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«Altai masterpiece» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 13002
1.14 €
Srednerosly, mid-ripening, large-fruited, high-yielding variety, smooth and beautiful like toys fruits, saturated red color and bright attractive appearance, rounded flat shape, weighing 300-600 grams, individual fruits can reach up to 800 gr. and more
«Palace» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 13009
1.14 €
The early ripe variety, which has a bush 120 cm tall, has a red fruit, flat-rounded, slightly ribbed, weighing up to 600 grams, has a long fruiting period.
«Potato raspberry» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 13010
1.14 €
Mid-ripening high-yielding variety, fruits of a flat-rounded shape, slightly ribbed, weighing 300-600 grams, raspberry colored, firm flesh, sugary on kink, the fruits are used for fresh processing and consumption.
«Pink giant» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 13012
1.14 €
The most common variety of salad use for growing in greenhouses and open ground, the fruit is large, flat-round, weighing 300-700 grams, sweet, fleshy.
«Slavic pink» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 13013
1.14 €
Medium early (growing season - 120-130 days) high-yielding variety, which has a round-shaped fruit, pink in color, weighing 200-500 grams, a bush up to 1.5 m high.
«Ave Maria» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12861
1.14 €
Medium-late variety, bush up to 2 m high, raspberry fruits, with light ribbing, huge, can reach up to 700 grams, some grow up to 1 kg, raspberry flesh, dense, dense, one flesh, high palatability.
«Soviet» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12869
1.14 €
Variety from the 80s, mid-ripening, ripening up to a height of 1.7 m, fruits are flat-round, weighing 800 grams, individual up to 1.2 kg, raspberry color, resistant to disease and heat.
«Church yellow» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12870
1.14 €
Mid-ripe variety with large fruits, bush up to a height of up to 1.7 m, flattened, yellow fruits, with an average weight of 1-1.5 kg, some can exceed 2.5 kg.
Product code: 11989
1.14 €
80 days. Among the rugged people of the Ozark Mountains, rich flavor has made this variety famous for over 50 years. These were used fresh and for canning; they have a delectable, sweet flavor and are a beautiful coral-pink color. In the summer of 1950.
Product code: 11984
1.14 €
Huge almost heart shaped tomatoes on big vines. Great flavor and a very good looking tomato. You will always get tomatoes that go over a pound from Sugar Bison. Just superb. Rich, hardy, and gigantic with that heirloom flavor.
Product code: 11936
1.14 €
Good yields of eight-ounce fruits that are meaty and have a good flavor. Excellent for fresh eating as well as canning. Produces well in hot, humid environments, also can be grown with success throughout more temperate regions.
Product code: 11869
1.14 €
Emerald Apple Tomato Seeds. Heirloom Emerald Apple is a heirloom tomato from Ukraine that's large and flavorful, weighing up to 1 1/2 pounds. As the name implies the fruit of Heirloom Emerald Apple Tomato are nearly round like an apple.
Product code: 11645
1.14 €
Grow huge, prize winning, beefsteak tomatoes. Big Zac was bred by Minnie Zaccaria, a New Jersey gardener whose goal was to hybridize an enormous tomato with heirloom flavor. The tomato resulting from her efforts is outstanding in every way - meaty.
Product code: 11622
1.14 €
Mid-ripening, yielding and unpretentious variety of author's selection from the USA. Shrub indeterminate. tall, strong, about 1.8 m high. The fruits are large, oblate, red, very beautiful, weighing 700 grams. The flesh is dense and juicy.
Product code: 11613
1.14 €
A traditional Spanish big-fruit tomato true-growing each summer. The crack free fruit are fleshy and juicy, with a small amount of seed and perfect balanced, excellent sweet flavor. Beautiful dark-pink fruit grow up to 400-600 g.
Product code: 11605
1.14 €
Open Pollinated. Plant produces good yields of 2 to 3 lb red beefsteak tomatoes. They are very sweet, meaty, juicy, and flavorful. Perfect for salads, slicing, sandwiches, and making sauces. Try growing the biggest tomato you will ever see.
Product code: 11536
1.14 €
Mid-ripening, large-fruited variety. Vegetation period 110-120 days. The shrub is medium-sized, with a height of 100-120 cm. The fruits are large, elongated-oval in shape, weighing 500-800 grams, some reaching more than 1kg, red, fragrant and fleshy.
Product code: 10754
1.14 €
This variety is one of our top 3 really impressive big croppers giving strong-flavoured medium-large fruit. Certainly not a G.M. plant but seeds originally carried to the International Space Station by Russian Cosmonaut Alexander Volkov!
Product code: 10336
1.14 €
Old Kentucky heirloom, listed in the SSE Yearbooks since at least 1988, nice size, meaty pink beefsteaks with a flavor similar to Brandywine, but much more productive, large pink beefsteaks up to 1 lbs, juicy, with delicious rich flavor.
Product code: 10332
1.14 €
Hawaiian Pineapple Heirloom Tomato has streaks of red, orange, and yellow and a fruity flavor, it is disease resistant and drought tolerant, fruit weight is approximately 10-25 ounces, vegetable plants are 5-10 inches tall when they are shipped.
