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«Texas» - Organic Dewberry Seeds NEW
Product code: 12245
2.00 €
Dewberries are similar to blackberries, except they are larger and milder, ripen 7-10 days earlier, and grow on a vine rather than a bush. Large 1" by 1 1/2" glossy, blue-black berries are sweet and delicious. 2-year-old plants are shipped.
Product code: 728
1.14 €
A tall plant with handsome dark green lemon-scented leaves, its appearance is reminiscent of hyssop or lavender, with showy lavender-blue flowers reaching 45cm/18cm. A nice addition to bee and butterfly gardens, the plant will bloom most of the summer.
«Sasha» - Organic Daikon Seeds NEW
Product code: 12535
1.14 €
Daikon (sweet radish), breeded in Japan, where it ranks first in the area under vegetables. Sasha - an early ripe grade, vegetative period of 35-45 days. Used fresh. Root crop rounded and oval-rounded, up to 10.5 cm long, white smooth.
«Dubek New» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 1748
0.57 €
1.14 € (Sale: 50%)
Bred by the breeding laboratory of the Crimean Experimental Station of Tobacco-growing IVAV Magarach with the method of intraspecific hybridization from crossing Dübec 44 × Oktyabrsky 6 varieties, receiving the first generation in the greenhouse, in 1981.
«Dubek» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW SALE
Product code: 1002
0.57 €
1.14 € (Sale: 50%)
Another variety of Basma tobacco, Dubek comes from the Macedonian region of Greece. It has a light yellow leaf that is very aromatic and very sweet to smoke. Dubek tobacco is generally used to spice up pipe tobacco blends.
«Dwarf Terry Mix» - Organic Nasturtium Seeds NEW
Product code: 12702
1.14 €
Annual plant, up to 40 cm high with creeping branches. Flowers are 3-4 cm in diameter. Their color is creamy, yellow, red, pink, purple and others. The color is abundant and long-lasting.
«Double Mix» - Organic Moss Roses Seeds NEW
Product code: 12693
1.14 €
Moss Rose ‘Double Mix’ is an arrangement of several Moss Rose varieties that grow 10 to 20 centimetres in height and produce gorgeous double flowers. The flowers have a yellow centre and come in many a colour, which range from white to yellow to red.
«Dwarf Mix» - Organic Antirrhinum Seeds NEW
Product code: 12692
1.14 €
Common snapdragon should be grown in every garden. Like many other decorative plants it originally comes from warmer regions, in this case the Mediterranean.
Product code: 1323
1.14 €
Here is a lovely French Marigold to grow from flower seeds! This Dainty Marietta is yellow with a maroon blotch. The flowers are medium-sized and this is an early flowering variety. They are truly unique and will catch the interest of everyone.
«Di Mimimix» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 6305
1.14 €
Enjoy sunny blooms all summer long by starting Marigold seeds in the early spring. This seed mix produces small, compact plants with flowers in shades of orange and yellow. These dwarf plants are perfect for edging the front of the sunny flower garden.
«Orange Dwarf» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 4623
1.14 €
Masses of small red, golden centred, daisy-like flowers smother this bright plant all summer long. This lovely single marigold has a neat mound-forming habit and finely cut, citrus-scented foliage.
«Dainty Marietta» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 10727
1.14 €
Single-flowered "Dainty Marietta" French marigold (Tagetes patula nana) is a variety producing beautiful blooms whose petals take on deep mahogany colour and have golden-yellow edges. The single inflorescences are very ornamental and delight.
«Disco Marietta» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 10743
1.14 €
Its main decorative feature is the numerous, 3 to 4 centimetre-broad golden-yellow inflorescences with a mahogany blotch in the centre an on each of its numerous petals. Flowering richly from June to late autumn.
«Diamond Garland» - Organic Eggplant Seeds NEW
Product code: 11783
1.14 €
Mid-season variety. The period from germination to harvest 125-128 days. Spreading plant. The fruit is cylindrical, 18.5–20 cm long, the surface is glossy, the color in technical ripeness is purple.
«Diamond» - Organic Eggplant Seeds NEW
Product code: 6704
1.14 €
Mid-season, high-yielding variety of eggplant. To technical ripeness 120-130 days. The fruit is cylindrical, black and purple, shiny, weighing 120 grams.
«Donetsk Harvest» - Organic Eggplant Seeds NEW
Product code: 12028
1.14 €
This is an early maturing vegetation period from mass shoots to the first harvest of 120 days. The bush is compact, 38-47 cm tall. Fruits are cylindrical, dark-violet, brownish-brown in a state of biological ripeness.
«Annette» - Organic Dill Seeds NEW
Product code: 12659
1.14 €
High-yielding variety. The leaves are large, strongly dissected, dark green, delicate and fragrant. Go to bolting slowly. It has a very attractive presentation and high aromaticity. Long keeps economic suitability in technical ripeness.
«De Barao Gold» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12628
1.14 €
Russian commercial variety, a golden strain of the popular De Barao tomato. The "Zolotoy" name means Gold in Russian. Tall indeterminate, regular leaf plants produce heavy yields of 2-4 oz., plum-shaped golden yellow tomatoes with very good sweet flavors.
«Ditmarshir Frewer» - Organic Cabbage Seeds NEW
Product code: 1144
1.14 €
This is an early ripe variety, technical ripeness - 90-100 day after germination. Heads rounded, mid density, weighing up to 1.5 kg, light green, well transportable. The variety is valued for its high yielding of the early harvest.
«Dymerskaya» - Organic Cabbage Seeds NEW
Product code: 1145
1.14 €
This is an early ripe variety. The growing season from shoots 100-115 days. Heads of medium size, dense, rounded, weighing about 1 kg. The outer color of the head of the white-green. The yield of 3-3.5 kg/m².
