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«Odessa» - Organic Salad Seeds
Product code: 1123
1.14 €
Ukrainian heirloom variety for open ground and greenhouses. Loose heads of delicious, rounded, pale green leaves with frilled edges, weight 250-300 g (9-11 oz.). Easy to grow. Pick individual leaves as you need them. Ideal for raised beds and patios.
Product code: 2270
1.14 €
Crisp firm leaves grow in compact, medium-sized heads. Iceberg lettuce has red tinged, pale green outer leaves around the tasty heart. Ideal in mixed salads. Contains Vitamin A. Sow the seeds from early spring, 0.5 cm deep 30 cm apart.
Product code: 1124
1.14 €
Graduating first in a class of its own with crisp leaves and a fine, sweet flavour that is second to none! Attractive, uniformly shaped heads average 25 cm (10") tall with emerald green outer leaves sheltering an inviting, creamy white heart.
Product code: 5204
1.14 €
Compact and uniform. Leaves are thick and have an excellent, crisp texture. Heads are very dense, hold well in the field, and can be attractively marketed with mini red romaines. Bolting and tipburn tolerant. For spring, summer, and fall.
Product code: 5127
1.14 €
Marvel of Four Seasons is a real stunner to add colour to a salad, with its deep red outer leaves and light green heart. It boasts excellent flavour and is well worth a try. This variety of lettuce is a butterhead type.
Product code: 4426
1.14 €
Once a rare delicacy, Arugula is now part of the American dinner table. But for what it costs at the fresh market, growing your own is the only sane option! And it's a good thing it's so easy to grow - you can sow the seeds successively every 2 weeks.
Product code: 5148
1.14 €
25 days. The unique flavor of wild rocket, peppery and sharp, comes to life in this quick-finishing variety for garden and container! Great for baby greens as well as full-sized leaves, Wild Rocket Speedy is ready in just a month from sowing.
Product code: 533
1.14 €
45 days. Once a rare delicacy, Arugula is now part of the American dinner table. But for what it costs at the fresh market, growing your own is the only sane option! And it's a good thing it's so easy to grow.
Product code: 3081
1.14 €
Celtuce is named after its characteristics that are somewhat like a cross between celery and lettuce. Younger leaves are picked and used like normal lettuce, stems are used as a vegetable and have a flavour that is comparable to celery.
Product code: 6747
1.14 €
The crisp leaves of this loose hearted Lettuce had the sweetest taste on our trials, and without the bitterness of normal lettuces. Lettuce 'Golden Ball' is an exceptional garden variety, standing in good condition whatever the weather without bolting.
Product code: 10216
1.14 €
Reputed to be absolutely the darkest red lettuce in existence, which should make it tops for anthocyanin (anti-oxidant) content as well! Leaf lettuce with wavy to frilly leaf margins and very crisp, waxy leaves!
Product code: 1157
1.14 €
Specially bred for autumn sowing, Lettuce 'Evelina' is well known for its exceptional cold resistance. This large Butterhead variety produces tasty light green heads with crinkled leaves for harvesting in spring.
Product code: 6751
1.14 €
Wonderful French Heirloom variety of lettuce grown at Monticello. Thomas Jefferson brought these seeds back with him after traveling to France and grew them faithfully for 60 years, beginning in 1794 when he began noting it in his Garden Book.
Product code: 4416
1.14 €
This is the "Wild" version of the popular Rocket Arugula. More pungent taste, with a nutty flavor, this wild arugula rocket is delicious in salads and pestos. So tasty it barely needs anything else.
Product code: 4397
1.14 €
Red Salad Bowl is one of the most consistent and productive lettuce varieties if your growing climate is warm. It is a loose-leaf, long-standing, slow-bolting variety that matures early and can be used for baby, young and mature leaves.
Product code: 3078
1.14 €
The sweet crispy light green leaves of this slow growing variety are upright and form a well filled heart. Plants are strong against bolting and tip burn. Appropriate for hydroponic, open field and protected culture.
Product code: 3082
1.14 €
Frenzy is a very uniform Tres Fine Maraichere endive type. The leaves are finely cut with a heart that blanches to a creamy yellow while also being tip burn tolerant.
Product code: 3087
1.14 €
Upright, vigorous variety excellent for greenhouse or high tunnel production. Attractive green leaf with similar growth rate to Parris Island, but darker in color and more rounded in leaf shape; lighter than Aerostar with a wider leaf.
Product code: 1744
1.14 €
This plant produces one of the finest and most delicious of winter salad crops. Excellent for forcing and easy to grow, the seed is sown in spring in a shallow drill and the plants thinned out to 9ins apart.
Product code: 6748
1.14 €
Delicate leaves, with a reddish-pink tinge, the leaves of this salad will serve as a decoration for any table. Early maturing, from sowing to harvesting - 55 days. For indoor and outdoor use, suitable for year-round cultivation. Resistant to stalking.
Product code: 509
1.14 €
This reliable radicchio forms a gorgeous, firm, round, dark-red and white head which appears like a jewel when you pull aside the tattered clump of outer wrapping leaves. With a unique and tangy taste, it adds flavour, colour, and crisp texture to salads.
Product code: 6757
1.14 €
Cress 'Greek' is vigorous and fast growing and suitable for growing indoors throughout the year. They have a spicy, mustardy flavour. Grow on the windowsill in shallow trays or punnets. Grown outdoors it forms a neat mound of bright green.
Product code: 9101
1.14 €
Middle-headed variety. The vegetation period from germination to technical maturity is 55-75 days. The head is rounded, closed, loose, weighing of 100-200 g. Leaves yellowish green, very wavy, buttery, sweet taste. Used fresh and for cooking.
«Fall & Winter Blend» - Organic Salad Seeds NEW
Product code: 12295
1.14 €
Cook's Garden Favorite. It takes the right varieties to survive the low light and low temperature conditions of fall and winter. This exclusive mix of our best fall and winter lettuces contains just what you'll need to extend the salad season.