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«Purple Ocean» - Organic Lavender Seeds
Product code: 11065
1.69 €
Dwarf, bushy, well-branched 12 in. plants, covered in masses of fragrant, intensely colored, deepest purple-blue flowers all summer long. Evergreen silvery-green foliage. Blooms the first year from seed. Flower spikes are excellent for cutting.
Product code: 6548
1.69 €
A perennial, evergreen, drought-resistant semi-shrub plant 50-60 cm high, widely used as an ornamental, medicinal and spicy-aromatic plant, grows in one place for up to 15 years, an excellent honey plant.
Product code: 1537
2.00 €
Also commonly known as Common Lavender, True Lavender, Lavandula Spica, Lavandula Vera, Lavandula Officinalis, this ornamental flowering herb features sweetly fragrant, evergreen foliage with leaves that first open white.