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«Preto» - Organic Bean Seeds
Product code: 1361
1.39 €
Bush, 95 days, Splendid dark purple-black bean that is widely grown throughout Latin America, and known there by numerous common names. The compact bush plants are very productive and yield reliably even in the north!
Product code: 2524
2.00 €
In Belgium and the Netherlands this bean is called Boerentenen. In Greece they are traditionally prepared in a tomato sauce and baked in a dish called Gigantes Plaki. Extremely hard to find seed for this. These plants grow well in a cool climate also.
Product code: 2523
1.39 €
Bean Handsome (swallow) - one of the best types of shelling varieties of grain beans. It comes from India. Today it is grown everywhere. The plant is short, unpretentious, ripen early and fructifies beans up to 15 centimeters long.
Product code: 6274
1.39 €
This is a mid-season variety of beans. The vegetation period from germination to ripeness is 90-100 days. The bush is upright, 50-70 cm high. Pods are 9-12 cm long, with 4-6 beans. Seeds are oval-elliptical shape, white and burgundy color.
«Marble» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 10639
1.87 €
One of the best hulling varieties, climbing plant, strong, early ripening, beans 10-30 cm long, straight, well filled, has a wonderful taste and is very often used in cooking as a side dish.
«Bona» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12809
1.14 €
The medium-early variety of asparagus bean of Polish selection, the bush is strong, compact, 35-40 cm high, the taste is high - the beans are juicy, sweet, the variety is very fruitful, it is used for fresh consumption and canning.
«Oil king» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12802
1.14 €
Early ripe variety of asparagus bean, beautiful, golden-colored pods, fleshy, juicy, with a very pleasant buttery taste, fruit ripening friendly, the variety is resistant to bacterial and other leguminous diseases, universal use.
«Kseniya» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12805
1.14 €
Mid-season variety, plant height 35-45 cm, bush, excellent taste, beans are suitable for fresh use, as well as for the preparation of various canned salads.
«Blauhilda» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12812
1.14 €
An original variety of curly beans with very beautiful purple flowers, the dark purple blades become brown during ripening, green shoulder blades are used for food, which differ in a delicate taste.
«Shahinya» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12811
1.14 €
An early-ripening variety of green-shovel bush beans, the variety tolerates heat, is resistant to major diseases, the use is universal, the palatability of freshly prepared and canned beans is high, the yield is very high and stable.
«Black agate» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12814
1.14 €
A medium early variety of curly asparagus beans, beans are juicy, tender, tasty, the grain is not damaged by pests and has a delicate mushroom flavor, and the beans and grain have universal use, the variety is resistant to major diseases and pests.
«Borlotto» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12813
1.14 €
Early ripe high-yielding variety of vegetable beans, pods are wide, flat, cream-colored with bright red strokes, boiled grains in the form of side dishes, separate dishes are eaten, an ideal component for vinaigrettes.
«Marconi» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12810
1.14 €
One of the best high-performance industrial varieties of asparagus, taste excellent, juicy, sweet, does not ripen for a very long time, universal use: fresh use, freezing, preservation.
«Black night» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12808
1.14 €
A medium early variety of foreign selection, a plant about 45 cm high, beans 14-15 cm long, golden in color, abundant fruiting, excellent taste, one of the best varieties for freezing.
«Beauty» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12807
1.14 €
Foreign breeding variety, golden beans, 13-15 cm long, a very productive drought tolerant variety, the palatability of beans and grains is very high, it is used fresh, as well as for canning and freezing.
«Sonesta» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12806
1.14 €
A wonderful early ripe variety of bush beans with round yellow blades, 12-13 cm long, the variety is suitable for mechanized harvesting, the purpose is universal: direct consumption, canning, freezing.
«Golden Sachs» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12801
1.14 €
An early ripe variety of bush asparagus beans of golden color, pods 15-18 cm long, round, fleshy, very tasty, fruit ripening friendly, the variety is resistant to bacterial diseases and anthracnose, used fresh and preserved.
«Fayny Yas» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12804
1.14 €
Dwarf bush beans on dry grain, large seeds, like curly beans, contain proteins that are valuable to the body, it is especially useful as a dietary product for diseases of the liver, gall bladder and diabetes mellitus.
«Nastenka» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12803
1.14 €
A medium early variety of asparagus bean, a bush plant, 35 to 45 cm high, a green spatula, juicy, sweet. The variety is resistant to anthracnose, high productivity, suitable for mechanized harvesting.
«Nassau» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12761
1.14 €
High-yielding, early ripe variety, a powerful, upright plant, about 50 cm high, beans are flat, straight, light green in color, 16-18 cm long and 1.5-1.8 cm wide, have a pleasant, delicate taste and do not contain parchment layer and fibers.
