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«Blue Moon» - Organic Wisteria Seeds
Product code: 15023
3.00 €
The most beautiful plant among perennial lianas, the height of the plant can reach 6-7 meters, the flowers of an unusual shape, light blue with a pale yellow neck, are collected in bunches, like grapes, 15 to 30 cm long, the flower is spectacular and frag
Organic Juglans Walnut Seeds (Juglans lancastriensis) NEW
Product code: 15126
3.00 €
A tall plantation with a powerful trunk, medicinal leaves and tasty, healthy fruits, on the site the tree grows up to 10 meters in height, the culture is unpretentious, it will develop well in both loamy and sandy soil.
Product code: 15019
5.00 €
Valuable park tree, used in steppe afforestation, decorative, drought-resistant, the most frost-resistant of all types of frame, unpretentious to soil, dust-gas resistant, frost resistance zone: 4-9 (up to -35 ° C).
Product code: 15018
3.00 €
The tree is 15-20 meters high, berry-like with juicy flesh, yellow when grown, 1-2 cm in diameter, edible and contains a lot of sugars, malic acid and vitamins, found in food fresh, caught by frost, often dried.
Product code: 13300
3.00 €
A tree up to 30 m tall, usually growing from the base with several trunks, when free standing, forms a powerful wide-pyramidal crown.
Product code: 13654
1.14 €
An ornamental tree 4-7 meters high with a spreading crown, leaves are graceful, feathery, large, about 40 cm long, blooms for a long time in July-September with golden yellow flowers in large inflorescences.
Product code: 13692
1.14 €
A natural hybrid of unknown origin, with the participation of cordata and probably pubescent and Caucasian linden, one of the most decorative species, widespread.
Product code: 13814
1.14 €
Deciduous tree, growing up to 30-35 meters in height, the crown of the maple is lush, rounded, in autumn the tree changes its green outfit to a bright golden yellow, decorated with light transparent lionfish.
Product code: 13813
3.00 €
Tree up to 30 m tall, with a slender trunk and luxurious, free standing, rounded crown reaching 8 m in diameter. Fruits are red-brown, after ripening bluish-black leathery beans up to 20 cm long.
Product code: 13866
1.50 €
Cherry variety of medium ripening, highly winter-resistant, regular and abundant yield, begins fruiting 3-4 years after planting, partially self-fertile, large berries more than 6-8 grams.
Product code: 12440
2.00 €
Deciduous tree up to 30m tall, straight trunk with a pyramidal crown, dark green shiny narrow oval leaves with a rich autumn color, differs from most other oaks in leaves that form like laurel.
Product code: 12443
1.14 €
Tall shrub or small tree up to 6 m, spreading crown, gray-brown branches, long spines on the branches, leaves are large and thin.
Product code: 12450
1.14 €
Deciduous shrub, less often a tree with a height of 4-7 m, in which the leaves are alternate, petiolar, compound, consisting of 5-8 pairs of leaves, flowers are rather large, bisexual, moth-like, with a yellow corolla.
Product code: 12446
1.14 €
Deciduous tree of the Linden genus of the Malvovye family, in which the tree is up to 40 m tall, with a dense, wide-pyramidal crown, with reddish-brown, fluffy, less often bare young shoots.
Product code: 12444
1.14 €
Deciduous shrub 1.5-3 m in height, with a spreading, dense, rounded crown, branches are long, sometimes up to 5 m, tough, with pale brown or gray scaly bark, smooth, occasionally thorny.
Product code: 12451
1.14 €
An evergreen shrub up to 1 meter high, is a chameleon plant, depending on the season, it has a different color of leaves: in summer - green, in spring - red, in autumn - bronze.
Product code: 12447
1.14 €
The tree is up to 25 (30) m high, the bark is dark gray, lamellar exfoliating in old trees, sometimes to a greater extent with deep grooves. the bark of young twigs is glabrous, brown-reddish, the shoots are at first with silky white pubescence, which soo
Product code: 12460
1.14 €
A short, up to 8m, tree with a tent-like crown, gray bark of the trunk and light brown young shoots with numerous whitish lenticels, in which the leaves are 3-lobed, leathery, shiny, glaucous-green and glabrous above.
Product code: 12455
1.14 €
Deciduous tree 20-38 m tall with a tent-shaped crown, which has regular flowers, bisexual, with a double five-part perianth, up to 1-1.5 cm in diameter, yellowish-white, odorous, collected in drooping corymbose inflorescences.
Product code: 6848
1.50 €
Deciduous tree, 18-27 m high, with a regular oval dense crown, fast-growing, fruit is a purplish-red round drupe about 1 cm in diameter, almost black when mature, with a bittersweet and viscous taste, ripens in late summer, edible.
Product code: 6849
3.00 €
Cultivated in gardens, parks, planted as a soil-strengthening and water-protective plant, silvery leaves, bright bark, fragrant flowers make the sucker a very decorative plant.
Product code: 6860
3.00 €
Tree up to 20 m high, sometimes a large shrub, prickly shoots, pear-shaped or rounded fruits, ripe in August - September.
Product code: 11829
1.14 €
Shrub up to 2 meters high, with widely spreading branches drooping at the ends, purple-violet flowers with a honey aroma, up to 1.5 cm, blooms annually and abundantly from July to September.
Product code: 3057
2.00 €
A small thorny shrub from the genus Plum, 3.5-4.5 m high, less often a low-growing tree no higher than 8 m, growing, forms dense thorny and impassable thickets, edible fruits similar to a plum, up to 12 mm in diameter.
Product code: 13301
3.00 €
A highly branched tree or shrub with a wide crown, with reddish branches and heart-shaped, green leaves, at the time of flowering, completely refute the specific name of extraordinary bright beauty.
Product code: 1552
1.39 €
Juglans nigra, the eastern black walnut, a species of flowering tree in the walnut family, Juglandaceae, is native to eastern North America. It grows mostly in riparian zones, from southern Ontario, west to southeast South Dakota, south to Georgia.
Product code: 873
3.00 €
The fruits themselves are very large nuts, hence the name "Giant". The average weight of dried nuts is 20-25 grams. The shell is thin (shell thickness 1.0 - 1.5 mm). This variety of walnut - refers to the table and decorative varieties.
Organic Common Oak Seeds (Quercus robur) NEW
Product code: 4297
1.14 €
Oak at the age of 25 years can reach 8.5 m in height, in which the diameter of the trunk at chest level is 20 cm, the diameter of the crown is 3 m, the branches start from the grafting site and grow upward at an acute angle, forming a dense and dense crow