How To Grow Iceland Poppies

Iceland poppies are native to North America, and are one of the most beautiful and colorful flowers for flowerbeds, flower gardens or any other area of your landscape. Growing Iceland Poppy plants is relatively straightforward and easy, and most home gardeners won't have a problem with these annual favorites. So, here is a handy how-to guide on how to grow Iceland Poppy plants.

Step 1 - Choose the Correct Time for Planting

You should sow the seeds for your Iceland poppies when the nighttime temperature remains somewhere around 55°F. Temperatures that are too much colder or hotter than this will cause your seeds to not germinate or die shortly after sprouting.

Step 2 - Prepare the Pot or Container

Fill a pot or container for your Iceland Poppy plants nearly all the way to the top. Leave a space of about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches between the top of the container and the top of the soil line. Also, while adding the soil to your container or pot, you should also mix in some compost as well.

Step 3 - Sow the Poppy Plant Seeds

Sow your Iceland Poppy plant seeds directly on top of the potting mix soil. In most cases you do not need to cover the seeds with soil, but you can cover them with a very thin layer of soil if you choose. Under no circumstances should you ever cover poppy plant seeds soil deeper than the diameter of the seed.

Step 4 - Water the Poppy Seeds

Lightly water your newly sowed poppy seeds, and make sure not to add too much water. Add just enough water so the soil is damp. When watering your poppy seeds, it is usually a good idea get to use a spray bottle to mist the water onto the seeds.

Step 5 - Fertilize the Poppy Plant Seeds

Apply liquid all-purpose fertilizer to the poppy plant seeds. While you're poppy plants are growing and until they are fully mature, you should add fertilizer every two weeks or so to promote vigorous growth and strong root system development.

Step 6 - Add Organic Mulch

After the plant starts growing, add a good organic mulch to help protect your poppy plants. Do not add mulch to early as it may prevent the seed from sprouting or a very young seedling from developing. However, adding mulch after the poppy is about three or 4 inches in height will help protect the plant and retain moisture in the soil. As the organic mulch decomposes, it will also act as a fertilizer for your poppy plants as well.

Step 7 - Watering Your Poppy Plants

Once your Iceland Poppy plants are mature, you should lightly water the poppy plants every other day. Before adding water to your Iceland Poppy plants, check the soil to see if the water has dried out or not. You should allow the soil to dry out before watering again. However, in most cases, watering every other day will be sufficient.

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