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«Emerald» - Organic Amaranth Seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 2137
1.14 €
An annual plant, the stems are erect, powerful, 100-120 cm high, with long hanging paniculate inflorescences of pale green color, grown by sowing seeds in April for seedlings, or in May in open ground.
«Volcano» - Organic Amaranth Seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 352
1.14 €
An annual ornamental deciduous plant, the stems are strong, slightly branched, 50-80 cm high, the leaves are elongated-ovate, large, two-colored - a combination of burgundy and red.
«Paniculate» - Organic Amaranth Seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 15928
1.14 €
An original annual native to South America, powerful straight stems are topped with burgundy panicle inflorescences surrounded by greenish-red foliage, the name translates as “unfading, eternal”, since it blooms from early summer until frost.
«Caudate» - Organic Amaranth Seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 15927
1.14 €
A gorgeous annual with drooping crimson inflorescences that create the illusion of a fairy-tale waterfall or the tail of a firebird; small crimson flowers are collected in long inflorescences up to 80 cm.
«Black Cobra» - Organic Hot Pepper Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 12720
1.39 €
A very rare kind of chili pepper from Venezuela with fleecy leaves and stems, the fruits are black, long, slightly curved, grow up, ripening, they turn bright red, with the observance of agricultural technology gives a good harvest.
«Berezil» - Organic Rheum Seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 15827
1.14 €
An early-ripening variety with rapidly growing leaves, petioles 35-50 cm long, are ready to use in May, thick, juicy stalks of rhubarb are rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements and organic acids.
«Red Stalk» - Organic Rheum Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11353
1.14 €
Herbaceous perennial growing to 4 feet, native to Europe. Very showy clump-forming plant, with heady flowers of rich cream. Leaf stems and buds used for making pies and tarts. Traditional usage (TWM): Hot flashes, PMS.
Organic Carambola Seeds / Averrhoa carambola NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 15787
2.95 €
This is one of the distinctive tropical plants with fruits of a unique shape; it is a medium-sized tree with a rather dense green or dark green crown and beautiful decorative leaves, quite similar to acacia leaves.
Tamarind indian Organic Seeds (Tamarindus indica) SALE EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13629
1.50 €
2.00 € (Sale: 25%)
This tropical tree, at home, forms a crown with a height of 1.5 - 2 m, it has light green oval-shaped feathery leaves, which eventually acquire a rich dark green color.
«Golden orange» - Organic Kumquat Seeds SALE EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 12723
4.32 €
5.79 € (Sale: 25%)
Ripening, beautiful, very tasty, with the taste of the fruit, outwardly very similar to a very small oval orange, it can reach a maximum of 5 cm in length and 4 cm in width, the taste of the fruit is very close to the sour tangerine.
Organic Common Hoptree Seeds (Ptelea Trifoliata) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 3906
1.14 €
This attractive tree has a loose crown which is rounded and open, and produces bunches of fragrant yellowish flowers in summer followed by persistent hop-like fruits. An excellent wildlife plant, it also produces copious nectar and pollen for insects.
Organic Black Marshmallow Seeds (Althaea Officinalis) NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 15743
1.14 €
An original two-year-old variety, dark purple, almost black inflorescences look amazing on a long, tall stem; people call them black rose or wild mallow for their beauty.
Organic Marshmallow Seeds (Althaea Officinalis) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 10430
1.14 €
Every herb garden needs to have this versatile perennial! It is highly regarded as a beneficial medicinal herb and has been widely used for the last 2000 years in both foods and in medicines. It is native to Europe.
«Steppe» - Organic Peanut Seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13859
2.00 €
A late, productive variety with large fruits, it is successfully grown throughout Ukraine, the growing season lasts 120-160 days, the crop is generally unpretentious and stress-resistant.
Organic Peanut Seeds (Arachis Hypogaea) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 9761
2.00 €
Start Peanut seeds and enjoy your own harvest of delicious Peanuts! Peanut Plant seeds can be planted directly outdoors for areas with long growing seasons as they need 5 months of warm weather.
Organic Wild Rice Seeds (Zizania Aquatica) SALE EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 12090
0.97 €
1.39 € (Sale: 30%)
Historically, this native wetland plant had great importance to various Native American tribes who highly revered it as a part of their culture; it also provides a crucial food source for ducks and other wildfowl. In recent times, this "caviar of grains"
«Mix» - Organic Allium Seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 15713
1.14 €
These spectacular plants bloom for weeks, unlike many other perennials. Allium stands cut in water for a long time, and dried flowers will decorate the flowerbed itself for many months and will look great in a winter bouquet and ikebana.
«Sugarleaf» - Organic Stevia Seeds SALE EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 3
0.97 €
1.39 € (Sale: 30%)
A wholesome alternative to processed sugar and chemically-derived artificial sweeteners, Stevia ("sugarleaf") is becoming more and more popular among health-conscious individuals. It's 20 to 30 times sweeter than sugar cane, yet is non-caloric.
Organic Lychee Seeds (Litchi chinensis) SALE EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13040
3.47 €
4.97 € (Sale: 30%)
An evergreen tree that grows on a windowsill in a pot or on the floor in a tub - up to 1.5 ... 3 m, the lychee fruit is on average 2.5 - 4 cm in length and weighs 15 - 20 grams, the taste of the pulp is pleasant, sweet, reminiscent of grape.
Cherimoya Seeds (Annona Cherimola) SALE EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 12398
3.47 €
4.97 € (Sale: 30%)
A large shrub, originally native to montane forests in the Andes of South America, but now widely cultivated for its delicious fruits, which, under a thin, green peel, has very sweet, soft, white, custard-like flesh that can be scooped out with a spoon.
