Household (food) moth

Household (food) moth

The food moth is very similar to the regular one: it has gray wings, the upper part of which is lighter and the lower part is dark, and its length is approximately 1 centimeter. This insect lives for a maximum of 19 days. During this time, it manages to lay more than 300 eggs, from which larvae emerge - white or yellow-white caterpillars with a black head.

Household (food) moth

You will be surprised, but an adult butterfly will not harm your home, because it does not eat anything, but feeds only on water. The main harm is caused by caterpillars, which are at the development stage and require a lot of food.

Household (food) moth

Most often, food moths take root in cereals, pasta, beans, dried fruits and nuts. Small larvae not only feed there, but also leave their waste. The insect also likes to breed in warm and humid places. Therefore, make sure that your kitchen is always tidy.

Household (food) moth

It should be remembered that caterpillars love various foods, but most of all they like:
  • millet;
  • dried apricots;
  • raisin;
  • pears and apples.

These are the products that should be inspected first. The larvae cause great harm to seeds intended for sowing, because they eat the embryo. The moth also loves chocolates, seasonings, and tea.

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