Benefits of Basil Tea

Basil Tea health benefits includes promoting immune health, preventing cancer development, reduces inflammation, possesses antibacterial properties, helps fight depression, functions as an adaptogen, promotes cardiovascular health, promotes liver function and detoxification, promotes acid alkaline balance, contain aphrodisiac properties, and helps manage diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

What is Basil Tea?

Basil tea is a healthy relaxing brew made from the leaves of the basil plant. There has been evidence of basil tea consumption for thousands of years, with its seeming to have originated in the Asian regions of India or Bangladesh. Today, it is found widely in many parts of the world with different varieties having a distinctly different taste.

It is important to note that basil tea should not be confused with that of the holy basil tea, as that is made from a different plant altogether. Though basil tea isn’t the most popular kind of beverage consumed over the world, it does possess a unique nutrient profile which can deliver many health benefits when consumed.

Sure, you probably use it from time to time in your cooking, but there is much more to be gained by drinking the tea on a regular basis. Interested to learn what some of the benefits are? Then read on to find out!

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Basil Tea

1. Promotes Immune Health

One of the most popular health benefits of consuming basil tea is for its effect on stimulating the immune system. Basil tea can help to stimulate white blood cell function thanks to the presence of water soluble antioxidants, which help in protecting the body from infection. This is why traditionally basil tea is consumed to help prevent the development of infection and boost resistance.

2. Can Prevent Cancer Development

In like manner to its immune properties, basil tea can also help to prevent cellular damage as a result of free radical action. Antioxidants found in basil tea can help to prevents chromosomal defects from developing, which in turn decreased the likelihood of cell mutations and cancerous changes occurring. Basil tea has been put forward as a possible adjuvant in the management of cancer prevention from reoccurring in people currently in remission.

3. Reduces Inflammation

Basil tea contains many different essential oils which can inhibit the enzymes that promote inflammation in the body. Though inflammation is a normal body response, chronically elevated states of inflammation are the cause of many long term disorders in the body such as rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease and diabetes to name a few. It is important to keep the ratio of pro-and anti-inflammatory processes in balance to preserve health, and luckily basil tea can help you do that.

4. Possesses Antibacterial Properties

Another reason why basil team may help to prevent infections when consumed regularly, is due to its ability to suppress bacterial growth. Studies have shown that basil extract is capable of helping to manage antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, or being used as an adjuvant to help reduce the development of bacterial resistance.

It was found that basil extract is able to treat resistant strains of the E. coli bacteria though its consistency in treating these infections are yet to be determined.

However, if one observation can be made from this study is that basil tea may prove indispensable in preventing infections and illnesses that may end up deadly such as food poisoning. Have a topical wound? You can also apply brewed basil tea to it. Not only will it prevent infection, but it will also help speed up healing and minimize pain you feel due to inflammation.

5. Helps Fight Depression

Regular consumption of basil tea is known to help improve your mood, thanks in large part to its ability to boost synthesis of mood promoting neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters are important in the maintenance of good moods, which positively affects brain health overall.

Many people swear by the efficacy of basil tea for helping to reduce depressive illness, being a much better option than prescription medications which can occur with a wide range of adverse side effects.

6. Functions As an Adaptogen

Studies have found that consumption of basil tea can help the body deal with stress and excess cortisol secretion by functioning as what we call an adaptogen. An adaptogen is any compound that helps the body to deal with stress. Basil tea able to bring about significant improvements in the way the body handles oxidative stress, or an increase in cardiovascular stressors that are commonly observed in persons under high stress. In like manner, it can also help you to relax.

7. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Basil tea does many things to help promote cardiovascular health such as exerting anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to prevent platelet aggregation and the likelihood of clot formation, decreasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. In addition to this, it can help promote thinning of the blood and reduce the deposition of cholesterol on the blood vessel walls, all of which can benefit the health of the heart.

8. Promotes Liver Function And Detoxification

Studies conducted in rodents have shown that those given basil extract over a period of just five days experience improvements in the amount of detoxifying enzymes produced by the body and were able to reset elevated levels of liver enzymes to baseline. In addition to this, it was also found that basil tea can help to manage symptoms of fatty liver disease in non-alcoholics.

9. Promotes Acid Alkaline Balance

The body functions best over a very narrow pH range, outside of which many disorders may arise. In particular, basil tea can help to alkalize the body which has a beneficial effect on digestion, immunity, and probiotic gut cultures. Promoting alkalization of the body also helps to prevent acid reflux disease and makes it more difficult for bacteria to flourish.

Bacteria are most pathogenic under acidic conditions, and can impair your recovery in such cases. Fast digesting sugary foods are discouraged for this reason, as they only worsen your acid base equilibrium and leave you prone to many more diseases.

10. Natural Aphrodisiac Properties

For centuries the leaves of the basil plants have been used as natural aphrodisiacs in Italy, owing to the belief that they improved blood flow to the genital regions. Science has today confirmed these beliefs with it also being known to reduce stress levels and inflammation, which directly contributes to healthy testosterone levels.

Testosterone is the main hormone involved in sexual stimulation and explains why higher testosterone levels are beneficial to sexual health. In India, the holy basil is commonly used and is also referred to as the elixir of life thanks to its ability to promote healthy reproductive function.

11. Helps Manage Diabetes And Metabolic Syndrome

Studies have shown that basil tea can help manage blood glucose levels and help to reduce circulating levels of cholesterol. This can be extremely effective and helpful in managing the symptoms of diabetes, and reducing the likelihood of developing full-blown metabolic syndrome. Consuming basil tea is an effective natural remedy to help manage symptoms of diabetes or high cholesterol especially if you are scared of using prescription medications.


Though basil leaves are mainly used for cooking in small amounts, you stand to gain much more if you make the leaves into tea and drink it on a regular basis. It has been used for centuries to help treat various ailments, many of which are now proven by science. Of course, if you are currently using medications to treat hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol or blood disorders, be sure to consult your physician or pharmacist prior to using basil on a regular basis.

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