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Novelties of heirloom seeds for the second week of February 2018

The assortment of goods of our store has been replenished, - novelties of heirloom seeds. All the seeds before packaging are tested for germination and variety, so you can be sure that the plant that is mentioned in the description will grow.
Nasturtium (Tropaeolum Lobbianum Spitfire) - Brilliant, orange-scarlet colored blooms shine out from trailing green foliage. What a beautiful display grown from Nasturtium seeds.
The Vesuvius flower is light red, and both the rounded leaves and spurred flowers are edible. These climbing vines are annuals native to South America. They are a versatile flower for the garden either climbing a post or cascading from a window box.
Many people think of Sweet Peas climbing up trellises, lamp posts, or fences. White Sweet Peas flowers are also extremely popular for weddings and floral arrangements as they make a great cut flower!
Sweet Peas are a very colorful vining plant with large fragrant blooms, and they grow so easily from Sweet Peas seeds. The plant has long stems so it makes an excellent cut flower, and is a wonderful addition to any flower garden.
This scarlet flowered Sweet Pea blooms profusely all summer long. Its scarlet beauty stands out in any flower garden. Sweet Peas establish readily from flower seeds, and they are an excellent addition. Their beauty is stunning!
Grow these beautiful rose impatiens from flower seeds for your landscape/bedding plants, mixed containers and more! Grows best in partial to full shade. Impatiens Advantage rose will reach approximately 9 inches in height.
The foliage is clump-forming and blue-green in color. The Carnation flowers are white, pink, red, yellow, or multi-hued. Dianthus Caryophyllus Chabaud Carnations grow as a perennial in frost free zones, or grow as an annual where winters are cold.
With their mix of colors and pointed petals, these flowers look like fireworks! This variety often grows very tall, reaching 36 - 52 inches. The Cactus Dahlia take their name from their unusual elongated and pointed, narrow petals.
Globe-shaped plants produce numerous daisy-like flowers in a mix of colors including: blue, pink, and white. The flowers form on top of attractive fern-like foliage creating a cloud of soft color. Brachycome plants look especially lovely.
For a beginning gardener, Cornflower seed is a great flower seed to start with. The flower seeds are larger, so they are easy to handle, and they germinate easily and produce blooms in about 10 weeks after being planted. Very rewarding!
This dwarf Cornflower variety only reaches 12 - 18 inches tall, and is a great height for borders and beds. Cornflowers make excellent cut flowers. The blooms last in the vase well, and they also dry nicely for everlasting arrangements.
Easy-to-grow from Cornflower seeds, this tall annual makes a great addition to the summer border. The color is a deep, rich claret which is as close to black as possible. Centaurea Cyanus Black Ball certainly adds drama!
Moss Rose seeds are great to grow for intense color and fast spreading plants. These orange Portulaca flowers nearly glow on top the green, succulent foliage! What a great attention-getter! Moss Rose works well as a ground cover plant.
These sun-loving plants are easy to start from Moss Rose seeds. Gardeners are rewarded by the Moss Rose flowers and the easy-to-grow, low maintenance ground cover plants that are so versatile and hardy.
The Moss Rose is a ground cover plant that many gardeners will turn to for the hottest, driest, most problematic spots in the garden, and it establishes nicely from Moss Rose seeds.
For a beautiful rosy pink color, grow Silene seeds and enjoy this exquisite annual. This deep rose Silene has double flowers and is very compact. It is known as Nodding Catchfly or Drooping Catchfly, and it is stunning as it cascades over walls.
It is commonly known as the Jerusalem Cherry, Madeira Winter Cherry, or simply Winter Cherry. These perennials can be grown decoratively as house plants or outdoors as an ornamental plant. Jerusalem Cherry will grow as a perennial outdoors down to Zone 8.
A orange and purple viola with a mild sweet, ’green’ flavour. These violas are very easy to grow and flower for much of the year. Violas are popular edible flowers as the whole flower may be eaten.
A wonderful old-time garden plant that is so popular we have decided to make it one of our value pack seeds. This beauty makes an amazing border with it's massive flower heads that get as large as they are tall!