Organic Chinese Yam Seeds / Dioscorea opposita NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 12747
1.14 €
A fast-growing climbing perennial that can be grown on various types of supports, e.g. nets or lattices, the tubers have a pleasant smell and nutty taste - much tastier than potatoes, they can be added to various dishes, including soups and salads.
Organic Aztec sweet Herb Seeds / Lippia dulcis NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 2827
3.00 €
A perennial creeping plant, with beautiful and very fragrant oval leaves and small white flowers, collected in a small cone-shaped cob, contains the sweetener hernandulcin, which is 1000 times sweeter than sugar.
Organic Rambutan seeds / Nephelium lappaceum NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13046
2.00 €
A tropical fruit, its fruits are small, the size of a walnut, the pulp covering the seed (edible, but tasting like an acorn), is a transparent white gelatinous mass with a pleasant sweet taste.
Organic Pitahaya seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13047
1.14 €
A creeping liana-shaped cactus has a taste reminiscent of a combination of kiwi and watermelon, although it evokes different associations for everyone; the pulp is creamy, with a very delicate taste and aroma, rich in vitamins B, C, iron, calcium, phospho
Organic Рassion fruit / Рassion fruit NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13044
1.14 €
A fast-growing vine with beautiful lush foliage and edible fruits, the fruits of passion fruit can be lilac, dark purple and even brownish in color, the taste of passion fruit is simply magical - tender, fresh, sweet and sour, unique.
Organic Passion fruit seeds / Passiflora edulis NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13043
1.14 €
A fast-growing vine with beautiful, lush foliage and edible fruit, grown for its juice, which is often added to other fruit juices for flavor, the fruit contains significant amounts of vitamins and beneficial minerals.
Organic Naranjilla seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13042
1.14 €
This is a fruit shrub; in appearance, lulo resembles a yellow tomato, but in taste it is something between strawberries, pineapple and tomato. Lulo is consumed raw.
Organic Yellow Milkvetch Seeds (Astragalus Dasyanthus Pall) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11886
1.14 €
Used to strengthen immune system, speed healing of wounds and treat diabetes. Tonic for enhancing metabolism and digestion made as tea or soup made from dried tap roots or as a tincture. One of 50 fundamental herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine.
Organic Jujube Seeds (Ziziphus Jujuba) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 12125
3.00 €
The Chinese red date was domesticated in South Asia by 9000 BC, and over 400 cultivars now exist. The exact natural distribution of the plant is not known, but is believed to be southern Asia, between Lebanon, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal.
Organic White Quinoa Seeds (Chenopodium Quinoa) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 12089
1.14 €
Quinoa is a species of the goosefoot genus (Chenopodium quinoa), a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. It is a pseudocereal rather than a true cereal, as it is not a member of the true grass family.
Organic Black Quinoa Seeds (Chenopodium quinoa) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 12088
1.14 €
It is characterized by a high content of vegetable protein, which is completely absorbed by the body and is similar to milk, is rich in protein necessary for the proper formation of the body, as well as riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid, vitamins A and E.
Organic Red Quinoa Seeds (Chenopodium Quinoa) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 12087
1.14 €
A hardy, high yielding variety with vivid pinkish-red seed heads. Selected to withstand some moisture when mature (less occurance of sprouting in the head). Variety originated in South America. Yields a high protein seed "grain".
Organic Black Sesame Seeds (Sesamum Indicum) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 12082
1.14 €
When fully mature and dry, the seeds of Black Sesame are very dark indeed. The colour difference between the varieties is obvious if they are placed side by side. This seed has a richer, nuttier flavour than its white and gold cousins.
«Cephalophora Pineapples» - Organic Cephalophora Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11965
1.14 €
Attractive, bright yellow pompon flowers are complemented by pale green foliage. This novel plant releases a sweet apple fragrance when brushed against and is ideal for front of the border or containers to enjoy the heavenly scent close by.
«Golden Pearls» - Organic Hairy Nightshade Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11964
1.14 €
This fast-growing, newly discovered plant from the Solanaceae family produces clusters of sweet, yellow or orange berries, (which bear a striking resemblance to yellow currants but are no relation), on long dividing stems.
Organic Madder Seeds (Rubia Tinctorum) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11892
1.14 €
The roots of this ancient plant are rich in red alizarin and are the source of a strong red dye. The uniforms of the British Red Coats were dyed with madder root. It is a perennial plant growing to a height of approximately 100cm.
«Popping» - Organic Amaranth Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11809
1.78 €
The plant is up to 2 meters high, very high-yielding (300-500 grams of seeds per plant), the grain is small, white, from which delicious various dishes are prepared.
Zambianus (Zambianus Cucumis) - Organic Cucumber Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11660
3.00 €
This horned cucumber plant is a annual vine, 1.5 to 3m long of African origin. The stem is angular, ridged and hairy; internodes are 5-8cm long. At each node, a 2.5 to 5cm long curling tendril forms, along with two to four pale yellow male flowers.
Organic Tzimbalo Seeds (Solanum Caripense) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11566
3.90 €
Fruits are small, comparable in size to grapes, but shaped and marked similar to Pepino. The delicious little fruits ripen yellow or pale green, with similar longitudinal striping to Pepino, but they’re much more juicy.
Organic Goldencreeper Seeds (Thladiantha dubia) EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 11565
1.39 €
Goldencreeper or Manchu Tuber-Gourd makes subterranean, very large, perennial, potato-like root tubers and annual, fast growing vines with hairy leaves and yellow flowers which are followed by egg-sized hairy fruits (not edible).
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