What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January

Contrary to popular belief, gardeners also have enough worries in winter. At this time it is time to plant flowers for seedlings. Let's find out which ornamental plants are sown first.

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January

In December-January, you need to pay attention to slow-growing crops, the period from sowing to the beginning of flowering is 130-200 days. If you sow them for seedlings before the end of January, then in June you can already admire the flowering.

Sowing hybrid verbena for seedlings

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January

Hybrid Verbena is a beautiful and very interesting flower. This low plant has been popular for many centuries. True, it was then grown not for decorative, but for medicinal purposes. They resorted to the amazing properties of verbena and sorcerers. For example, the Celtic priests used the plant to make a drink of love. He brought in a pleasant mood, improved mood, relieved negative emotions.

Nowadays, hybrid verbena is used mainly in decorative floriculture. This small - up to 20-30 cm in height - annual plant strikes with a variety of colors: flowers come in white, red, blue, purple, burgundy and many other colors. There are also bicolor varieties. The buds open in July and continue to delight us until October. Verbena is used to decorate rabatok, mixborders, to create flower beds on the lawn. You can also use it in decorating balconies.

Verbena is an unpretentious plant, can withstand slight frosts and drought, puts up with a lack of fertilizers, and is resistant to diseases. However, you should plant it in a bright place, because it is very photophilous.

Verbena hybrid has a rather long vegetation period - about 3 months pass from sowing seeds to flowering. For this reason, it is better to grow it through seedlings. Sowing seeds can begin at the end of January.

Verbena hybrid seeds germinate poorly, so they must be stratified before sowing. To do this, put the seeds between two layers of damp cloth, wrap in a plastic bag and send for a few days on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. Seed treatment before sowing with any growth stimulant, such as Epin, will also help to increase the percentage of germination.

Take the soil for seedlings, moisten and spread verbena seeds on the surface of the soil. It is not worth sprinkling them with earth. Cover with clingfilm because the seeds need a temperature of 18-20°C for germination. The first sprouts may start to appear in as little as a week, but this usually happens after 20 days or more.

Seedlings should grow in a well-lit place at a temperature of 12-15°C. When 1-2 pairs of true leaves appear on the plants, start picking. After mid-May, hybrid verbena can be planted in open ground.

Sowing calceolaria wrinkled for seedlings

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
This plant with unusual flowers is not yet known to all summer residents. However, those who have already met him speak with delight about his beauty and, despite some difficulties with growing, are not going to refuse him. The main headache of calceolaria fans is pests. The whitefly "loves" this flower very much. Therefore, from time to time, carefully inspect the plant so as not to miss the moment a formidable enemy appears and immediately start fighting it.

Calceolaria requires special care. It does not tolerate both drying out and excessive soil moisture. Prefers bright places, but is afraid of bright sunlight. For this reason, the south side does not suit her.The plant is used mainly in indoor floriculture and for growing in containers, but sometimes it is planted in open ground. Calceolaria blooms under favorable conditions from May to September.

Sowing seeds for seedlings can be done in January. Light as dust, the seeds do not need to be buried in the ground - scatter them over the surface and cover with a film. Shoots will appear no earlier than in 2-3 weeks. A month after this, pick the young plants into separate containers. The optimum temperature for growing seedlings is 10-15°C.

After picking, the plants need top dressing. Fertilize the seedlings every 2 weeks with a complex mineral fertilizer, and they will thank you with lush flowering.Some flower growers bring pots of calceolaria into the apartment for the winter to save the plant. However, in the second year, flowering is not so plentiful and beautiful, so it is better to grow a flower as an annual.

Sowing lobelia erinus

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
Another plant with a long (about 80 days) development cycle is erinus lobelia, better known as garden lobelia or blue lobelia. Its blue, blue and purple balls, blooming all summer, are very actively used for container floriculture. The plant is a perennial, but we grow it as an annual.

Small seeds of lobelia (in 1 g - more than 30 thousand pieces) can be sown for seedlings as early as January. In this case, by June you will have a beautiful, luxuriantly flowering bush.

Prepare soil with a neutral pH for sowing. Mix the seeds with sand and spread evenly over the surface of moistened soil. After that, cover with glass or plastic wrap and send to a warm place. Spray the seeds daily with a spray bottle.At a temperature of 18 °C, sprouts will appear in 2 weeks. After that, remove the shelter, and send the seedlings for further growth in a bright place with a temperature of 14-20 °C. When 3-4 true leaves appear on the seedlings, pick them out. In open ground, plants can be planted in May.

Lobelia will delight you with its flowering until frost. To do this, after the first wave, cut off empty shoots at a height of 4-5 cm from the ground - and the plant will again begin to bush and bloom profusely.

Sowing Echinacea purpurea for seedlings

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
Echinacea is a plant that will not only decorate your flower garden with a long - about 60 days - flowering, but also come to the rescue as a medicine for many ailments. Echinacea-based preparations are used for colds and inflammatory diseases, to alleviate the symptoms of mental and physical overwork. Echinacea is used to treat burns, ulcers, and wounds; it helps to improve the condition of a person with depression, etc. In a word, the therapeutic effect of this plant is very diverse.

If you sow the seeds of Echinacea purpurea for seedlings in January, then you can admire the flowering already in the current summer. If you do this in the spring, you will not see flowers until next year.

The plant prefers fertile and moist soils and can grow even in sun-drenched places.