Product code: 10328
1.14 €
This sweet, low acid beefsteak tomato, sometimes used for wine making, is an 1930s heirloom variety from Ohio, possible weight is more than 1 kg!
Product code: 10324
1.14 €
A beautiful heirloom tomato variety similar to Brandywine, perfect for sandwiches, salads, and slicing, fpotato leaf variety, excellent choice for home gardens.
Product code: 10319
1.14 €
The 1884 Purple tomato variety is similar in many ways to the very popular heirloom tomato "1884", produces good yields of rich, sweet beefsteak type fruit, and very few seeds, fruit weighs in at 10-24 oz.
Product code: 9999
1.14 €
Indeterminate, regular leaf plant produces heavy crops of Lemon yellow 10-17 oz, 2 to 3-inch tomatoes that are deeply pleated like an accordion, with a hollow seed cavity perfect for stuffing, good, mild, fruit flavors, produces well in hot weather.
Product code: 8930
1.14 €
Mid-ripened indeterminate variety for greenhouses and open field. 70 days from setting out transplants. The plant is formed in 1-2 stems. 70 days from setting out transplants. Its vigorous plants produce produces continuous, heavy yields.
Product code: 8296
1.14 €
Robust indet. plants with regular leaf foliage produce large and beautifully ruffled bi-colored beefsteaks, 8-20 oz, flesh is very meaty, with very small seed chambers and few seeds, very good sweet flavor, a nice slicer to cover your sandwich!
Product code: 8291
1.14 €
An American heirloom tomato with potato leaves grown in North Carolina since 1920, has high tolerance to disease, and is resistant to changing weather conditions and high yielding at low temperatures, exceptionally tasty fruits of impressive size.
Product code: 8262
1.14 €
The tomatoes are just plain huge, the vines had only a few small 10 ouncers among the huge beefsteaks, the flavor is superb with a good full range of tomatoey goodness and a touch of sweetness on the finish, the size makes it easy to cover.
Product code: 8257
1.14 €
This type produces large flat red fruit which is known to produce ripe tomatoes in cool summer regions, the fruit have a slight crinkle at the top, often giving a squished in appearance, as the name suggests it was developed in Australia.
Product code: 8251
1.14 €
A joy to grow as well as to eat, this exciting heirloom is over the top in color, size, vigor, and flavor, when you want a really exceptional tomato, choose Big Rainbow, The fruit eventually reaches about 2 pounds (yes, that's POUNDS).
Product code: 8234
1.14 €
Tomato suitable for tomato salad, this slightly ribbed fruit reaches large dimensions: starting from 300 g of the bull's heart, to over a kilogram for the giant type. The berries are edible when they turn dark red and they veer toward black at maturity.
Product code: 8207
1.14 €
Plant produces good yields of 25 oz dark pink beefsteak tomatoes, they are very sweet, meaty, juicy, and flavorful. It has the rich old-fashioned tomato flavor, they are as flavorful as a Brandywine but more productive.
Product code: 8203
1.14 €
Beautiful bicolor fruit is golden yellow with ruby-colored streaking, earning this variety its name, fruit size is somewhat variable from 6 ozs. up to 1 pound, but this is one of the most strikingly beautiful bicolors we have seen.
Product code: 8200
1.14 €
This variety is well named for its huge 15-22 oz. beefsteaks that are deep golden with red streaking, the coloration is distinctive from other bicolored tomatoes in that this variety is almost orange with more extensive red streaking.
Product code: 6819
1.14 €
Known in Ukraine as Velikan Rozovyi, truly giant pink beefsteaks form on tall floppy vines, deliciously juicy and meaty, usually this tomatoes are on the early side but this special tomato is an exception like many main season tomatoes the yield is huge.
Product code: 2090
1.14 €
A most exciting tomato, it is wonderful in every way, this unusual variety was developed by Pascal Moreau, a horticulturist from Belgium, the multi-colored, smooth fruit (green, yellow and purple mix) weigh about 1 lbs.
Product code: 5322
1.14 €
Its tomatoes are indeed special, 1 to 2 pound pink beefsteaks with the delectably complex, rich, sweet flavor that has made Brandywine justifiably famous, indeterminate.
«Great White» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 5324
1.14 €
Great White is the largest of the white tomato varieties, and has excellent resistance to sun scald, drought, and cracking, the flesh is so good and deliciously fruity, it reminds one of a mixture of fresh-cut pineapple, melon and guava.
Product code: 5314
1.14 €
If you have grown oxhearts before, you would know that most are terrific, that’s just what oxhearts are, but Slankard’s to me, sits on the top with the best of them, think about Curtis Cheek, Hungarian Heart or Anna Russian.
Product code: 5316
1.14 €
As aesthetically appealing as it is delicious, ruby boasts prolific beautiful huge red-streaked yellow fruits with marbled interior flesh, meaty with superb mild sweet flavor, smooth melting texture and not a bit of acidity.
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