in open soil is up to 4 kg per m2, in the greenhouse up to 7 kg per m2.
Product code: 13437
1.14 €
Japanese type of mustard salad with green leaves, an early variety, the period from sowing to harvest does not exceed 25 days, the taste is spicy with a light aroma of freshly ground pepper, unique and special, helps to strengthen the immune system.
Product code: 13436
1.14 €
Japanese type of mustard salad with red leaves, early ripening variety, the period from sowing to harvest does not exceed 25 days, the taste is spicy with a light aroma of freshly ground pepper, unique and special, helps to strengthen the immune system.
Product code: 13435
1.14 €
This is a mid-season variety, leaves are curly, light green in color with pink-red edges, fragrant and very juicy, create a compact rosette, the mass of one rosette is 250-300 grams, grown in open ground and film greenhouses.
Product code: 13434
1.14 €
This is an early ripe dietary variety, unpretentious in cultivation, has excellent medicinal properties - improves digestion, increases urination, prevents constipation, is recommended for dietetic nutrition for diabetes, gastritis and peptic ulcer.
Product code: 13433
1.79 €
An annual plant of the cabbage family, 35-40 cm high. At a young age, it forms a rosette of compact, juicy and delicate leaves. The color of the leaves is green with dark red veins and a crimson edge. Salad mustard is widely used in cooking.
Product code: 13432
1.14 €
A specially selected mixture of various types of salads, differing in the shape and color of the leaves. A real carnival of color, shape and taste! Perfect for decorating festive dishes, as well as to give them the most unusual taste.
Product code: 13143
1.14 €
A wonderful early variety of bright salad with crispy leaves of a sweet taste, has a solid, half-raised rosette, weighing up to 500 grams, the leaves have an intense red-violet color, the edges are wavy, very attractive.
Product code: 12295
1.14 €
Cook's Garden Favorite. It takes the right varieties to survive the low light and low temperature conditions of fall and winter. This exclusive mix of our best fall and winter lettuces contains just what you'll need to extend the salad season.
Product code: 10216
1.14 €
Reputed to be absolutely the darkest red lettuce in existence, which should make it tops for anthocyanin (anti-oxidant) content as well! Leaf lettuce with wavy to frilly leaf margins and very crisp, waxy leaves!
Product code: 10040
1.14 €
Medium late, head variety, the period from full sprouting to the economic shelf life of 68-75 days, the leaf is light green, whole-edged, fan-shaped, the tissue of the plate is swollen, there is no consolidation along the central vein, the weight of one p
Product code: 9738
1.14 €
Early ripe, leafy variety, 40-50 days, curly leaves, fragrant, juicy and crunchy, yellow-green in color, delicate in taste, form a compact rounded rosette.
Product code: 9236
1.78 €
An annual plant, the leaves go well with other leafy vegetables, used in salads and stewed vegetable garnishes along with spinach, added to creamy noodle sauces, and along with garlic, pineapple, parmesan and olive oil.
Product code: 9232
1.14 €
An early ripe variety of a popular fast-growing green crop, high yield - 2.0-2.2 kg / m², leaves are large, dissected, tender and juicy, with a unique piquant taste, used fresh in vegetable salads, for making sandwiches.
Product code: 9101
1.14 €
Middle-headed variety. The vegetation period from germination to technical maturity is 55-75 days. The head is rounded, closed, loose, weighing of 100-200 g. Leaves yellowish green, very wavy, buttery, sweet taste. Used fresh and for cooking.
Product code: 6773
1.14 €
An early-ripening variety, juicy leaves are an integral part of various salads, finely chopped leaves are used in the preparation of sandwiches, this is an irreplaceable spicy side dish for meat and fish dishes.
Product code: 6751
1.14 €
Wonderful French Heirloom variety of lettuce grown at Monticello. Thomas Jefferson brought these seeds back with him after traveling to France and grew them faithfully for 60 years, beginning in 1794 when he began noting it in his Garden Book.
Product code: 6749
1.14 €
Cabbage variety of lettuce, for fresh consumption, is recommended for growing in all zones of Ukraine in open and closed ground.
Product code: 6748
1.14 €
Delicate leaves, with a reddish-pink tinge, the leaves of this salad will serve as a decoration for any table. Early maturing, from sowing to harvesting - 55 days. For indoor and outdoor use, suitable for year-round cultivation. Resistant to stalking.
Product code: 6747
1.14 €
The crisp leaves of this loose hearted Lettuce had the sweetest taste on our trials, and without the bitterness of normal lettuces. Lettuce 'Golden Ball' is an exceptional garden variety, standing in good condition whatever the weather without bolting.
Product code: 6746
1.34 €
Leafy variety of lettuce, intended for fresh consumption, early ripening, from mass shoots to technical ripeness 20-25 days.
Product code: 6745
1.14 €
Medium late variety, green-yellowish leaf, medium intensity, 19 cm long, 23 cm wide, characterized by excellent taste, relatively resistant to diseases and shooting, used fresh.
Product code: 1124
1.14 €
Graduating first in a class of its own with crisp leaves and a fine, sweet flavour that is second to none! Attractive, uniformly shaped heads average 25 cm (10") tall with emerald green outer leaves sheltering an inviting, creamy white heart.
Product code: 533
1.14 €
45 days. Once a rare delicacy, Arugula is now part of the American dinner table. But for what it costs at the fresh market, growing your own is the only sane option! And it's a good thing it's so easy to grow.
Product code: 509
1.14 €
This reliable radicchio forms a gorgeous, firm, round, dark-red and white head which appears like a jewel when you pull aside the tattered clump of outer wrapping leaves. With a unique and tangy taste, it adds flavour, colour, and crisp texture to salads.
Product code: 1123
1.14 €
Ukrainian heirloom variety for open ground and greenhouses. Loose heads of delicious, rounded, pale green leaves with frilled edges, weight 250-300 g (9-11 oz.). Easy to grow. Pick individual leaves as you need them. Ideal for raised beds and patios.
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