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«Mozoleevskaya» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 9132
1.14 €
Mid-ripening variety, vegetation period - 118-120 days, universal use, long-leaved plant (length of the main lash - 4-9 m), oval fruit, slightly ribbed, weighing 4-8 kg.
«Guitar» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 10355
1.78 €
A high-yielding variety with excellent fruit keeping quality - up to 100 days, fruits weighing 2-14 kg, resemble a guitar in appearance, the pulp is very sweet, juicy, crispy, aromatic, rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and carotene.
«Augustine» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 10353
1.14 €
A high-yielding variety of butternut squash, the period from full germination to fruit ripening is 105-110 days, the fruits are cylindrical, dark green with light spotting, smooth, the pulp is bright orange, dense, crunchy, sweet and aromatic, rich in fib
«Bambina Giant» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 10659
2.78 €
Medium early versatile variety with creeping, long shoots, the sweetest of all possible pumpkins, this pumpkin porridge is simply excellent, this is the largest of the butternut pumpkins, fruits up to 80 kg, elongated, similar to the variety from Brazil.
«Chiriman» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 10691
2.78 €
An early ripe Japanese variety was very popular during the Edo period (1603-1867), but to this day it does not lose its relevance due to its excellent taste and beautiful fruits, the pulp is bright orange, fragrant, sweet, aromatic.
«Matilda» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 10682
1.78 €
A generous gift of autumn, a magnificent mid-season butternut pumpkin, removable ripeness occurs 100-120 days after germination, the pulp is thick, orange, starchy, dense oily consistency, medium juiciness, excellent sweet taste, aromatic.
«Titan» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 11914
1.78 €
Maturity - 115-120 days, the fruit is flat-round, segmented, orange in color, the flesh is thick, yellow, rather sweet, it is distinguished by the keeping quality of the fruit, it is advisable to store it in a dark place. Reaches a weight of 35 to 50 kg.
«Muscat de Provence» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 12401
1.78 €
A mid-season variety, the fruits are beautiful, ribbed, orange-brown, weighing 6-8 kg, the wall with aromatic pulp is thick, bright, very sweet, the fruit contains more than 10% of dry matter, the taste is wonderful.
«Burgess Buttercup» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 12732
1.79 €
An original, early ripe variety, a compact plant forms a lot of dark green with light stripes of flattened fruits weighing 1.2-2.5 kg. The pulp is bright orange in color, dense, has a fine structure, sweet and aromatic, has an excellent nutty flavor.
«Blue Hubbard» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 13297
1.14 €
It belongs to medium-ripening varieties, grows in the form of a huge drop weighing 5-10 kg, has a beautiful blue-gray peel and orange flesh, has a wonderful sweet, nutty taste, similar to sweet potato (sweet potato).
«Ukrainian gray» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 13022
1.14 €
Mid-season universal variety, fruits of rounded flat shape, weakly segmented, without mesh, average weight 6 kg, coloration from light to dark gray, the pulp of the fruit is orange in color, 4-5 cm thick, juicy and sweet.
«Danka Polka» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 13096
1.14 €
A medium early table variety, a medium-weed plant, starchy pulp of medium density, is a valuable animal feed, and it is also one of the most productive varieties for seed production.
«Amazon» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 13118
1.14 €
A medium-early variety of table pumpkin of Polish selection, a slightly flattened fruit, slightly segmented, the color in biological maturity is yellow-orange, the flesh of the fruit is light orange, dense, sweet, the fruit weighs 3-4 kg.
«Yanina» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 13120
1.14 €
Mid-ripe muscatel variety, elongated oval, slightly ribbed, orange in color, sometimes with green spots that disappear after full ripening, average fruit weight 6.5 kg, orange flesh, thick, juicy, very sweet.
«Tonda Padana» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 13119
1.14 €
Medium early variety, medium-sized fruits, gray-green, roundish with distinctive yellow-orange vertical ribs, pumpkin has thin skin and orange flesh with a sweet taste, great for long-term storage.
«Ogurdynya» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 12987
1.14 €
This is a rare variety of pumpkin, in appearance resembling a watermelon. The pulp at the cucumber is white and creamy, juicy, tasting and smelling like a ripe cucumber, the cucumber can be eaten raw, cook okroshka, salads and other dishes.
«Futsu Kurokawa» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 12991
1.14 €
The Japanese variety of bush pumpkin is completely without a specific pumpkin taste and smell, tastes like potatoes, goes well with vegetables and meat dishes, the fruits are round, ribbed, weighing from 1 to 3 kg, high productivity.
«Kherson» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 12905
1.14 €
The variety is mid-season, fruits are flat in shape, gray in color, have light gray stripes and spots, the surface is smooth, the average weight of the fruit is 7.2 kg, the bark is springy. The pulp is orange, thick, juicy, sweet. Tasting score - 4.8 poin
«Universal» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 12904
1.14 €
Large-fruited pumpkin variety, fruits with an average weight of 7.0-8.0 kg, spherical-flat, pink-red, can be stored for up to one year, the flesh is red-orange, during processing it produces high quality products.
«Stepovaya» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 12903
1.14 €
The variety is mid-ripening, fruits are flat in shape, slightly segmented, without mesh, with an average weight of 6 kg, the color of the fruit is light gray to dark gray, the flesh is yellow, thick (4-5 cm), juicy, sweet.
