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Set of Seeds «Early Spring» - 10 packets
Product code: 10752
5.99 €
Organic Heirloom Variety Seeds. 100% Heirloom, Natural & Non-GMO Strains Grown in the Ukraine. Brand New 2017 Stock. Open Pollinated with Very High Germination Rate.
Product code: 13147
1.14 €
One of the most fragrant basilicas, thanks to the burgundy red leaves and spicy aroma, it is very decorative. It is characterized by a high content of mineral salts, vitamins A, C, P, B, and is intended for fresh consumption, drying, freezing, pickling.
Product code: 13146
1.14 €
An early variety, a medium-sized plant, bushes are strong, with a large number of side shoots, the leaves are dark green with brown-violet spots, the flowers are lilac-purple, this variety has a pronounced pepper-clove aroma.
Product code: 13145
1.14 €
An annual, heat-loving plant, fresh and dry leaves are used in cooking, when canning cucumbers and tomatoes as a spice, can be grown in pots and crates.
Product code: 13017
1.14 €
Plants are highly branched and covered with miniature green leaves, the bush diameter is 30-35 cm, looks great in flowerpots, can be grown as a border plant and in mixed plantings.
Product code: 12580
1.14 €
Thai Basil is very fragrant and one of the most available varieties of basil. It has beautiful purple stems with bright green leaves. It is used widely in soups and curries, and other traditional Thai dishes.
Product code: 12311
1.14 €
The best variety for pot culture. Spherical plants with small, pungent leaves, close at hand on the windowsill. Although basil is primarily known as a tasty kitchen herb, it also has medicinal uses. Sow in a greenhouse. Do not cover the seeds.
Product code: 11942
1.14 €
Rosie Basil is a vigorous plant and holds its dark colour better than any other purple basil variety. It has exceptional flavour and is very productive growing tall purple stalks and attractive lavender flowers that look great in the garden.
Product code: 11941
1.78 €
A rare variety of basil, which has a large number of lanceolate leaves with a pleasant lemon scent.
Product code: 11940
1.14 €
Widely grown in Italy, where it is very popular in their cooking, especially in tomato salads and pesto sauces and, don't forget the after dinner mints, it combines nicely with garlic. An attractive plant with often purple-veined, shiny, bright green.
Product code: 11492
1.14 €
An attractive plant with violet flowers 45-60 cm high. Leaves are olive-green with purple veins, smooth, with a pleasant scent of cinnamon, contain many vitamins and minerals. Used as a seasoning for fruit salads, sweet pies, jelly.
Product code: 11491
1.14 €
Annual plants, height 40 - 60 cm. Leaves petiolate, deep purple, fragrant. heat-loving plants . In the north-western region is recommended to cultivate hotbeds and film shelters. For food use leaves basil. Usage: as a spicy seasoning in fresh and dried.
Product code: 10368
1.14 €
A mix of low-growing varieties of basil for home-grown. The vegetation period from germination to the first slices 40-60 days. Plants are upright, compact, 20-40 cm tall. Leaves of various sizes and flavors, green, red and purple.
Product code: 6744
1.14 €
The variety is mid-ripening, to flowering - 76-79 days, to seed ripening 154-161 days. The yield of green in the phase of mass flowering is 27-30 t/ha, the mass of one plant is 280-300 grams. Seeds are black, weight is 1000 pieces. - 1.0-1.1 grams.
Product code: 6743
1.14 €
This is large-leafed Italian basil. A premier variety originally developed for professional growers, but it is also uniquely suited to home gardeners who want to harvest big, exceptionally flavorful crops in a minimum of space.
Product code: 6742
1.14 €
The variety is early ripening, from mass similarity to flowering 70-73 days, to ripening of seeds 152-155 days. Yield of greenery in the mass flowering phase is 31-40 t/ha, the mass of one plant is 320-410 grams.
Product code: 2493
1.14 €
You will smell Purple King before you see it, the huge, lightly cupped violet leaves releasing a spicy clove aroma. Fabulous for cooking or in fresh dishes, Purple King is a generous producer, with good branching on plants that reach 18 inches high.
Product code: 2128
1.14 €
The plant is composed of a countless number of tiny, brilliant green, piquant leaves, each less than 1cm (¼ in) in length. Greek basil is subtler, sweeter than its Italian counterpart. Aromatic, lightly fresh and pleasantly spicy.
Product code: 3071
1.14 €
This is an annual aromatic plant containing essential oils. The bushes are compact, well leafy. Has a strong smell of lemon. Used in fresh form as a green salad, spicy additive in cooking and canning.
Product code: 3302
1.14 €
Clove basil is a larger than average basil variety, hence the nickname, “Tree basil.” It can reach heights of three meters (or four feet). Its woody stem is dark green to purple, sprouting large elliptical, lime-colored leaves.
Product code: 3070
1.14 €
Cinnamon basil is a rare treat your garden should not be without. A distinctly different variety from the commonly grown species Ocimum basilicum, it is very easy to cultivate, delicious, and useful in the garden.
Product code: 4410
1.14 €
Ocimum sanctum is a very aromatic species that is used as an incense and for flavouring. Also known as Holy Basil. The herb is warming, has antiseptic qualities, reduces fever and inflammation, clears bacterial infections.