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Novelties of heirloom seeds for the Fourth week of February 2019

The assortment of goods of our store has been replenished, - novelties of heirloom seeds. All the seeds before packaging are tested for germination and variety, so you can be sure that the plant that is mentioned in the description will grow.
Great flavor and eye appeal! Large, plump, golden-orange fruits average 1 to 2 lbs. - meaty, with luscious flavor and only a few seeds. You can expect these vigorous plants to produce good yields.
Mid early variety - 110-115 days. Indeterminant, plant up to 1.8 m high. Requires a garter to a support. Fruits are flat-rounded, red-orange with pink stains, weighing 150-200 grams. Sweet, fragrant.
Early ripe variety - 90-95 days. Determinant, plant up to 1.3 m. Fruits weighing 120-160 grams. The shape of the fruit is round or rounded with lengthening, heart-shaped, not ribbed (or low-ribbed). The skin is thin, smooth, shiny.
Mid early ripe 110-120 days. Indeterminate, plant up to 190 cm. Fruits weighing 25-40 grams. The color of ripe fruit is honey yellow, bright. Fruits are medium-sized, smooth, even, oval-pear-shaped. The flesh is firm, juicy, with light fruity notes.
Russian commercial variety, a golden strain of the popular De Barao tomato. The "Zolotoy" name means Gold in Russian. Tall indeterminate, regular leaf plants produce heavy yields of 2-4 oz., plum-shaped golden yellow tomatoes with very good sweet flavors.
Mid-season variety of tomatoes. The vegetation period from germination to ripeness 113-120 days. The plant is determinant, well leafy. The inflorescence is simple with 5-6 fruits. Good fruit set. The fruits are perfectly round, bright red.
Salad variety, good for processing on tomato products. Mid-season (110-132 days) variety of selection of the Transnistrian NIISH. The plant is determinant, medium branchy, medium leafy, 73 cm tall. The leaf is of medium size, dark green.
Early ripe variety for cultivation in an open ground. The growing season from germination to fruit ripening is 95-105 days. Plant compact, height 40-50cm. Fruits are rounded flat, smooth, slightly ribbed, red in color, weighing 80-100 grams.
Ultra early yieldy variety. The period from germination to the beginning of ripening is 85-90 days. Plant 30-50cm heigh. Fruits are bright red, rounded with a weak ribbing, weighing 80-100 grams, good taste.
Large-fruited grade. The vegetation period from germination to harvesting - 110-115 days. Plant is indeterminate, 100-160 cm tall. The fruits are large, fleshy, cone-shaped, pink-red in color, with the first collection weighing up to 300-600 grams.
Mid-early, yeldy variety (110-115 days). Plants with a height of 1.0-1.5 m, densely covered with rounded orange fruits. In technical ripeness, the fruits are whitish, with full maturity - bright orange.
Early variety. Friendly ripening of fruits begins in 100-110 days after emergence of shoots. Compact plants with 5-7 fruits. Fruits are red, round, dense and smooth weighing 90-110 grams. Excellent taste and transportability.
Mid early variety. The vegetation period from germination to technical ripeness 110-115 days. Determinate plant, 50-80 cm high. Fruit plum-shaped, orange-red, weighing 80-110 grams, very dense.
The variety is mid early, with a friendly fruits harvest, from germination to harvesting - 110-115 days. Fruits are bright red, flat-rounded in shape, weighing 110-120 grams. Tastes excellent.
Italian Cherry Tomato Cerise. This fantastic new cherry variety is certain to amaze and delight producing heavy crops of small bite sized fruits with a delicious sweet flavour giving you more cherry tomatoes than you’ve ever had.
Early variety of a pepper-shape tomato. Indeterminate and can reach a height of 2 meters. The ripening of the fruits begins to occur on the 110th day after the transplantation of the seedlings into the ground and continues for a long period.
Popular early ripe (from 96 to 105 days) variety indeterminate tomato, plant can reach a height of 2.1 m. The average mass of fruits - 550-600 grams (with proper care) - requires a mandatory garter to the support.
The plant of this tomato is indeterminate and can reach a height of 210 cm, which means that it necessarily requires a garter. Most often it is grown in greenhouses. Tomato "Wonder of the World" is known for its high yield and disease resistance.
Late-ripening undersized variety of tomato, fruit - rounded, weighing 60-80 grams (milky outside, does not blush, red flesh), very dense, long stored, suitable for salting.
Popular variety. Mid early. Vegetation period - 40-42 days. The plant is bushy, the fruit is cylindrical, smooth, the weight of fruits - 0.6-1.2 kg. The flesh is dense, juicy. Transportability is excellent. Productivity is very high.
Bushy plant. The variety is medium early. From germination to technical ripeness of fruit 45-55 days. The fruit is plate-shaped, with jagged edges, segmented, white colored. The flesh is greenish-white, dense, juicy. Resistant to diseases.
