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Novelties of heirloom seeds for the Fourth week of April 2022

Novelties of heirloom seeds for the Fourth week of April 2022

The assortment of goods of our store has been replenished, - novelties of heirloom seeds. All the seeds before packaging are tested for germination and variety, so you can be sure that the plant that is mentioned in the description will grow.
An annual plant 160-180 cm high with a powerful stem, large rough leaves and large inflorescences of white-lemon-colored baskets, blooms for a long time, is used to create decorative walls, groups, and also for cutting.
An annual herbaceous plant of the legume family, the main advantage of soybeans is the most valuable protein, its grains contain 2 times more protein than meat, a fragrant and healthy drink is obtained from black soybean seeds.
An early variety for open and closed ground, golden-colored fruits, large, attractive, truncated cone-shaped, have a good aroma and a harmonious sweet taste.
One of the most delicious tomatoes with original fruits resembling elongated varieties of pepper, a tall plant, low-seeded fruits, medium density, suitable for cultivation in open ground and spring-summer film shelters.
An early variety, fruits are bright red 80-100 grams, have an elongated shape, with a sharp tip, reminiscent of cucumbers, the pulp is amazingly sweet, very juicy, rarely affected by diseases and does not wrinkle during transportation.
Carpal variety of mid-season ripening, fruits are pepper-shaped, dense, fleshy, in the stage of maturity they are painted red with yellow strokes and stripes, an individual tomato reaches a weight of 50-120 grams, collected in brushes of 6-8 pieces.
A beautiful, super-yielding variety for open ground and film shelters, a compact bush, up to 80 cm high, in racemes up to 6-7 large, weighing 250-300 grams, dense, transportable extra-class fruits.
Mid-season variety, fruits are fleshy, rounded, slightly ribbed, heart-shaped, weighing 800 grams, raspberry-red color, average yield - 10 kg per 1 m2, good for processing into sauces, tomato juice.

A mid-season variety for growing indoors, in which the bush is indeterminate, the fruits are flat-round, firm, weighing 300g or more.
Early maturing variety, growing season 75 - 80 days, plant height in open ground 50 -60 cm, in a greenhouse up to 90 cm, fruits are pale pink, rounded, weighing up to 300 grams, resistant to late blight.
A new lettuce variety, raspberry-pink tomatoes, dense, slightly elongated, very large (up to 500-600 grams, the first - weighing up to 1 kg), excellent taste, sugary at a break, do not crack.
Medium-early, 95 days, semi-determinate plant, thick stem, resistant to lodging, oval fruits, pink plum, smooth, fleshy, large, weighing 150-200 grams or more, has excellent taste.
Indeterminate, tall, early, productive variety of tomato, fruits are flat-round, in the stage of maturity pink with yellow strokes and speckles, weighing up to 400 grams, fleshy, tasty, sweet, fragrant.
Mid-season variety, with pear-shaped fruits of wonderful taste, weighing 80-100 grams, indeterminate plant, 1.2-1.5 m high, fruit pulp, sweet-sour, bright red, one of the best varieties for canning and pickling.
This is a mid-season variety, pear-shaped fruits, smooth, dense, brown-burgundy in color, weighing 50-80 grams, good taste, the variety is valued for its high yield and original fruit shape.
Universal mid-season variety, vegetation period 110-118 days. The bulb is elongated-rounded, weighing up to 250 grams. The color of dry scales is yellow, juicy scales are white, the taste is sharp, for growing in homogeneous cultures, high keeping quality - 95%.
Universal mid-season variety, vegetation period 110-112 days. The bulb is round, weighing up to 250 grams. The color of dry scales is yellow, juicy scales are white, the taste is spicy, for growing in homogeneous cultures, high keeping quality - 97%.

With a large number of new products can, as always, be found on the special page of our site - New Goods.

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