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Organic Switchgrass Seeds / Panicum NEW
Product code: 15851
1.14 €
This is a perennial, deciduous ornamental grass, like grass, gray-blue with a blue-violet tint, the leaves form hard, vertical persistent clumps, very showy. In autumn the leaves turn yellow. Panicum blooms from August to September.
Organic Perennial wall-rocket Seeds / Diplotaxis tenuifolia NEW
Product code: 15822
1.14 €
A very drought-resistant plant that retains a bright green appearance and blooms with rare yellow flowers with a sweetish smell even in the summer heat, two-row greens are edible in early spring and are characterized by a rich set of vitamins and minerals
«White Delicacy» - Organic Cucumber Seeds NEW
Product code: 15782
1.14 €
An original variety of Chinese selection with exotic fruit colors, early ripening, high-yielding, grows well both in a film greenhouse and in open ground, recommended for fresh and canned consumption.
«New aquarelle» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15773
1.14 €
A mid-late, low-growing variety, obtained from the scattering of the “Aquarelle” variety, a spreading bush, 50-60 cm high, plum-shaped fruits, dense, glossy, deep red, weighing 100-120 grams.
«White Swan» - Organic Echinacea Seeds NEW
Product code: 1295
1.14 €
It is a perennial plant, excellent for cutting and decorating flower beds and ridges, capable of creating magnificent compositions, especially in combination with asters, delphinium and coreopsis.
«White» - Organic Salvia Splendens Seeds NEW
Product code: 11098
1.14 €
Popular among gardeners as one of the best plants for landscaping, the low, compact sage bush blooms brightly and profusely throughout the season - right up to frost.
«White African» - Organic Sorghum Seeds NEW
Product code: 11526
1.14 €
An annual or perennial cereal plant. Refers to spring crops. Its homeland is considered to be the regions of East Africa, where the plant began to be grown in the 4th century BC. e.
Organic Wintercress seeds NEW
Product code: 12550
1.14 €
A perennial plant with lower lyre-pinnately dissected leaves with a large rounded-oval terminal lobe, a good honey plant; autumn sowings provide early green food in the spring.
Organic Reamson(Wild leek) Seeds SALE TOP EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 3345
0.79 €
1.14 € (Sale: 30%)
A perennial herb, leaves are used for food in raw and pickled form, in hot dishes, in bread and cakes, propagated by self-sowing, in agricultural technology, as in onions.
«Black winter» - Organic Radish seeds NEW
Product code: 2360
1.14 €
A high-yielding, mid-season variety for long-term winter storage, the root crops are large, black in color, 9-12 cm in diameter, round-flat in shape and reach 250-500 grams.
«Westland» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 2065
1.14 €
A highly productive, mid-early variety of hot pepper, a compact bush, 45-60 cm high, long, narrow-triangular or trunk-shaped fruits, weighing 50-70g, with a smooth glossy surface, with a dense skin.
Product code: 12427
1.14 €
Deciduous tree, tall (up to 20-25 meters) trunk reaches 1 meter in diameter, spreading, sparsely branched crown, one of the very winter-hardy representatives of the nut family, which is of economic value.
«Wilma» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 11867
1.14 €
It is a prominent representative of early varieties, the distinctive feature of this tomato is that it is an indoor variety, so it is suitable for growing your own garden on the balcony; the fruits themselves have a rich red color and weigh about 20-30 g.
Product code: 10961
3.00 €
These wonderful large beans mature in 75-85 days when sown in the spring, or 6 months if fall sown. Plants grow 90-120cm (3-4′) tall. The light green pods, which contain 6-7 large pale green seeds each, shell easily.
«Windsor» (white) - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 13862
1.14 €
Mid-season, productive variety, the beans are wide, flat, greenish-white in color, very tasty, intended for fresh consumption or culinary processing of dry seeds.
Product code: 15365
1.14 €
A flowering biennial plant, a good honey plant, blooms profusely from the second decade of May to mid-June (25-30 days), grows in one place for 3-4 years, flowers provide bees with nectar and pollen.
Product code: 13715
1.14 €
A perennial herb, up to 1 m high, with a rod, highly branched rhizome, is used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nerves, joints, respiratory tract, skin diseases.
Product code: 10487
1.14 €
A perennial herb, unpretentious to soils, does not overgrow with weeds, is not damaged by pests and diseases, in medicine it is used to restore intestinal microflora. Has a high honey productivity.
Product code: 6860
3.00 €
Tree up to 20 m high, sometimes a large shrub, prickly shoots, pear-shaped or rounded fruits, ripe in August - September.
Product code: 6849
3.00 €
Cultivated in gardens, parks, planted as a soil-strengthening and water-protective plant, silvery leaves, bright bark, fragrant flowers make the sucker a very decorative plant.
