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Novelties of heirloom seeds for the fourth week of February 2018

The assortment of goods of our store has been replenished, - novelties of heirloom seeds. All the seeds before packaging are tested for germination and variety, so you can be sure that the plant that is mentioned in the description will grow.
This petite mushroom is a nuisance to lawn owners: its mycelium browns the grass in arcs and rings. But it redeems itself by being a fine food. A homeowner can fight back by eating the mushrooms as they periodically appear.
Very early variety of tomato (95 days). The plant is strong, shtabovy, height of 25 cm. Fruits are orange-yellow, mid-sized flesh is yellow, very juicy and sweet, weight 70-90 grams. Perfectly grows in the greenhouse, on the windowsill. Fruits lie for a long time and do not lose their presentation.
This potato-leaved plant produces medium to large slightly flattened mahogany fruit with olive shoulders. The slices, which have a strong, sharp, distinctive flavour, display a stunning patterning and colouration inside.
Medium-early variety (115 days). Shrub, shorter, 30 cm tall. Fruits are flat, red with yellow stripes, look very beautiful, weight 150 grams, sweet, fragrant, with an interesting aftertaste. The variety is resistant to most diseases.
Suitable for growing in pots. Fruits are oval, weighing 20-35 grams. Color mottled - on a red background golden strips. The section is red and crimson. The taste of the fruit is sweet with sourness. The fruits are juicy and sugary.
Suitable for growing in pots. Fruits are oval, weighing 20-35 grams. Color mottled - on a yellow background golden strips. The section is red and crimson. The taste of the fruit is sweet with sourness. The fruits are juicy and sugary.
Early ripening variety (105 days). The plant is strong, up to 80 cm high. Fruits are round, pink-green in blue stripes, weighing up to 150 grams. The flesh is pink, sweet, juicy. Ideal for preservation and exotic salad.
10-20 oz. Mid-season indeterminate. Large and meaty red beefsteaks with gold stripes. Originally from one Solar Flare plant that put out extra large tomatoes. We grew hundreds of plants for several years selecting only the largest fruits for seeds.
Scatalone 2 tomato is so named because "scatolone" means "carton" and the tomatoes can be picked pink and stored in a carton to ripen. It is a variety of the famous San Marzano tomato, but grows higher than the original.
Huge almost heart shaped tomatoes on big vines. Great flavor and a very good looking tomato. You will always get tomatoes that go over a pound from Sugar Bison. Just superb. Rich, hardy, and gigantic with that heirloom flavor.
Maglia Rosa is a beautiful cherry tomato that got its name from the mottled pink jersey worn by the lead racer in the Tour of Italy. It is a highly productive semi-determinate variety that does very well in pots and small spaces.
Mid-ripening variety, plant is about 90 cm. Fruits are pale pink hearts with orange stripes, with a purple spraying, a sheet is wide wrinkled, a compact bush. The weight of the fruit is up to 100 grams, they are sweet, with red granular pulp.
Medium-early variety (115 days), strong bush, children. 25 centimeters, forged. Fruits are round, red in yellow stripes, weighing about 80 grams. It is possible to use for growing in a pot on a window sill or balcony.
Very productive yellow cherry with an pearlescentness to them. Great looking with a very good flavor that is sweet rich. Everyone who trialed it was pleased. Another variety that has exceptional hang on the vine quality and can be harvested by cutting.
80 days. Among the rugged people of the Ozark Mountains, rich flavor has made this variety famous for over 50 years. These were used fresh and for canning; they have a delectable, sweet flavor and are a beautiful coral-pink color. In the summer of 1950.
A interesting tomato that is great for smaller spaces. Bears 3-5oz fruits that ripen to a green-yellow color, with hints of amber. The inside flesh is lime green, very juicy, mild, sweet, with a slightly tart aftertaste. Fruits have a sharp flavor.
Blushing, big, pink fruit are ribbed and quite beautiful, being deep pink at the base and getting lighter toward the top, mottled with cream at the shoulders. This variety truly fits its name, as its sweet flavor and beauty surely befit royalty.
Tomato 'Zlatava' produces unusual coloured medium tomatoes with an orange skin and bright red flesh when fully ripe. The fruits of this cordon variety each weigh up to 80 g with a distinctive, slightly flattened shape, and resist splitting.
One of the most unique tomatoes you will ever see, Chile Verde bears plump fruits shaped just like a pepper. The fruits ripen to green, with hints of gold blush. Paste type tomato, with a tart and tangy flavor. A strange look and excellent!
Magnificent, clear-yellow, globe-shaped fruits of the beefsteak-type, weighing up to 16 oz. each. Mild flesh is so rich in flavor, it actually has a creamy taste on the tongue. Vigorous, potato-leaved plants are unique in such a large-fruited.
A very colorful, circular shaped eggplant with 2-4" diameter fruits that ripen to green, with white and purple stripes. Fruits have a great flavor and are popular in parts of Southeast Asia. Plants bears well. 90 days.
Pink Oyster mushrooms are truly spectacular in their vibrant pink color. Our pink oyster strain is the pleurotus djamor var. roseus and is the most vibrant strain with pink gills. The vibrant pink varies by age and light conditions.
The golden oyster mushroom is yet another one of our oyster mushroom culture selections. Like the pink oyster, the golden oyster mushroom has the visual appeal of brightly colored caps, except that they are yellow, not pink.
Pleurotus Eryngii originated from the shores of Mediterranean Sea. It is therefore found in the Middle East and areas in the northern part of Africa. Other names used to refer to this mushroom include French Horn and King Trumpet Royale.
Slippery Jack Mushrooms are wild mushrooms that grow in symbiotic relationship with pine and spruce trees. They grow from mid-summer to early autumn. The caps are saffron coloured or yellowish-brown, though they can be a dark chestnut brown.
A couple of weeks ago it seemed that the mushroom year would be a lost one but bolete hunters could put their mushroom-searching urge to good use last week already. The first ceps, or king boletes.
This mushroom has long been a favorite of mushroom hunters. Indoor cultivation is exceptionally easy as this species will grow on a very wide variety of substrates including straw, hardwood sawdust, paper by-products, soybean waste and much more.
Porcini mushrooms are a famous, and delicious, addition in Italian cuisine. Due to their strong nutty flavor, this is an incredibly popular gourmet mushroom. Like so many other good edible mushrooms, porcini are mycorrhizal.
Mesmerising beetroot variety with attractive concentric rings. Roots are sweet, tender and succulent and the leaves are equally delicious served in salads. Turns a stunning shade of pink when cooked.
No herb or kitchen garden is complete without mint, and peppermint adds a festive note to the display, evoking the holidays and filling the air with its fresh, clean scent when rubbed.
This turnip is bright purple on top, creamy white below, and has a white interior. Nearly round, the smooth roots will grow to 5 inches in diameter, but are better eating when picked at 2-3 inches in size.
Solar Yellow Carrot Seeds are perfect example of why some heirlooms stand the test of time - Solar Yellow Carrots provide everything you want in a carrot - refreshingly sweet flavor, extra crunchy, juicy, and completely yellow.
Barese can be grown for exceptionally tender baby greens, or it can be grown to maturity for an early crop of a unique type of Swiss chard. Can be harvested and sold as whole plants, much like pac choi.
This heirloom variety is the go-to spinach for many a farmer and gardener. Vigorous plants with deep green, curly leaves. Grows quickly, a real advantage in Michigan’s often short spring season. Best planted in cooler weather.

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