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Novelties of heirloom seeds for the Second week of April 2018

The assortment of goods of our store has been replenished, - novelties of heirloom seeds. All the seeds before packaging are tested for germination and variety, so you can be sure that the plant that is mentioned in the description will grow.
'Connecticut Broadleaf' produces large, fine-grade leaves that are used for cigar wrappers. The lower grade leaves on the plants are used for cigar filler, blending and binder leaves. The leaves are broad, strong, thin, elastic, silky.
Anise seeds flavor soups, cookies, cheese spreads, and applesauce. Seeds and leaves carry sweet, licorice-like flavor, make a comforting tea. Anise has been traditionally employed as treatment for sore throats, indigestion, and flatulence.
Wow, what an incredibly unique and attractive annual that can be established so easily from Amaranthus seeds! As shown in this image from Auburn University, Hot Biscuits Amaranthus plants are topped with clusters of ginger orange or cinnamon colored.
This outstanding variety Fox Tails amaranthus create a pleasing color contrast. Vigorous 3 to 5 ft. tall plants produce pendent, swinging white-green tassels in summer and fall. Fox Tails amaranthus make great cut flowers, fresh or dried.
Red-flowering amaranth from Guatemala, where amaranth has been a staple crop for many centuries. This grain type amaranth has recently been revived in the Mayan communities of Baja Verapaz after almost being lost during the civil war.
Traditional grain type from southern Mexico. (“Mercado” means market in Spanish.) Apple-green seed heads give way to delicious, tan grain. This lodge-resistant variety is rather long-season for an amaranth, requiring 125 days to yield mature seed.
Houndstongue is a distinctive, greyish and downy biennial with broad lanceolate leaves and clusters of maroon red flowers. In bloom from May to August. Houndstongue is a biennial of dry, base rich soils on ground that is subject to regular disturbance.
This perennial flower can be grown from Polemonium seeds and has the common name of Jacob's Ladder. The name was inspired by the leaves on the plant which are in successive pairs opposite each other resembling a ladder.
Butterflies cannot resist Aster Callistephus, so start some Aster seeds to bring in the butterflies! This is one of the most unique Asters with massive disks of dark blue surrounding a white center.
Start some Aster seeds to grow this spectacular Aster Callistephus. Nothing will be brighter in your garden than this yellow Aster! Aster Duchess plants have an upright growth habit and 5-8 floral stems.
Your neighbors will admire these stunning Asters. If you're growing them from Aster seeds, be sure to grow a few more for your neighbors! These King Size Blue Asters have very large, double incurved petals and are somewhat similar to a fall chrysanthemum.
Start the Purple Queen flower seeds directly outside and add a charming Agrostemma to the flower garden! Silky, speckled, blooms grow in sprays on willowy gray stems. Agrostemma Purple Queen prefers cool growing conditions for optimum results.
With unique layers of fringed petals, it might be hard to recognize our Imperialis Mix as the popular and prolific Cornflower or Bachelor's Button, but rest assured this unique and eye catching cultivar is just as easy to grow.
No summer garden should be without these lovely blooms nodding in the breeze! Easily established from Cosmos seeds, these annuals are large branching plants with deep green fern-like leaves.
Excellent annual cut flower in splendid colors. Flowers from July to September. Abundantly flowering in beds or plantings in group. Easy to grow. Long lasting cut flower. Clarkia pulchella is an annual which self-seeds in dry sites and disturbed areas.

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