Product code: 6848
1.50 €
Deciduous tree, 18-27 m high, with a regular oval dense crown, fast-growing, fruit is a purplish-red round drupe about 1 cm in diameter, almost black when mature, with a bittersweet and viscous taste, ripens in late summer, edible.
«White» - Organic Foxglove Seeds NEW
Product code: 15348
1.14 €
Perennial beautifully flowering herbaceous plant 120-140 cm high, inflorescences are elegant, large, pyramidal, up to 4 cm long, white, with dark specks inside the flowers, used in prefabricated flower beds, for planting along walls and fencing.
Product code: 13150
1.14 €
Annual, plant height 60 cm, light-loving, cold-resistant plant, forming compact bushes, flowers are collected on the tops of the stems, beautiful bright white bracts give the plants a special brightness.
Product code: 2138
3.00 €
Native to the southwestern U.S and Baja California, the California fan palm is 1 of the 11 native palms in North America. It has a large, gray unbranched trunk, with horizontal lines. The trunk is 2-3 feet in diameter, and grows 20 to 60 feet long.
Product code: 15146
1.14 €
Annual climbing plant, up to 3 m high, large funnel-shaped flowers, white with pink stripes, up to 6-8 cm in diameter, open in sunny weather, flowering lasts from July to October.
Product code: 15128
1.50 €
An annual climbing plant, up to 3 m high, flowers are large funnel-shaped, white, up to 6-8 cm in diameter, open only during the day, in cloudy weather and at night they close, used for vertical gardening.
Product code: 15414
1.14 €
Perennial, wonderful spicy and medicinal plant, height 30-50 cm, small purple flowers, collected in panicle inflorescences.
Product code: 5962
1.14 €
Early variety of kohlrabi, for growing during the summer, which has a rounded fruit stem, white with high taste, weighing 0.5-0.7 kg, a variety resistant to cracking and hardening.
Product code: 13412
1.14 €
The variety is mid-season, the duration of the growing season is 120-130 days, compared with drought tolerance, is well stored, and is resistant to diseases. Root crops aligned in size and shape, average weight 600-700 grams, in favorable years - 900-1200
Product code: 10048
1.78 €
Medium early variety, 25-28 days, pink-red root crop with a white tip, smooth, flat-round shape, 4-5 cm in diameter, weighing 15-25 g.
Product code: 6773
1.14 €
An early-ripening variety, juicy leaves are an integral part of various salads, finely chopped leaves are used in the preparation of sandwiches, this is an irreplaceable spicy side dish for meat and fish dishes.
Product code: 13687
1.14 €
One of the hottest chili peppers in the world, more wrinkled than most white Jolockias, citrusy aroma, ripens from green to creamy white.
Product code: 13673
1.14 €
A rare and very hot variety, the pungency is similar to the pungency of Bhut Jolokia, one pepper can be used to season seven pots of ragout, the fruit taste is fruity with hints of celery.
Product code: 12965
1.14 €
The height of the bush is 40 cm, the variety is annual, the yield is high, the fruit is conical, glossy, you can collect the fruits and when they are still yellow, the fruit mass is 60 grams, the wall thickness is 4 mm, suitable for preparing many dishes.
Product code: 15278
1.50 €
Tall, mid-season, excellent, very productive variety, one-dimensional, fleshy, multi-chamber, round-flat, weighing 250-450 grams, when ripe, the color changes to a beautiful brown with green vertical stripes.
Product code: 15276
1.14 €
Mid-season, undersized, high-yielding variety, fruits weighing up to 180 grams, smooth, flattened, rounded flat, purple with green shoulders, quite fleshy, very juicy, tasty, with a very pleasant, rich taste, weight 100-180 grams.
Product code: 15274
1.14 €
Mid-early, high, high-yielding variety, fruits are light yellow or completely white, rounded flat, weighing 100-200 grams, fleshy and juicy pulp, soft, not sour fruity taste, fragrant.
Product code: 15152
1.14 €
Mid-early determinate variety, strong bush, standard, round, red-brown fruits, weighing 80-100 grams, sweet taste with pleasant harmonious sourness, intended for fresh salads, sauces and tomato preparations.
Product code: 13639
1.14 €
Indeterminate variety of medium ripening, intended for greenhouses, pale yellow tomatoes, flat-heart shape, watermelon sweet pulp, fruit weight 150-300 grams, mainly for salad purposes.
Product code: 13124
1.14 €
An early ripe, fabulously productive variety, a plant about 2 m high, more than 30 round yellow fruits weighing 15-20 grams are formed in the brush, it is recommended for fresh consumption, pickling and whole-fruit preservation.
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