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Novelties seeds for the First week of July 2024

Novelties seeds for the First week of July 2024

The assortment of goods of our store has been replenished, - novelties seeds. All the seeds before packaging are tested for germination and variety, so you can be sure that the plant that is mentioned in the description will grow.
An early-ripening, productive variety, growing season 45-50 days, root crops are smooth, round-flat in shape, with a purple-pink top and white base, weighing 100-200 grams.
A perennial medicinal and aromatic plant, mint tea has a restorative effect on diseases of the respiratory tract and digestive organs.
Late ripening variety. The growing season from germination to harvest is 140-190 days. Produces long, flat, green leaves and a thickened stem with a faint bulb. The stem is large, 20-30 cm long, 5-7 cm in diameter, weighing 300-400 g, white in color
A mid-late variety, 120-170 days old, produces long, wide, dark green leaves with a waxy coating and a thickened stem 20-25 cm high and 4-6 cm in diameter.
An annual dietary plant with fleshy leaves and shoots; shoots and leaves are used for food, fresh and boiled, for soups, side dishes and purees; shoots are suitable for canning and freezing.
A mix of mid-early cuboid-shaped varieties, the growing season from germination to biological ripeness is 130-160 days, the fruits are large, yellow, red, purple and orange, weighing 100-140 grams, tasty and aromatic.
A mid-early variety, a bush 60-70 cm high, slightly spreading, the fruits are large, elongated-cylindrical in shape, lilac in color with white-yellow stripes, 18-20 cm long, weighing 200-400 grams.
Mid-early variety of sweet pepper, 140-150 days, low-growing bush, large, cube-shaped fruits, yellow in color, aromatic, weighing 80-130 grams, excellent taste.
Mid-early variety of sweet pepper, 140-160 days, standard bush, up to 60 cm high, fruits are flat-round, dark red, slightly ribbed, weighing up to 140 grams.
An early ripe variety, 85-100 days, recommended for obtaining early bunched products, bunched ripeness occurs 45-50 days after germination, the root crop is cut-conical in shape.

Novelties seeds for the First week of July 2024
The plant forms a small rosette of burgundy-green leaves, curly along the edge; the presence of vitamins and minerals makes this crop useful for consumption.
Mid-early variety, growing season 100-110 days, head flat-round, dense, medium size, white-cream color, weighing 500-700 grams, partially covered with leaves.
Mid-late variety, growing season 120-140 days, large root crop, cylindrical-cone-shaped with a blunt tip, up to 25 cm long, weighing up to 140 grams, completely immersed in the soil.
Annual plant, 25-35 days, leaves are elongated oval, light green in color, juicy, with a pleasant pungent taste.
An early ripe cabbage variety of the “Iceberg” type, the growing season from germination to technical ripeness is 50-60 days, forms large round heads of cabbage, of medium density, weighing up to 800 grams.
Annual plant, strong bush, 50-60 cm high, double, round inflorescences, 5-8 cm in diameter, various colors with a white border along the edge of the petals, powerful flower stalks, 35-40 cm long, the plant forms up to 20 shoots of the first and second ord...
Annual plant. The bushes are strong, wide, 30-45 cm high, pompom inflorescences, 5-8 cm in diameter, blue in color, with a yellow center and white edges, used for decorative design of flower beds, ridges and balcony boxes.
Perennial plant, 25-30cm high, single flowers, 4-6cm in diameter, lilac-violet, pink and white colors.
The group is dwarf, the bush is strong, wide, 25-30 cm high, forms only first-order flower stalks. The inflorescences are double, 6-10 cm in diameter, white in color with pink longitudinal stripes.
An annual plant, the bush is durable, 70-80cm high, the peduncles are powerful, 50-60cm long, terry inflorescences, large, burgundy color, with a diameter of 10-13cm.

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