When choosing soil for seedlings, take one that does not contain peat. Echinacea seeds germinate rather poorly, and peat will slow down this process even more. Before planting, experienced flower growers recommend soaking the seeds in a growth stimulator solution, or at least putting them in a damp cloth.

Plant only those seeds that have roots. Put them in the recesses and cover with a small layer of soil. Moisten the soil with a spray bottle and cover with glass or film. When sprouts appear (and this may take a month or even more), remove the shelter and place the container in a sunny place.

Before planting in open ground, from the beginning of May, begin to gradually harden the seedlings.

Sowing carnation Shabo for seedlings

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
flowers of this carnation bloom only 5-6 months after sowing, so it is sown earlier than other flowers. Fertile soil is poured into the container, grooves 3 mm deep are made on the surface, keeping a distance of 2-2.5 cm between them. The seeds are placed in the grooves and sprinkled with river sand. The container is covered with plastic wrap and placed in a well-lit place with an air temperature of 18-20°C.

After the emergence of seedlings, the film is removed and the seedlings are illuminated with a special fitolamp so that they do not stretch.

Sowing begonias

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
For sowing, prepare containers with a mixture of sand, peat and leafy soil (in a ratio of 1:1:2). Begonia seeds are very small, so they are sown superficially and in a well-moistened substrate. After that, the container is covered with glass or a transparent film and kept in a room with an air temperature of 20-22°C. When the soil dries up, it is carefully sprayed from a spray bottle, while making sure that the seeds are not deep in the ground.

Seedlings will germinate in a week. Gradually, the shelter begins to be removed - first for half an hour, then for a longer time, so that the sprouts get used to the fresh air.

Sowing eustoma for seedlings

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
This attractive plant has other names - lisianthus, Irish rose. Eustoma begins to bloom 5 months after germination, so it is sown no later than January. Seeds are laid out on the surface of a moist soil mixture of peat, sand and perlite and slightly pressed into the soil. A plastic bag is put on a container with earth and for the first 2 months they are kept in a room with bright lighting and an air temperature of 20-25 °C.

Seedlings develop slowly. Once every 1-1.5 weeks they are aired and sprayed with a spray gun if the soil dries.

Sowing gentian for seedlings

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
If you sow gentian in December-January, then you can admire the flowering in the second year.

The substrate for flowers is mixed in equal proportions with river sand and poured into a ceramic container (it is better not to use plastic, since moss forms on the walls of the container at high humidity). Seeds are sown superficially, sprinkled with a thin layer of humus, then moistened with a spray bottle and covered with finely chopped sphagnum. The container is placed in a dark place. The first week, the seeds are kept at a temperature of 10-15°C, and then transferred to a cold place with a temperature of 0-5°C (for example, in a refrigerator). This is necessary for the stratification of seeds.

The crops are kept in a cool place for 1.5-2 months, then transferred to a warm room with a temperature of 18-20°C and diffused light. Shoots should appear in 15-20 days. As the soil dries, the crops are moistened, and with the onset of spring, the sphagnum is removed.

Sowing lavender for seedlings

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
is recommended to buy lavender seeds in autumn or early winter and also stratify them first.

At the end of January, a soil mixture is prepared from garden soil, humus and pure river sand (in a ratio of 3:2:1). Drainage is poured into the seedling container, prepared soil is poured over it, after which the earth is shed with a pink solution of potassium permanganate. Seeds are sown superficially, sprinkled with a layer of sand no more than 3 mm thick, sprayed with warm water from a spray bottle, cover the container with polyethylene and first placed in a refrigerator (at a temperature of 1 to 5 °C) for 2 months.

After stratification, the container is placed on the windowsill in a room with an air temperature of 15-22°C.Crops are periodically ventilated and moistened.

Sowing primrose for seedlings

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
If you sow primrose not in early spring, but in January, then it will bloom in early summer. Fresh primrose seeds that do not require stratification are first germinated in a damp cloth, and then sown in a mixture of sand, peat and leaf humus, previously spilled with boiling water. Then the seeds are lightly sprinkled with earth.

When sowing, you can use snow. It is laid out on the surface of the soil, the seeds are evenly poured on top, the snow is slightly compacted. When it melts, the seeds themselves will sink to the desired depth.

A container with seeds is placed in a room with a temperature of 16-20°C and diffused light. Shoots appear after 15-20 days.

Sowing helenium autumn

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
When sown for seedlings in January, gelenium will please with its flowering at the end of summer. Seeds are sown in any fertile substrate and kept under a film in a well-lit room at room temperature. When the seedlings get stronger (usually 3 weeks after germination), they are dived into separate containers and grown at a temperature of 15-18 °C. In May, seedlings are planted in the ground.

Sowing pelargonium

What flowers should be sown for seedlings in January
Pelargonium can be sown from November to April. If you want to do this in winter, you will need additional lighting. Seeds are sown in moist and loose nutrient soil (it is desirable to use a mixture of soddy soil, sand and peat in a ratio of 2:1:1), sprinkled with earth with a layer of 10 mm, covered with plastic wrap and kept at a temperature of about 20 °C.

The soil is regularly moistened with a spray gun, condensate is removed from the film and the seedlings are illuminated so that they are in the light 12 hours a day. Then the seedlings will grow strong and give a lush flowering.
Before sowing pelargonium seeds, it is recommended to scarify them: remove the integumentary scales and slightly break the shell. Then the seeds will germinate after 7-10 days.

Even in winter, the summer resident has no time to rest. If you want to admire the flowering of your plants all the warm season, you need to take care of this now.

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