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Organic Birthwort Seeds NEW
Product code: 15650
1.50 €
A herbaceous perennial plant-liana, the height of which varies from 50 to 90 cm, the rhizome is creeping, the stem of the birthwort is erect, slightly twisting, branches rarely, of a light green hue.
Product code: 12443
1.14 €
Tall shrub or small tree up to 6 m, spreading crown, gray-brown branches, long spines on the branches, leaves are large and thin.
Organic European Ash Seeds / Fraxinus excelsior NEW
Product code: 3691
1.14 €
A tree 20-30 m high, whose leaves are imparipinnate, consisting of 7-15 leaflets, the flowers are small, without a perianth, bisexual, with two stamens and a pistil with a bipartite stigma.
Organic Lilac seeds NEW
Product code: 3694
1.14 €
A multi-stemmed deciduous shrub 2–8 m high, with flowers 6–10×5–8 mm, from lilac and violet to white, fragrant, long-lasting, collected in paired pyramidal, erect or drooping panicles.
Organic Silver Linden Seeds / Tilia tomentosa NEW
Product code: 4301
1.14 €
One of the most decorative lindens, which has a slender tree up to 30m tall, with beautiful silvery foliage and a remarkably regular, naturally wide-pyramidal or oval crown.
Product code: 15023
3.00 €
The most beautiful plant among perennial lianas, the height of the plant can reach 6-7 meters, the flowers of an unusual shape, light blue with a pale yellow neck, are collected in bunches, like grapes, 15 to 30 cm long, the flower is spectacular and frag
Organic Chinese Wisteria Seeds NEW
Product code: 2410
3.00 €
A beautiful decorative climbing vine, valued for its abundant, long-lasting and colorful flowering, fresh dark green foliage, one of the best among vines for decorating walls, terraces and balconies.
Organic Nepal firethorn seeds / Pyracantha crenulata NEW
Product code: 1688
3.00 €
A genus of thorny evergreen shrubs from the Rosaceae family, very similar to the bright red pyracantha, differs from it in leaves with blunt ends, the leaves are smaller, the berries are orange-red.
Organic Goumi Seeds (Elaeagnus multiflora) NEW
Product code: 12454
1.14 €
A perennial shrub reaching 3 m in height, the shape of the crown can be different (from pyramidal to spreading), the plant is durable and, with good care, can bear fruit in one place for up to 25 years.
«Dozen» - Organic Grape seeds NEW
Product code: 3554
1.14 €
Medium-early ripening table grapes, which are easy to grow on your own plot, are very unpretentious, they require minimal care, the taste and aroma of the Dozen is unique, it can be recognized among a huge variety of other varieties.
Organic Oak pedunculate pyramidal Seeds NEW
Product code: 3678
1.14 €
A tree of the Oak genus, which has a dense, wide-pyramidal crown, asymmetrical, spreading, with strong branches and a thick trunk (1-1.5 m in diameter), the bark is dark gray, blackish, thick.
Downy Japanese maple seeds (Acer japonicum) NEW
Product code: 15710
1.14 €
The Japanese maple looks very impressive when flowering in May, it grows very slowly, and in the brightness and grace of its leaves in spring and autumn it can successfully compete with the most exquisite perennials.
Product code: 13301
3.00 €
A highly branched tree or shrub with a wide crown, with reddish branches and heart-shaped, green leaves, at the time of flowering, completely refute the specific name of extraordinary bright beauty.
Trifoliate orange seeds (Poncirus trifoliata) NEW
Product code: 15709
1.99 €
A citrus perennial plant, grows up to 2 meters, numerous green shoots become woody with thorns with age, the fruits look like limes, not large, spherical, aromatic, yellow in color, 4 - 6 cm in diameter.
Organic Cercis Canadian Seeds NEW
Product code: 15711
1.14 €
Very decorative and attractive during flowering, numerous pink flowers cover the entire branched crown with a thick pink carpet, most of the trunk is hidden behind thick strong shoots.
Cotoneaster horizontalis Seeds NEW
Product code: 15695
1.14 €
The plant is up to a meter high, with a width of up to 5 m, it is distinguished by dense foliage of an elliptical shape, the plant’s fruits are decorative, round in shape, red in color, the growth rate is quite fast - up to a meter wide per season.
