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Product code: 10340
1.14 €
One of the most beautiful varieties originating in a straight line from Indigo Rose, fruit small, a little larger than typical cherry, do not exceed the weight of 80 grams, fruit perfectly suitable for transport.
«Crushed Heart» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 11616
1.14 €
2.78 € (Sale: 58%)
Fruits are heart-shaped with a sharp tip, at the stage of maturity, pink-purple with golden strokes and stripes, weighing 200-400 grams, low-seeded, fleshy, sweet, tasty. These tomatoes are good for fresh consumption, juices and sauces.
«Brutus» - Organic Tomato Seeds TOP
Product code: 12262
1.14 €
Czech variety. Mid-season (80-90 days) indeterminate variety with regular leafs. The inflorescence is composite, large number of flowers (fifteen or more), often one or two of them are megablooms.
Product code: 4401
1.14 €
Vigorous blooms add a wildflower look and spicy citrus scent to bouquets. Towers of bright lavender 1 1/2-2" blooms on straight and thin, yet sturdy stems. An unusual and easy-to-use cut flower. The blooms and leaves are edible.
«Dwarf Damascus Steel» - Organic Tomato Seeds SALE
Product code: 11665
1.14 €
1.78 € (Sale: 35%)
Medium-sized, medium-early, productive, compact tomato. Fruits are medium-sized, but very beautiful, plum-shaped neon-pink-red with purple and orange strokes, weighing 60-80 grams. The taste is balanced, rich, bright, with a slight sourness.
Product code: 11630
1.14 €
An exotic, teardrop shaped tomato with wild stripes of gold. Fruits ripen to pink-red and have a delicious sweet, rich flavor. Nice clusters and healthy bearing. Uncommon and very cool!
Product code: 10339
1.14 €
A cross between two beautiful tomatoes, parents were Beauty King and P20 (also known as OSU Blue), very meaty fruit are usually about 7 oz. but can vary in size, the surprise comes when cutting open, because the middle is pink!
Product code: 11656
1.14 €
A new Indigo tomato high in anthocyanins. Very productive. An accidental cross between Blue Gold and an unknown Indigo tomato. Indeterminate plants have good disease resistance and are productive even in low temperatures.
Product code: 11612
1.14 €
Each fruit is unique, since the pigmented patches develop differently on each tomato. The flavor is mild and sweet. The plants are very productive. Tomato 'Siberian Tiger' was developed from a cross of Beauty King x OSU Blue.
Product code: 11652
1.14 €
Elongated, large cherries in clusters. The color (and flavor!) is a full-blown assault on the senses-lavender and purple stripes, turning to technicolor olive-green, red, and brown/blue stripes when fully ripe. Really wild!
Product code: 877
1.14 €
Chufa is the Spanish name for Earth Almond (Cyperus esculentus L.). In english the small nut like lumps are called Tiger Nuts. It is one of the plants which has been grown for the longest time in Egypt. There are proof of them being grown for over 6000y.
Product code: 11621
1.14 €
8-16 oz. fruit, mid-late season indeterminate. Large and very meaty red / yellow bi-color beefsteak with purple anthocyanin splashes on the sun kissed fruits. This was an accidental cross between big rainbow and an unknown anthocyanin line 5 years ago.
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«Griechische milde Peperoni» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15009
1.14 €
An early ripe fruitful variety, bush height 80cm, elongated cylindrical fruit shape, weight 50-80 grams, red color, sweet taste, walls of medium thickness, intended for greenhouses and open ground.
«Habanero African No. 9589» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15003
3.00 €
The height of the bush is 50-60 cm, strong, branched, early ripening, fruits are large, ribbed, red, fruit walls are fleshy, excellent taste, aroma and pungency of habanero, is characterized by abundant fruiting.
Organic Akebia five-petal Seeds (Akebia quinata) NEW
Product code: 15028
3.00 €
A beautiful, fast-growing, semi-evergreen liana with lacy foliage, more than 3 m in height, the plant is very decorative, it is universally used in the foreground near paths, recreation areas for detailed examination.
«Zloty Lan» - Organic chamomile Seeds (Matricaria chamomilla) NEW
Product code: 14963
1.14 €
An annual plant with an erect, highly branched stem, 30-60 cm high. Leaves 2-5 cm long are doubly pinnate into narrow filamentous lobules, alternate, sessile. Flowers are collected in baskets on long peduncles located at the ends of the branches.
«Habanero African No. 9598» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15002
3.00 €
The height of the bush is 50-60 cm, strong, branched, early ripening, fruits are large, elongated, ribbed, red, the walls of the fruit are fleshy, excellent taste, aroma and pungency of habanero, is characterized by abundant fruiting.
«Scotch Bonnet MOA red» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15000
3.00 €
An early ripe variety, bush height 60-80 cm, has a high yield, and a strong fruit-tropical aroma of fruits, suitable for fresh eating, making sauces, preservation.