You may ask yourself why this is called an Evening Primrose, since it neither blooms in evening nor has primrose-colored flowers! Nonetheless, this unusual and exquisitely lovely variety is a native U.S. plant, hardy in most parts of the country.
The flowers are showy and have a unique look! The blooms are sombrero-shaped, with red to yellow petals drooping down, and a central brownish red cone. Ratibida Mexican Hat works wonderfully in a naturalized setting or meadow.
When it comes to sheer, delightful old-fashioned charm, hollyhocks can't be topped. The tall spikes, covered with huge colorful double flowers, bloom like mad from June through August.
When it comes to sheer, delightful old-fashioned charm, hollyhocks can't be topped. The tall spikes, covered with huge crystal-red double flowers, bloom like mad from June through August.
When it comes to sheer, delightful old-fashioned charm, hollyhocks can't be topped. The tall spikes, covered with huge crystal-pink double flowers, bloom like mad from June through August.
A choreographed medley of dazzling frilly blooms. Layers of ruffled and wavy petals add a new dimension to the ever popular pansy. A fun and frivolous variety that merits centre stage in your garden. Radiant in borders, containers and flower pouches.
A pink and purple viola with a mild sweet,’green’ flavour. These violas are very easy to grow and flower for much of the year. Violas are popular edible flowers as the whole flower may be eaten. They have a wide range of culinary uses.
Dainty, small-headed pansies in shades of purple, violet, cream and yellow, appear in profusion for a long period throughout the summer. The flowers of this annual or short-lived perennial are edible and can be used to garnish puddings or add to salads.
This delightful alyssum is an early spring bloomer that will add dazzling golden yellow blooms to your garden. An excellent choice as a colorful groundcover or along borders and fences.
China Aster - Yelllow Start Aster seeds and grow many of these showy annuals for the flower beds or garden! China Asters are good as cut flowers in bouquets, beds, borders or pots because of their longevity.
Grow this favorite garden flower from Nasturtium seeds and enjoy its beauty all summer long. Double Gleam Orange features vivid semi-double orange flowers that are deliciously scented.
Start this beautiful garden addition from Nasturtium seeds! This annual is a very useful flowering plant very familiar to most gardeners. This Climbing Nasturtium is one of the best plants for covering fences or walls.
The profusion of creamy white blossoms is quite a sight to behold! This tall vining annual is such a rewarding plant to grow from Nasturtium seeds. It grows easily and quickly and gives blooms from mid summer to first frost.
Money Plant seeds are often grown for their fall display of papery coin-shaped seed cases, but the violet flowers are quite striking in the spring and the plant can be appreciated strictly for the flowers alone. Common names: Money Plant, Honesty.
These orange-rose colored annuals will make your flower beds glow with color! Start the flower seeds and create a mass grouping for a stunning visual display. Snapdragons make an excellent long lasting cut flower.
These gold colored annuals will make your flower beds glow with color! Start the flower seeds and create a mass grouping for a stunning visual display. Snapdragons make an excellent long lasting cut flower, and this taller variety.
Grow this unusual but very attractive little gem from Nigella seeds. This Love In A Mist seed mix produces blooms in shades of red, white and blue which reach up to 2 1/2 inches across.
A lovely addition for any garden and so easy to establish from Scabiosa seed. Also known as Pincushion Flower, this deep Black & White variety makes and excellent cut flower, and the supply of blooms to cut will last throughout the entire summer.
The more you cut, they more they produce! Scabiosa Pincushion is used for border plantings most of the time, but they can also be placed anywhere in the garden to enhance its look. Mix Pincushion Flower blooms have a delightful, soft scent.
Nothing is sweeter growing in the garden than Alyssum, and these flower seeds make it so easy to have lots of it! Alyssum Rosie O'Day is marked by clumps of foliage covered with numerous rich, rosy-pink, fragrant flowers, that bloom from spring.
Alyssum plants make a great addition to pots, containers, and baskets. Grow as much as you need from Alyssum seeds! The flower seed can be started either indoors before frost season is over or directly outside once temperatures have warmed up.
