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«Fall Gold» - Organic Raspberry Seeds
Product code: 12277
1.39 €
There's never been a raspberry like 'Fall Gold' before! It's everbearing, self-fertile, and sets two crops: one crop in fall, then another in spring. Prune it back after the spring berries are harvested, and you begin a new growing cycle. Wow!
Product code: 3696
1.39 €
The Raspberry Sugana is a vigorous variety great for people who are restricted on space as they work well in pots and containers without losing any of the cropping potential. Make sure they are planted in well-drained.
Product code: 15344
1.39 €
A variety of medium ripening, with a very high vigor like a blackberry, grows as a sprawling thorny bush, shoots grow over 2 meters in length, is characterized by a very high yield.
Product code: 12258
2.00 €
Also known as the strawberry-raspberry for its strawberry-like creeping habit, the Balloon Berry is a woodland plant from Japan. Unlike most Rubus species, is not a cane fruit, but a low, ground-cover perennial or sub-shrub. The berries are very large.