Benefits of Senna Plant

Senna Plant health benefits includes combating hair loss, providing relief from constipation, eliminating intestinal worms, treating indigestion, promoting weight loss, treating skin conditions, treating hemorrhoids, cleanses the colon, boosting immunity, helps fluid balance, prevents multiplication of bacteria, promotes respiratory health, and prevents bad breath.

What is Senna Plant?

Senna plant is a flowering plant that is native to North Africa, currently grown in China and India on a large scale. The Senna plant is widely used in herbal medicine. In ancient China, the leaves and the plant, in general, was used as a laxative. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and thus is found as an ingredient in several laxative products sold over the counter as a stool softener and to stimulate intestinal muscle contraction and bowel movement.

Today, the leaves of the Senna plant are used to prepare tea to treat constipation and detoxify the body.

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Senna Plant

1. Combats Hair Loss

Senna plant may be able to improve the condition of the scalp by helping to treat dandruff, also being able to prevent hair loss. It can be used as a conditioner to help strengthen and give volume to the hair. The Senna plant may also play a role in increasing blood flow to the hair follicles and help provide moisture so that hair growth is enhanced.

2. Provides Relief From Constipation

The most well-known use of the Senna plant is for its laxative action and in relieving constipation. The Senna plant is believed to work by stimulating the muscles of the large intestine so that there is the quick expulsion of faecal matter. It may also be able to soften stool by assisting the large intestine to absorb more water and add bulk to the faeces so that bowel movement is quick and smooth as faeces passes through the large intestine.

3. Eliminates Intestinal Worms

Intestinal worms remove vital nutrients from the body and if not eliminated, they can rapidly grow and cause serious health complications. Intestinal worms can be treated with common synthetically made drugs, however, they can also be eliminated using naturally obtained remedies like the Senna plant that can help counter the effects of these worms by not only eliminating the adults, but also the immature larvae left behind. Just be aware that a potent laxative effects will accompany this effect.

4. Treats Indigestion

The purgative properties of Senna leaf may be effective in treating problems that affect the digestive system including indigestion. This plant can help improve digestion by helping to promote gastric emptying of the stomach and soothe the intestinal tract. It may also assist in the control of flatulence and provide relief from nausea. The Senna plant may also be effective in providing relief from bloating by exerting an acid neutralizing and reducing action in the stomach.

5. Promotes Weight Loss

Weight gain and subsequent obesity has been implicated in a number of serious health complications including high blood pressure and heart-related disorders. Although exercise and diet is the primary way to bring about measurable weight loss, use of Senna plant can help things along as it contains some phytocompounds that assist with weight loss naturally. The Senna plant is low in calories as well, so it will not add more calories to the body making it a good choice for weight loss plans. It can also increase the rate of metabolism so that fat burning is increased, and storage is inhibited.

6. Treats Skin Conditions

The skin helps protect the body against infections thus, it must be properly taken care of at all times. Senna plant may be a natural method of managing skin conditions like eczema and acne and may be able to improve the appearance of the skin. When acne develops, the pores are blocked by excessive sebum secretion and so to achieve a healthy skin, the Senna plant helps reduce sebum production and increase cell regeneration and collagen production.

7. Treats Hemorrhoids

The Senna plant may be able to effectively treat haemorrhoids or inflammation of the veins surrounding the anal passage, which usually results when there is excessive pressure. By reducing inflammation, it may promote quick healing and easier passage of stool. Research suggests that the laxative properties of the Senna plant may provide relief from the resulting pain and irritation, and also helps to reduce the resistance of stool to passage.

8. Cleanses The Colon

Colon cleansing may be necessary to support overall colon health, especially when it does not function properly or is at increased risk of colon cancer due to delayed stool emptying and prolonged exposure to waste and associated toxins.

The laxative properties of the Senna plant can assist in cleansing the large intestine. Today, it is popularly used to clear the colon prior to medical examinations such as colonoscopies. Colon cleansing is also believed to be able to improve energy levels and improve the absorption of Vitamins and nutrients by the body.

9. Boosts Immunity

The immune system is responsible for fighting diseases. It may, however, decrease in function as we age, and may need some form of assistance in carrying out its functions. The Senna plant may help boost the defence system of the body so that it can effectively detect foreign pathogens that may be dangerous to our health.in addition, regular use of the Senna plant may be able to stimulate the white blood cells, enabling them to fight diseases more efficiently.

10. Helps Fluid Balance

The Senna plant can help detoxify the body by getting rid of toxins via urine. Excess salts and water is removed from the body when the Senna plant is used regularly, helping regulate fluid balance. Senna is also said to be able to improve urinary continence, though more studies need to be conducted to confirm this fact.

11. Prevents Multiplication Of Bacteria

Bacterial infections only truly become dangerous when an infectious agent starts replicating, overwhelming the body’s defence systems and causing harm. Senna possesses bacteriostatic properties, which slows the replication of bacteria even though it may not kill them. This, coupled with an efficient immune system is usually enough to take care of most infections.

12. Promotes Respiratory Health

The Senna plant may help improve the function of the lungs and may be an effective remedy for asthma and other respiratory diseases. It works by reducing inflammation in the lungs so that breathing difficulties are eliminated. It may also be effective in limiting the activities of harmful viruses that may be responsible for respiratory infections and may inhibit the deposition of phlegm in the linings of the alveoli, the small respiratory units within the lungs.

13. Prevents Bad Breath

Bad breath may result from poor dental hygiene and may be worsened by other unhealthy habits. Most times, antiseptic mouthwashes are used to treat bad breath, however, the leaves from the Senna plant may also be effective in preventing bad breath. A good way to use the Senna plant for this purpose is to soak the leaves in boiling water and then allow to cool before swishing around the mouth.


While the Senna plant has numerous health benefits, some precautions need to be taken when using this plant for treatment purposes. Senna should never be used for longer periods than is required without the opinion of a health practitioner, as it may cause lasting damage to the intestinal lining. It may also greatly alter the absorption and efficacy of other medications administered at the same time. When it boils down to it, moderation is key; use it occasionally, and you can enjoy all of its benefits without the possible adverse effects.

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