«Marvel» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 12902
1.14 €
The variety is mid-season, fruits are pepper-shaped, light brown in color with a pink tint and a waxy coating, the weight of the average fruit is 8–9 kg, the bark is thin, leathery, the flesh is very crispy, juicy, sweet.
Product code: 12666
1.14 €
Trailing. A famous French heirloom, the name of Squash Potimarron derives from potiron (pumpkin) and marron (chestnut). Squash Potimarron is one of the very best for baking and roasting, fruits reach 1.25-1.75 kilos (3-4lbs) in weight.
Product code: 12373
1.14 €
This is a variety of nutmeg squash, imported from China. The term of ripening is very early - 85-90 days. Fruits are rounded with distinct edges. The bark is thin, but very durable. The flesh is very thick up to 10 cm, crispy, juicy, sweet, aromatic.
Product code: 12004
1.14 €
One of the most delectable Summer Squashes, this creamy crookneck is mild, sweet, and full of flavor. The star of any setting, it's just the centerpiece you need for your organic vegetable garden! Pick these fruits when they're small - 5-6 inches long.
Product code: 11932
1.14 €
The large turban-shaped fruits are deep blue-green. It is one of the most beautiful and unique of all squash. A perfect variety for market gardeners. The rich, sweet flesh is a deep yellow-orange and of good quality, delicious baked or in pies.
Product code: 11913
1.14 €
With smooth, light orange rinds and flat bottoms, these big pumpkins are perfect for carving or baking. Ranging from 12-30 pounds, they can get nice and big. These heirloom pumpkins were grown by the first settlers in New England!
Product code: 11912
1.14 €
The medium-ripening variety for open ground, from shoots to technical ripeness is 100-120 days. Plants are long-spaned, powerful. Fruits are weakly and median oblate, slightly segmented or smooth, weighing up to 9 kg.
Product code: 11511
1.39 €
A great heirloom with elongated fruits that are a unique shade of blue with light stripes. Smooth, orange flesh is deliciously sweet with a fruity flavor. Prefect for baking, roasting, frying and pureeing for soups and pies.
Product code: 11319
1.39 €
Hundredweight can attain huge weights if grown singly. This pumpkin is oval to round in appearance with a deep orange flesh which can be used for making soups or a tasty pumpkin pie. To enable your fruits to thrive, allow 200cm between plants.
Product code: 10686
1.39 €
Triamble has a very hard, grey coloured, skin and will keep longer than almost any other pumpkin. It has three primary lobes which develope in a wavy formation. Triamble has a rich, dry nutty flavoured flesh. It is an Australian Heirloom.
Product code: 10834
1.14 €
This attractive ornamental is actually a squash that add a vivid color to your fall retail displays. The flat, round shaped fruit weigh 10 to 15 lbs. and look like a cheese wheel. The orange flesh is moderately sweet and can be used for baking pies.
Product code: 10722
1.14 €
A mixture of varieties with a variety of forms and colors of the bark and fruit pulp. Direct sow or transplant in late May or early June when soil warms up. For transplants, start seeds indoors during the first two weeks of May.
Product code: 10664
1.14 €
Mid-ripening (100-115 days) variety of pumpkin that growing for seeds. The plant is strong, long-leafed. The load on the plant is 6-7 fruits. Fruits are rounded, slightly ribbed, orange-green, weighing 2-3 kg, with a dense yellow juicy flesh.
Product code: 10661
1.39 €
Striking blue, flattened, highly ribbed pumpkins that average 10-20 lbs each, the flesh of Queensland Blue is golden and very sweet, with a flavour that lasts for months in storage, queensland Blue pumpkin seeds are an old Australian HEIRLOOM.
Product code: 10660
1.39 €
This is another tasty pumpkin from South East Asia. They are round and flattened with some ribs and some warts. Warts are usually a sign of sugar developing under the rind. The rind starts out a blackish green colour and matures.
Product code: 10300
1.14 €
The Italians are great lovers of pumpkin and this is another of their wonderful heirlooms. It is also known as "VIOLINA" because of its vague resemblance to a violin. The pumpkin is a large Butternut type with wrinkled tan skin and can grow over 6kg.
Product code: 10362
1.14 €
Though it's a wonderful pumpkin, the name Hundred Pounds is a bit of a misnomer – it's huge to be sure, but it's more orange than gold. Regardless, Hundred Pounds seeds are great producers of giant pumpkins that can routinely reach weights of up to 60 lb.
Product code: 10354
1.14 €
Medium sized pumpkin are uniform on productive, semi-bush plants. Each fruit has a small seed cavity in dark orange sweet flesh with a tender, smooth skin that is thin, but very hard. Nova is the best choice of butternut squash for gardeners.
Product code: 10302
1.39 €
Try growing your own monster pumpkins! Pumpkin 'Atlantic Giant' holds the Canadian and American records for size, with fruits weighing in at over 800 kg (1763lb). This spectacular variety will certainly impress the neighbours.
Product code: 10301
1.14 €
This rare and superb French Winter Heirloom variety which grows to between 5 and 15 lbs, has heavily lobed and ribbed orange terra-cotta skin, which later turns a gorgeous deep mahogany. Pumpkin with deep ridges, and sweet and meaty flesh.
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