«Dita» - Organic Cabbage Seeds NEW
Product code: 1057
1.14 €
This is an early ripe variety. Technical ripeness - 100-110 days after germination. Heads of round shape, compact, short stalk, light green, weight 0.9-1.2 kg. The grade differs in resistance to cracking, intended for fresh consumption.
«Delicate» - Organic Kohlrabi Seeds NEW
Product code: 9857
1.14 €
Mid early (50-60 days) cabbage, attractive rounded shape. Leaves light green color, heads aligned, weighing 0.8-1.2 kg, inside - pure white. No internal voids. Fine delicate taste.
«Delicatesse» - Organic Kohlrabi Seeds NEW
Product code: 1151
1.14 €
Light green, round to slightly elongated ”bulbs.” Plants with light green petioles, but some light purple at the base of the petiole. Leaves mostly elliptic in shape with a few obovate and a round toothed margin.
«Di Sicilia Violetto» - Organic Cauliflower Seeds NEW
Product code: 11997
1.14 €
Packed with rich nutrients, cauliflower or cabbage flower is one of the commonly used flower-vegetable. The flower heads contain numerous health benefiting phtyo-nutrients such as indole-3-carbinol, sulforaphane etc.
«Delftmarkt» - Organic Cauliflower Seeds NEW
Product code: 5221
1.14 €
Mid-season variety. From seedlings to technical ripeness 70-80 days. The head is medium dense, snow-white, rounded. The variety is suitable for production from spring to late autumn. Excellent taste.
«Datterini Yellow» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12623
1.14 €
This bright yellow tomato has the oval shape of a date palm, reminiscent of its name desert fruit name. It has a high sugar content that makes it sweet and fragrant, with few seeds and a thin skin.
«Delicatessen» - Organic Shallot Seeds NEW
Product code: 5755
1.14 €
It is highly appreciated by cooks for their sweetish tender taste and wonderful aroma different from other types of onions. Eat both greens and bulbs. Early ripe variety, characterized by high winter and frost resistance.
«Diva» - Organic Potato Seeds NEW
Product code: 3590
1.14 €
It is a mid-season variety of table purpose, tubers are equal, oblong-oval, smooth, with red skin and light yellow flesh. Variety resistant to potato diseases.
Queen Anne’s Lace Seeds (Daucus Carota) NEW
Product code: 12546
1.14 €
Daucus carota (common names include wild carrot, (UK) bird's nest, bishop's lace, and (US) Queen Anne's lace) is a flowering plant in the family Apiaceae, native to temperate regions of Europe, southwest Asia and naturalised to northeast North America.
Product code: 5046
1.14 €
What's better than a plant that gives wishes when you puff its fluff? A plant that provides health benefits! Dandelion is an excellent food and medicine! Dandelion is most often thought of as a pesky weed that likes to take over our lawns and gardens.
«Dwarf» - Organic Garden Nasturtium Seeds NEW
Product code: 12540
1.14 €
This is a mix of Dwarf Nasturtium plants; it is an annual variety that grows 20 to 30 centimetres in height. The varieties flower richly from June to September; all of the flowers develop above the leaves.
«Delicacy» - Organic Chickpea Seeds NEW
Product code: 12536
1.14 €
Although very familiar to many, the chick pea is a crop rarely seen in the UK, though it has been cultivated for centuries in Asia and the Mediterranean. Our seed comes from Italy and is of the white-skinned variety which has a superior flavour.
«Mino Early» - Organic Daikon Seeds NEW
Product code: 12534
1.14 €
Mino Early is a leading open pollinated radish (daikon) for summer to fall harvest in Japan. It has good heat tolerance and can be grown all year round in tropical areas. The tapered root is long, white, tender and crisp with a mild pungency.
«Diet Champion» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12522
1.14 €
Determinate, mid early variety. Fruits are flat-rounded, up to 150-300 grams, color dark purple-pink with green stripes, which completely disappear when ripe, very sweet, fleshy, tasty. The variety is high-yielding.
«Dix Doigts de Naples» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12488
1.14 €
Italian heirloom, translated from French the name means ‘Ten fingers of Naples’. Oblong red paste tomato from 50 to 100 grams. Meaty with few juice and seeds. Very good balanced taste, mild sweet vs sour.
«Delta Diver» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12487
1.14 €
Dwarf plant. Yellow fruits with some red stripes. Interiors are light yellow with some red continuing throughout. May throw potato leaf or regular leaf vines. Great production and excellent taste; sweet and fruity.
«Da Costa's Portuguese» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12486
1.14 €
A big-fruit heirloom tomato from Portugal. Indeterminate, vigorous plants have long growing season. Great-tasting, fleshy fruits with complex sweet taste and excellent aroma grow over 400-500 g.
«Dark Shadow» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12478
1.14 €
Dark Shadow is one of the most handsome of the blue tomatoes. Indeterminate, regular leaf, medium-sized plants produce medium-sized fruits that are shaped like a fat torpedo with true, tangy tomato flavors like others of its family.
«Double Mix» - Organic Sweet William Seeds NEW
Product code: 100
1.14 €
Sweet William ‘Double Mix’, as the name implies, is mix of plants of biennial type with gorgeous double flowers. The plants grows up to 25 centimetres in height, whereas the flowers create unique umbellate inflorescences.
«Solarball» - Organic English Daisy Seeds NEW
Product code: 636
1.14 €
English Daisy is a biennial variety that grows 15 to 20 centimetres in height. It features charming ball-shaped yellow flowers that make the plant ideal for potted cultivation. The English Daisy variety is also used for making bouquets.
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