Here is a lovely French Marigold to grow from flower seeds! This Dainty Marietta is yellow with a maroon blotch. The flowers are medium-sized and this is an early flowering variety. They are truly unique and will catch the interest of everyone.
Start Mentzelia Lindleyi seeds for this fragrant flower. Known as Lindley's Blazing Star, this annual is found in California and Arizona. Mentzelia Lindleyi Blazing Star needs to develop a tap root, so it does best in loose, fast-draining, sandy soils.
This popular annual is smothered with soft, puffy, white flowers. It fills beds quickly and blooms continuously throughout the summer. Ageratum plants are vigorous, free-flowering, fully branched and mounded.
Superb in meadows, native gardens or naturalized settings, this California Poppy mix is easy to grow from flower seeds and requires virtually no care. This Ballerina Poppy mix has very finely divided leaves that are pale bluish-green.
Nothing brings more beauty and drama than brilliant red blooms! This California Poppy Red Chief grows easily from flower seeds and is a real viewing pleasure. Poppy Red Chief reaches 8-12 inches in height.
The Californian Poppy Golden West is a spectacular bloomer producing beautiful golden Poppies with orange hearts. It readily establishes from California Poppy flower seeds, and it is highly drought-tolerant and tends to perform well.
Start Poppy seeds and grow this rosy-red wildflower. The bright carmine rose colors make it shine like a true garden star! As with all California Poppies, Carmine King is an annual in colder climates and a perennial in warmer regions.
Verbena is a familiar summer annual that adds so much with so little effort! This white Verbena has a dwarf and compact growth habit which makes it ideal for growing as a ground cover plant. White Verbena flowers are perfect!
Grow these little treasures from Geum seeds! Geum Lady Stratheden is a garden perennial with semi-double bright yellow flowers. It will typically bloom in mid to late spring and last until late summer.
Here is another hardy perennial that is grown from Helenium seed. Commonly called Mountain Helenium, Orange Sneezeweed or Owl's Claws, this Helenium Hoopesii grows from a taproot, so propagation from flower seeds is recommended.
Orange beefsteak with yellow stripes. Very unique looking tomato. Sweet flavor has hints of peaches. This is a great tomato for specialty farmers. This variety has been selected under disease pressure for the past 5 years.
Hardy Gloxinia is a lovely, showy flower that is excellent for beds and containers. It grows readily from Incarvillea Delavayi seeds and can be wintered over indoors in cold climates.
Bring the butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden with these tall, stately white flowers. These perennials can be established from Lupine seeds, and they are particularly suited for a cottage garden setting.
No garden should be without this treasured favorite! Rose Sweet Pea is so easily grown from flower seeds, and it is truly a charming flower producing frilly blooms all summer long. Give scented Sweet Peas something to climb.
This very colorful maroon Sweet Pea is one of the best that Lathyrus Odoratus has to offer. This Lathyrus Royal maroon is quick to mature, and in approximately 8 weeks after sowing the Sweet Peas seeds, blooms will begin to emerge.
Royal Sweet Pea vines are an old-fashioned favorite, and they are prized for being so easily grown from Sweet Peas seeds and their charming, scented blooms. This lavender Sweet Pea has an average of 3 - 5 blooms in a cluster.
This dark colored Sweet Pea navy blue will be a deep purple or navy blue depending on soil nutrients. It is one of the darkest blue Sweet Peas in existence. Up to five large, wavy bloom clusters on long, slender stems.
Forget-me-nots combine well with spring bulbs, and this rose colored variety is no exception. Easily established from Forget-Me-Not flower seeds, these little perennial flowers bring a sweet charm to the spring garden.
What a charming little treasure for the spring garden! White Forget-Me-Not is quite easy to grow from flower seeds. It has multiple, somewhat bristly stems densely covered by delicate white flowers with yellow eyes, and hairy gray-green foliage.
Celosia (Celosia Plumosa Nana Glitters Mix) - What an exotic annual that is easily and quickly grown from Celosia seeds! Called Woolflower, Plume Plants or Feathered Amaranth, these mix, silky blooms get attention!