«Yutta» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12760
1.14 €
Productive, early ripe variety, bush 40-45 cm high, forms a large number of light green, round, slightly bent beans, without parchment layer and pleasant taste, 11-13 cm long, beans have a delicate structure and do not coarse for a long time.
«Orinoco» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12759
1.14 €
Productive, early ripe variety, the growing season is 53-58 days, the bush is compact, dwarf, 30-45 cm high, the variety is unpretentious in cultivation, has increased resistance to disease and lodging.
«Black turtle» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12756
1.14 €
Gorgeous Mexican black beans ripen in the middle of the season, a semi-shrub variety, pods are located high above the ground, small black beans with a rich taste and meaty structure are very rich in antioxidants due to their color.
«Marvel of Venice» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12757
1.14 €
High-performance late-ripening variety of round asparagus beans, powerful asthenia, curly, has a large number of leaves, 2.8-3 m high, forms attractive, flat, fleshy yellow beans, 20-22 cm long and 2.5 cm wide.
«Golden Tippy» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 12758
1.14 €
A high-yielding medium-early variety of asparagus bean, the plant is compact, strong, 45-50 cm high, a feature of this variety is that the beans are formed above the leaf mass, so they are clearly visible and convenient to collect.
Product code: 12396
1.14 €
Although now commonly referred to simply as 'Navy' beans, into the middle part of the twentieth century they were more commonly known as "Navy Peas." This name is in reference to it being a staple food stock for the American Navy in the early years.
Product code: 12395
1.39 €
One of the best shelling varieties. The plant is short, strong, early ripe, in which the ripening of the first pods occurs by 55-60 days. Beans with a beautiful oblong shape and a length of 1.5-2 cm, dark red with small patches of white.
Product code: 12303
1.39 €
75 days. Phaseolus lunatus. Open Pollinated. Bush type plant produces high yields of delicious 5" long lima beans. Each pod contains 4 or 5 large lima beans. Excellent choice for home gardens and market growers.
Product code: 12299
1.39 €
Climbing plant, up to 3m. The vegetation period until the ripeness of grain is 100-120 days. The pods are thin, 30-80 cm long, green in color, fleshy, fiberless, tastier and sweeter than asparagus beans. Black beans.
Product code: 12301
1.39 €
Broad Improved Long Pod beans are quite distinct from other beans, the upright plants bear 7" pods, containing 5 or 6 big flat oblong beans that are used in the green shell or dry stage. Cooked fresh or as a winter shell bean.
Product code: 11955
1.39 €
This is the climbing variety of stregonta. Shell Bean. Climbing type. Bright Red/white pods, cream colored beans with red flecks. Earlier to mature than most. Vigorous grower, heavy producer, excellent taste.
Product code: 11935
1.39 €
Climbing beans with long pods (26cm) dark purple color. The plant is mid-ripening. Several crops are recommended for continuous harvest. Used for fresh market, conservation and freezing. The plant needs extra support. It has a rich taste.
Product code: 11351
1.39 €
It’s a very short plant with most of ours only growing a foot or so, making it perfect for growing in pots. Big crops of delicious tender “green beans” that are great as a stir fry, soup, stew, even a green salad vegie.
Product code: 11350
1.39 €
The plant is climbing up to 80 cm. The period from germination to the first collection is 60-65 days. The pods are green, 20-25 cm long, rounded, about 1 cm in diameter. Tastes are high. Young beans with a sweet, crunchy texture. Universal use.
Product code: 11348
1.39 €
Bring the bright, garden sunshine right to your plate. Pick 'Eureka' as a young, filet bean or let mature to a beautiful, bright yellow. Plants produce heavy yields of very tender, 5"–6" beans, and yellow pods make finding the harvest a snap!
Product code: 11349
1.39 €
100 days. Phaseolus lunatus. Open Pollinated. Plant produces excellent yields of large lima beans. This plant produces attractive Christmas colored beans - large wide seeds marked in streaks of white and dark maroon.
Product code: 10697
1.39 €
Earlier and higher yielding version of the Black Turtle bean we all love, Eclipse has impressed nearly everyone by having all the flavor and color of the traditional Black Turtle but returning many more pounds of beans and maturing nearly a week earlier.
Product code: 11347
1.39 €
Beans are native to Mexico, and have long been a part of the cuisines of Central and South America. Great for soups, burritos and other dishes, black beans have a meaty texture and are rich in antioxidants.
Product code: 10961
3.00 €
These wonderful large beans mature in 75-85 days when sown in the spring, or 6 months if fall sown. Plants grow 90-120cm (3-4′) tall. The light green pods, which contain 6-7 large pale green seeds each, shell easily.
Product code: 10052
1.14 €
The sweetness of garden peas is legendary. The best way to stretch the harvest is to plant early and late varieties. This is our most productive pea in warm weather, also tolerant of cold for early sowing. Blunt, dark green pods with 7-8 medium-sized peas
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