Top 20 Autumn Vegetables To Grow

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

It is always fun and exciting to have a source of growing your own food. So, how about having a winter vegetable garden this time? Trust me you would cherish each moment spend during this activity because it is rewarding in the end.

During the chilly season you can grow some of the most tasty and healthy vegetables. You must be puzzled to think of the names of some vegetables to grow in winter – do not worry, this excerpt highlights 20 names that can bring crops faster.

1. Beets

Beets are one of those wonderful fall vegetables which are completely edible. Many consumers eat the roots as well as the leaves because they are an ideal source of vitamins C and A. One essential tip to discuss here, beets must always-placed deep inside the soil so that they can retain the frost.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

2. Broccoli

In terms of home gardens or seasonal farmers broccoli is amongst the best options. The best part is that it is enriched with minerals and vitamins; also, it is less exposed to pests. You can simply plant them in late August or early September periods.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

3. Cabbage

Cabbage grows well in cooler seasons because too much moisture or hottest do not turn out to be good for the plant. The best part about this vegetable is that it can be stored for sometime easily.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

4. Carrots

If you talk about the favorite fall/winter vegetables, carrots would take the stage away. This vegetable is very essential for human health, and you can store it up to nine months without any complication. You can take them out when you think they are in a size that is acceptable by you.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

5. Collards

Collard is among the vegetable category, which gets juicier and tastier with cold. It is an easy to grow crop but requires a good combination of atmosphere because leaves may suffer due to unbalanced situation.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

6. Kohlrabi

It belongs to cabbage family so requires same procedure and season for growth. Within six-weeks, you can get your crop ready for harvesting.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

7. Leeks

Onions are planted for their bulbs, but this vegetable is planted for its stem. Therefore, growing leeks in winters is one of the delicate processes. Make sure you are providing enough water and light exposure to the plants; otherwise, it will not grow up to your expectations. It has higher nutritional value so make sure you add it in your winter salads.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

8. Lettuce

You can easily have a lettuce farm within your winter garden. Moreover, it is good for health and taste wonderful. It is easy to grow, so it can be an ideal start for someone who has recently jumped into planting gardens. It requires almost 5 hours sunlight on a daily basis, therefore, winters is ideal for good growth of lettuce.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

9. Mustard greens

What clicks your mind when you think of mustard? A bright yellow sauce that you put on sandwiches – Truly, now make your now sauce and add life to various daily food by growing this winter veggies in your garden.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

10. Onions

It is a complete family, which is the essence of any meal. You must have seen white and red onions, but what about shallots and Vidalia’s. They all look same, somehow but taste differs.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

11. Peas

During the chilly days you would want to have peas soup, butter fried peas and many other delicious snacks – so, opt the easiest way to consume it. Plant your own winter pea crop and reap the taste whenever you want.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

12. Radishes

Radishes are always rewarding to plant and take less effort and time to show beautiful bulbs. You can use them in salads and soups. If not, earn money by selling this delicious vegetable to the supermarket.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

13. Spinach

This is known as Popeye power – yes, I mean Spinach. This lush green leaf has lots of iron and vitamin A and C. Whether you toss it in salads or cook in the soup, it gives you water metering aroma and taste.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

14 Beans

Plant your beans in late August so that you have a tasty crop ready to harvest in frosting season.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

15. Turnips

You may not like turnip but many do, so plant this easy to grow in your garden so that you can earn some money out of it. The bulbs are full of nutritional value and  amazing taste.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

16. Kale

Just like many other lush green members, Kale loves frost. If you want to get the best kind of kale crop, you must harvest it in peak winters.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

17. Garlic

You can plant garlic in late September but it has a prolonged growing phase, so you cannot harvest it before summers. There is a lot of variety to choose from – make sure you search over the internet about the various easy growing types.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

18 Cardoons

It tastes similar to artichokes; you can use it as a spice for your soups and salads.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

19. Rapini/Raabe

Both of these belong to broccoli family and share the same taste and nutritional value.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

20. Pak Choi

Within months, you would get nice leafy vegetable, which tastes good and provides higher value in terms of vitamins and minerals.

Autumn Vegetables To Grow

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  • «Kalabreze» - Organic Broccoli Seeds

  • «Giant» - Organic Kohlrabi Seeds

  • «Berlin yellow» - Organic Salad Seeds

  • Organic White Mustard Seeds

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