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«Thai Extra Long» - Organic Luffa Seeds
Product code: 10657
1.39 €
The sponges obtained from the Thai Extra Long are more coarse than its cylindrica counterpart, making this gourd a perfect foot or dishpan scrubber. The gourds depicted average about 2 m long. These are monstrous!
Product code: 10655
1.14 €
Forget paying boutique prices for this all-natural, luxurious bath sponge! Grow your own Luffa Gourds and discover even more uses for this fascinating, porous fruit! The fruit of these species is cultivated and eaten as a vegetable.
Product code: 10654
2.78 €
An early variety with sweet fruits, exclusively for culinary purposes, as a rule, it is used mainly for canning, as well as fried and stewed.
Product code: 10646
1.14 €
This variety grows excellent edible luffa, 8-12 inches long, 3-4 inches across, around 350 grams in weight, with relatively light green skin and white flesh. Young fruits are very delicious, excellent for soup and stir-fry cooking.
Product code: 10644
1.14 €
Canton Pride is a new variety which has quickly become a very popular choice in the markets in Asia. Attractive green fruits with end-to-end stripes are 5 x 70 cm in size and 450 gram in weight. Plants are very vigorous.
Product code: 1804
1.14 €
A plant of the pumpkin family, young fruits are tender and fragrant, they are used as cucumbers, they are good in fried form, but the main purpose of luffa is to obtain a bath washcloth from its fibrous content, which is very healthy.