«Mako Kokoo Peach» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 14997
2.50 €
Mid-season variety, bush height - 70 cm, pleasant fruity taste and aroma with hints of apricot, an excellent choice for making hot sauce, aromatic hot salt, chili powder.
«Habanero Tabaquite» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15001
3.00 €
Early ripe variety, bush height 60-80cm, taste with citrus fruit aroma, fruits ripen from green to bright yellow, fruits with folds and wrinkles, for making hot sauces, drying.
Organic Cotton Seeds (Gossypium hirsutum) NEW
Product code: 15027
1.14 €
This is a source of plant fiber - cotton, in the overwhelming majority of cases it is this type of cotton that is cultivated to obtain cotton; in our country, the culture is not grown for industrial purposes, but it is planted as an ornamental crop.
«Orange King» - Organic Watermelon Seeds NEW
Product code: 14959
1.50 €
The early ripe variety differs from other berries in the color of the yellow pulp, as well as in the increased sugar content of the pulp (up to 13%), the fruits are rather large, weighing 8–11 kg, round in shape.
Organic Humboldt tomato Seeds (Lycopersicon humboldtii (Willd.) Dunal var. luteum.) NEW
Product code: 15031
3.00 €
A stunning wild type of tomato, tall, very productive, small fruits (the size of a cherry), but very interesting in taste, beautiful rich yellow color and incredibly healthy - they have a lot of carotene, average weight - 6 grams.
«Ukrainochka» - Organic Oregano ordinary Seeds (Origanum vulgare L.) NEW
Product code: 14962
1.14 €
Perennial herb from the Labiate family, 30-60 cm high, with a strongly branched rhizome, erect stems, tetrahedral, pubescent, branched in the upper part.
Popular goods
«Harvard Square» - Organic Tomato Seeds
Product code: 10331
1.14 €
It's beautiful, it's big and it tastes great, it seems that there may be at least two different strains circulating, it is Green When Ripe, with interior red marbling that permeated the exterior skin when completely ripe, fruit size variable from 8 oz.
Product code: 2524
2.00 €
In Belgium and the Netherlands this bean is called Boerentenen. In Greece they are traditionally prepared in a tomato sauce and baked in a dish called Gigantes Plaki. Extremely hard to find seed for this. These plants grow well in a cool climate also.
Product code: 10319
1.14 €
The 1884 Purple tomato variety is similar in many ways to the very popular heirloom tomato "1884", produces good yields of rich, sweet beefsteak type fruit, and very few seeds, fruit weighs in at 10-24 oz.
Product code: 11653
1.14 €
Bosque Bumblebee is a small salad-type tomato, though still larger than a cherry tomato at about two inches in size, and it has a mild, almost citrusy flavor with an appealing juicy texture.
Product code: 11661
1.14 €
This is one of my favorite cherry tomatoes. Plants are VERY PRODUCTIVE, yielding all season. A unique cherry tomato with small, creamy white-yellow fruits glazed in a beautiful amethyst-purple color. Plants show very nice production.
Product code: 11650
1.14 €
Mid-ripening, very fruitful variety. Received from crossing Green Sosij and Cherokee Purple. The bush is neat, with drooping foliage, with a height of up to 2 m. Fruits are fleshy, dark purple elongated cream with a spout, very beautiful color and shape.
Product code: 2135
3.00 €
Is it an exceptionally small cucumber or the world’s cutest watermelon? That is the vexing question. Melothria scabra, known as Cucamelon or Mouse melon is a tiny melon that has been creating a buzz in the farmer’s markets.
Product code: 8660
3.00 €
Are you interested in knowing about the herb Aerva Lanata then you are at the right place? Since ages, plants or herbs are being used as medicines for natural health care. Extracts from plants are being used for various medicinal purposes and treatments.
Product code: 8262
1.14 €
The tomatoes are just plain huge, the vines had only a few small 10 ouncers among the huge beefsteaks, the flavor is superb with a good full range of tomatoey goodness and a touch of sweetness on the finish, the size makes it easy to cover.
Product code: 7968
1.14 €
Delicious and very unique dark-purple topped red cherry tomatoes, healthy, disease resistant plants have a purple blush and grow easily to 6 feet, a newer tomato color often referred to as indigo coloration.
Product code: 10345
1.14 €
Ildi is often sold commercially in farmer's markets as Yellow Grape, these yummy tomatoes usually produce till frost, a great cherry tomato choice for serving in salads or snacking off the vine, like eating candy.
Product code: 2152
1.14 €
Agastache foeniculum «Tibetan» looks ravishing in a border with its lovely creamy-white spikes held over a light-green aromatic foliage which exudes an anise scent when crushed. Its long flowering season and showy flower spikes.