Early rippe variety. From germination to fruiting 48-50 days. The plant is bushy, branching. Disc-like fruits with jagged edges, malachite color, weighing 300-400 grams. On one plant 10-20 fruits ripen.
High-yielding variety. The leaves are large, strongly dissected, dark green, delicate and fragrant. Go to bolting slowly. It has a very attractive presentation and high aromaticity. Long keeps economic suitability in technical ripeness.
An early variety with very high taste. The period from germination to technical ripeness of heads is 75 days. Plants up to 2 meters in height, cylindrical heads, 17-19 cm long, 4-5 cm in diameter and weighing 150-170 grams. White grain.
Early ripe variety of extremely tasty corn, which cracks easily when heated. It has a delicate round grain mushroom shape. The plant is of medium height, forms heads with a length of 12-15 cm, it is thermophilic, it is demanding for irrigation.
The variety is universal: it is considered as feed, food, grain and medicinal. Vegetation period: 90-100 days. The stem and leaves are green. The grain is bright. Does not give a drop. Plant height: 200-300 cm.
Mid season variety for open ground. From germination to fruit ripening - 110-115 days. The fruit is red, round shape, weight - 75-85 grams. The plant is determinant, 60 cm high. Tastes are high. Universal use.
Trailing. A famous French heirloom, the name of Squash Potimarron derives from potiron (pumpkin) and marron (chestnut). Squash Potimarron is one of the very best for baking and roasting, fruits reach 1.25-1.75 kilos (3-4lbs) in weight.
The Asparagus Pea is an annual plant with partially reclining shoots; it grows 20 to 30 centimetres in length. In the summer, the shoots produce gorgeous scarlet flowers that are navicular in shape.
Goodness gracious! How big can an eggplant fruit get? According to those that know…3 pounds! A beautiful delicious Iraqi variety obtained through Nael Aziz, given to B. C. Seeds. Shaped like a squat super chubby teardrop with deep purple black shiny skin.
Eggplant ‘Golden Egg’ is an outstanding annual plant that grows 40 to 50 centimetres in height. It is cultivated in many a type of planters, predominantly in pots. Its unique decoration is in the form of the very characteristic, oval, white and yellow.
It is tall to 1m, mid-season variety, the fruits are in clusters of 6-7 or more pieces with a continuous increase of new ones. The fruits are milky at first, and then become orange with vertical stripes small in size - 4 cm in length and 2 cm in diameter.
Tender, meaty and full of flavor describes this wonderful green eggplant from the South. 8-9" long, lime green fruits are borne on vigorous tall plants that will benefit from some support in order to handle all these long tasty eggplants.
Plant produces good yields of small 2 to 3" round bright red eggplants. Perfect for grilling, frying, stuffing, baking, and pickling. Well known in Asian cuisine and used in stir-fries. It is not bitter unless allowed to ripen to the red stage.
Early ripe variety with fruits of unusual color. Fruits are large, rounded elongated, in biological ripeness of white or creamy white. The flesh is white, without bitterness, excellent taste, has dietary and healing properties.
Purple with white streaks, eggplant is shaped somewhere between Italian and Japanese types. Tsakoniki is a Greek eggplant variety from the town of Leonidio where they have an annual festival celebrating this amazing vegetable.
Early ripe high-yielding variety (from germination to technical ripeness 130-145 days). Fruit pear-shaped, weighing 250-950 grams, black and purple in color, with white flesh, high taste, without bitterness.
Mid-season variety. From germination to ripeness 100-110 days. The height of the plant is 63-75 cm. The fruit is pear-shaped, strongly elongated, pink-violet in a small cream stripes with a strong gloss and a smooth surface.
This is a mid-season variety, 118-120 days. The fruit is pear-shaped, with an average weight of 260 grams, dark purple color, in ripeness with a strong gloss and a smooth surface. The flesh is of mid density, white in color.
Early ripening, from germination to technical ripeness of fruit 90-100 days. The plant is half-thorny, up to 100 cm high, half-sprawling, weakly-hipped. The fruit is pear-shaped, purple, dull 17-21 cm long. The flesh is white and tasty.
This is an early maturing vegetation period from mass shoots to the first harvest of 120 days. The bush is compact, 38-47 cm tall. Fruits are cylindrical, dark-violet, brownish-brown in a state of biological ripeness.
This is an early ripe variety. From germination to technical ripeness 108-110 days. The fruit is elongated, dark purple, in technical ripeness with a strong gloss and a smooth surface, the average weight of the fruit is 200 grams.
Mid-season variety (108 days from germination to ripeness) for outdoor and greenhouses. The plant is medium. Fruits globose, glossy, light purple with delicate white flesh. Fruit weight 300-350 grams. Tastes excellent. Appreciated for the delicate taste.
Mid early variety. The vegetation period from germination to ripeness 100-115 days. The plant is semi-sprawling, 60-75 cm high. The fruits are large, round shape, in a biological ripeness of creamy white color with a pink tinge.

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