No garden is complete without a white pansy flower with a purple blotch! Easily grown from Pansy seeds, this Swiss giant Pansy reaches 3 inches across and features a white bloom with a purple blotch.
No garden is complete without this pansy velvet mix. Easily grown from Pansy seeds, this Swiss giant Pansy reaches 3 inches across and features a beautiful velvety mix of flowers. The Viola Swiss giant is one of the largest Pansy flowers available.
Add some sunny, golden color to your flower garden by growing Pansy seeds. These little Pansy flowers are treasures of bright color for flower beds, baskets, and pots. This Gold Giant Pansy is sure to brighten up any area with its 3 - 4 inch blooms.
Fill an entire flower bed with Pansies for a striking effect! Grown from Pansy seeds, these black Pansy flowers are an effective attention getter. Pansy flowers are early blooming, sometimes even peaking through the snow.
What a delightful and reliable little beauty! Grown from Pansy seeds, these giant Pansy flowers have sturdy stalks bearing large 3 inch orange-scarlet flowers with black blotches. Pansies are at home in borders, beds and containers, or between bulbs.
These giant Pansy flowers are rich, deep blue with a black blotch that is characteristic of Viola Swiss Giant. They are easy to grow from Pansy seeds, and you can make an intense display by planting this Pansy Ullswater blue in mass groupings.
The Bellis English Daisy is great for early season color, and it is easily established by growing English Daisy seeds. The pompom-like flowers are bright red and are born on 3 - 5 inch stems.
This Bellis flower seed is a mixture of English Daisy seeds that creates a lovely arrangement of shades ranging from white to red. Large, fully double English Daisy blooms grow on compact uniform plants.
Start this little charmer with Bellis flower seeds! English Daisy blooms profusely over a long period in late winter and into summer if the temperatures stay cool. Bellis English Daisy is perfect for planting over the top of spent spring bulbs.
Lending an elegant air and grace to any garden design, the popular, but difficult to find, white Foxglove is a carefree treasure, and it is easily grown from Foxglove seeds! The sturdy 42 inch stalks are fully packed with huge trumpets.
Growing Foxglove seeds is a wonderful way to establish this unique Apricot Beauty variety in your flower border. Foxglove apricot produces gorgeous, pastel shades of apricot-orange blooms that are lightly spotted.
Many Foxgloves are short-lived biennials, but this is a true perennial. It readily grows from flower seeds, and it gives plenty of colorful blooms. This yellow Foxglove will return for many years gracing the garden or flower border with its elegance.
Wall Rock Cress is grown widely as a rock garden or ground cover perennial. It is treasured for its bright spring display and low-growing carpet of color. Rock Cress seeds produce plants that form a mounding cushion of olive-green leaves.
There are so many uses for this attractive, sweet-scented Carnation, so start some Dianthus seeds and enjoy these lovely flowers! Grenadin Carnation can be used as a bedding plant, in containers, as an excellent cut flower, or in rock gardens.
Probably one of the whitest Carnations you will ever see, this Grenadin Carnation makes an excellent cut flower, and it is easily established from Dainthus Caryophyllus seeds. Carnations also make wonderful bedding and border plants.
Grow beautiful Carnations in your own flower garden easily from flower seed! In many parts of the world, the popularity of Carnations is more than any other type of flower including roses.
Start Carnation Seeds, and you can have a wide selection of lovely Carnation flowers for cutting and arrangements. Grenadin Carnations are very popular with florists and are used in corsages, bouquets, and a wide range of floral arrangements.
Start this Dianthus flower seed mix for shades of red, rose and white. Dianthus Superbus mix is a perennial Dianthus that reaches approximately 16 inches in height. Dianthus Superbus is hardy to zone 3 and is not frost tender.
Growing Stock seeds is very rewarding! The sturdy stems are filled with tightly clustered blooms. This garden Stock has crimson red blooms, and it gives a stunning display. Because of the sweet, spicy fragrance of red Stock Flowers

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