Barbarea vulgaris or Winter cress

Winter cress is popularly known, on the one hand, the ubiquitous weed, and on the other, as plants with medicinal properties. Young stems bittercress suitable for food, and put the leaves in the spring salad. Some of bittercress make a separate salad, seasoning with vegetable oil.

Winter cress

As for the healing properties bittercress, here in one sentence does not stop there. It is advised to take with hypovitaminosis. Those who have survived a heart attack or stroke, winter cress used as a remedy for recovery. The juice and grass bittercress bittercress help get rid of paralysis and a "brain attack" - apoplexy.

Medicinal Uses of Winter Cress

Winter cress

Epeleptikam is also recommended to seek healing through a winter cress. If you have problems in sexual activity, for example, lack of sperm production, you need to squeeze the juice of the flowering herb bittercress and regularly receive. Also, low sexual activity can take bittercress - it will help. Recipe for cooking is fairly simple. A glass of boiled water should be taken twenty grams bittercress, brew it. After she insisted three hours - you can eat. One dose - forty milliliters, one can take up to four times a day. Within a month or two you will feel the effect.

Winter cress has a strong diuretic effect, in connection with which it is actively used for kidney and edema. This property helps with dropsy and prostate adenoma.

Winter cress

Of dried herb brewed tea bittercress. The drink takes the general weakness and restores strength.However, winter cress was used as a medicinal product is not in our time. In ancient Greek and Roman medicine bittercress knew as a diuretic and cholagogue. At the same time it was used for healing wounds, and as an aphrodisiac. We can say that winter cress useful to all, from the root and ending with the young pods, that is the seed.

Winter cress

Diseases that are "killing" winter cress, a lot, ranging from epilepsy and ending with scurvy, but still do not know what caused the presence of this kind of healing properties. Therefore, we can say that we do not know about all the miracles that can do bittercress components: the root bittercress, flowers, stems. However, we do not know about the contraindications that should cause concern. Those who constantly uses bittercress for medicinal purposes, does not recommend taking it with increased bleeding. However, this advice is national character.

Preparation and use of medical means of bittercress

  • Infusion of herbs bittercress. 1 tablespoon crushed dried or fresh herbs bittercress pour 1 tbsp. boiling water, heat shield, and let stand for two hours, strain. Take half a cup four times a day for epilepsy after stroke, with impotence. The course of treatment is two to three months.
  • Decoction of seeds bittercress. 1 tsp Seed bittercress pour 1 tbsp. water, bring to a boil, stand over low heat for six to seven minutes, then let stand for another hour, drain. Take half a cup twice a day for erectile dysfunction, prostate adenoma, paralysis for half an hour before a meal.
  • In prostatitis, prostate adenoma, and other diseases of male take 2 tablespoons fresh squeezed juice bittercress usual four times daily after meals for two months.
Winter cress
  • Decoction of the roots bittercress. 1 tablespoon finely crushed roots bittercress pour 1.5 st. cold water, boil on low heat for five minutes, then let stand for two hours, strain. Take a third cup in the loss of strength, sterility, sexual weakness, paralysis, swelling three times a day.
  • The broth for improving spermatogenesis in infertility, chronic prostatitis, epididymitis. Mix in equal proportions bittercress seeds, coriander, carrot, onion Chernushki, parsley, plantain lanceolate. Grind in a mortar to a powder 2 tablespoons seeds, then fill it with 0.5 liters of boiling water, bring to a boil and let stand over low heat for half an hour, remove from heat and let stand for another seven or eight hours, drain. Take half a cup of half an hour before a meal in the morning and before bedtime.

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