Benefits of Cereals

Cereals comes with amazing health benefits that include being a good source of proteins, providing energy, a source of minerals, helps prevent cancer, support healthy digestion and get rid of constipation, helps maintain blood sugar level, a good source of vitamins, and helps manage hemorrhoids and maintain body weight.

What are Cereals?

Cereals are edible parts of grains such as rye, oats, barley, maize, triticale, millet and sorghum. Cereals come in many different forms, and each form has popularity in a different country. However, wheat and rice are popular all over the world. Many countries have them as their staple foods, and the people in those countries consider them a source of nutrients.

They are usually milled by first grinding them. After that, they go through sifting, separation, and regrinding. Their nutrition level usually depends on the amount of barn that has come out of them. The barn has various minerals and vitamins along with fiber.

It would be impossible to make some of your favorite dishes without cereals. They are used to make various forms of bread, pasta cakes paste, and numerous other snacks. They are popular not only because they are delicious but also because they are very nutritious. Wholegrain cereals are a great addition to your diet, especially during breakfast.

All you need to do is do some research on the type of cereal and the nutrients it has. You can find a lot of useful information behind the cereal box too. Be sure that all the ingredients are safe to consume. Moreover, they are cheap and easily available, so there is no reason for you not to have they.

Here Are Amazing 11 Benefits of Cereals

1. Power House

Cereals are a great source of energy as they can provide us with up to 30 percent of the total calories in the diet. They are probably the highest consumed caloric food around the world. The percentages might differ from one country to another. The major factor behind their popularity may be because they are cheaper than most other sources of nutrients.

2. Good Source of Proteins

Protein is very important for our body as the body uses it to repair and build tissues. They are also used to make body chemicals like hormones and enzymes. The amount of protein in each kind cereal is different. Take rice for example as it contains the least amount of protein in it, but it is the best form of protein that you can get. You need proteins for your bones, cartilage, skin blood and muscles. Therefore, it is a good idea to consume cereals to keep up with your daily intake of proteins.

3. Great Source of Minerals

Minerals are rich in sulfates and phosphates of magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Different cereals have different nutrition content. They may also contain zinc, copper, and manganese which are very important for body health.

4. Helps Prevent Cancer

Cereals are rich in plant-based steroids that stimulate estrogen. They contain phytosterols that block the estrogen that promotes the production of cancer in breasts. Many studies suggest that cereals can even prevent colon cancer due to their fiber-rich content. The phytosterols lessen the reabsorption time of estrogen into the blood through the colon wall by increasing stool movement.

5. Get Rid Of Constipation

Cereals contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. These include cellulose, pectin, and hemicellulose. A diet high in fiber has a link with good digestive health. They increase the bulk of stool and make it softer which makes it easier for the body to pass it. That helps in getting rid of cancer. You can also prevent cancer by consuming cereals in considerable quantities. Eating them makes sure that your insides are clean and that colon cancer stays away from you.

6. Maintains Blood Sugar Level

Due to their fiber-rich content, cereals are a great way to regulate your blood sugar levels as they decrease the levels of HbA1c. It is glycated hemoglobin which is responsible for an increase in the risk of diabetes.

7. Good Source of Vitamins

Cereals pack a punch of various nutrients. Amongst those nutrients is a wide variety of vitamins. The type and amount may vary from one cereal to another. By consuming whole grain cereals, you can effectively counter vitamin B complex deficiency. Cereal grains are used to extract vitamin E rich oils. They also contain numerous other nutrients, but unfortunately, a lot of those vanish during the milling process.

8. Good for Children

Children need lots of nutrients and energy for their growing bodies and the never-ending activities. Cereals provide them with the energy that they need to play around as much as they want to. A cup of cereal with some milk can provide your child with half of their daily requirement of minerals and vitamins. You can do some research on cereal grains that are rich in protein, iron, and fiber.

9. Helps Manage Hemorrhoids

Due to their fiber-rich content, most cereals are very good at regulating bowel movements. Not only do they get rid of constipation, but also provide a great way to prevent other similar conditions. As regular bowel movements do not put excessive strain on the distended and swollen blood vessels, they make it easier to manage hemorrhoids. But do not forget that fiber without water isn’t useful.

10. Helps Maintain Weight

Breakfast made with whole grains is a great way to manage your weight. Due to their lubricating effect in the colons, cereals make sure your digestive tract is clean. It also keeps you satiated because fiber makes you feel full for long durations. The reduction in food cravings can help you lose weight too.

11. Heart Friendly

Cereals are good for your cardiovascular health when consumed in the right amount. Having whole grain cereals in breakfast ensures sure that you eat less and have more energy. Because you do not get hungry for quite a while fiber can help you refrain from eating things that will end up as fats in your body. That fat will later make it hard for your heart to pump blood and may lead to various cardiovascular diseases. Making cereals a part of your diet can help you avoid many of those problems.

Bottom Line

Cereals are a good source of proteins and other nutrients. They are cheap and easily accessible. But you have to remember that they are also rich in salt, sugar, and fats. For that reason, you should not eat them excessively. Also, products that have a higher amount of bran can cause bloating, abdominal pain and gas.

Consider these and choose the cereal that suits your needs. Whole grain cereal is not good for people with celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome. If you are unsure about your condition and the use of fiber-rich foods, talk to your doctor and make sure that you eat what’s healthy for you.

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