Rowan round-leaved Seeds / Sorbus aria magnifica NEW
Product code: 15696
1.14 €
A very beautiful, narrow-columnar tree, growing up to 5-7 meters in height, grows slowly, blooms with small flowers collected in large clusters, sitting tightly on the branches, large, red berries.
Toringo crabapple Seeds / Malus sieboldii NEW
Product code: 15699
1.14 €
The tree in its homeland is up to 8-10 m tall, used as a tapeworm on the lawn, in compositions with trees and shrubs, alleys, hedges, forming picturesque arches, recommended for gardens, parks, estates, squares, landscaping of city courtyards.
Manchurian crab apple Seeds / Malus baccata NEW
Product code: 15700
1.14 €
A species of early vegetative trees, 3.5–5 meters high, blooms and bears fruit profusely every year. Due to this, it is successful as an ornamental flora for the garden; the plant can withstand cold temperatures down to -55°C without damage.
Organic Bearberry Cotoneaster Seeds / Cotoneaster dammeri NEW
Product code: 1568
1.14 €
Decorative deciduous shrub with a low, very dense crown, spreads with branches lying on the ground, which take root over time, 15-20 cm in height, quickly grows in width, an ideal ground cover plant, leaves do not fall off in the winter.
Organic Sycamore maple-leaved seeds / Platanus × acerifolia NEW
Product code: 4306
1.14 €
This is a large deciduous tree with an umbrella-shaped crown. Reaches 20-30 meters in height and 15-25 in crown diameter. It grows quickly, with an annual growth of 50 cm in height and 40 cm in width.
Organic Laurustine seeds NEW
Product code: 1571
3.00 €
An evergreen, densely branched shrub up to 3 m tall, remarkable leaves: leathery, elliptical (12 x 5.5 cm), entire, bright green above, shiny, lighter below, pubescent along the veins, flowers pink-white, fragrant.
Organic Magnolia officinalis seeds NEW
Product code: 3680
1.14 €
A medium-sized tree with large (up to 25 cm) leathery elliptical leaves, which has large (22 cm) cupped, cream or milky-cream flowers, located at the ends of the branches, very fragrant.
Organic Magnolia loebneri Seeds NEW
Product code: 3685
1.14 €
A large deciduous shrub, multi-stemmed and highly branched, whose leaves are green, obovate in shape, arranged alternately, the petals are white or light pink, with pinkish-violet stripes on the outermost petals.
Organic Magnolia acumina Seeds NEW
Product code: 3686
1.14 €
A large deciduous tree, up to 30 m tall, with a slender pyramidal crown in youth, rounded in old age, which has bell-shaped flowers, up to 8 cm in diameter, yellowish-green, often with a bluish bloom, odorless.
Organic Oriental persimmon Seeds (Diospyros kaki) NEW
Product code: 7092
3.00 €
The tree reaches a height of up to 10 meters, the plant looks like an apple tree, in the fall it turns red, the under is a brownish-yellow, fleshy berry the size of an apple, edible, sweet, orange, similar to a tomato.
«Ideal» - Organic walnut seeds (Juglans regia) NEW
Product code: 12355
2.00 €
A low-growing variety, not higher than 4-5 m, the first fruits show already in the 2nd year of life, large (average 10 grams), oval in shape, with a thin shell, the core is light, it is taken out easily, ripen from September to October, manages to form...
Sweet chestnut seeds / Castanea sativa NEW
Product code: 3687
3.00 €
A large or medium-sized deciduous tree 20-35 m high, the bark is dark brown, longitudinally fissured, the fruit is a nut weighing 10-20 grams, enclosed in a prickly plus, which opens when ripe.
Product code: 15126
3.00 €
A tall plantation with a powerful trunk, medicinal leaves and tasty, healthy fruits, on the site the tree grows up to 10 meters in height, the culture is unpretentious, it will develop well in both loamy and sandy soil.
Product code: 15019
5.00 €
Valuable park tree, used in steppe afforestation, decorative, drought-resistant, the most frost-resistant of all types of frame, unpretentious to soil, dust-gas resistant, frost resistance zone: 4-9 (up to -35 ° C).
Product code: 15018
3.00 €
The tree is 15-20 meters high, berry-like with juicy flesh, yellow when grown, 1-2 cm in diameter, edible and contains a lot of sugars, malic acid and vitamins, found in food fresh, caught by frost, often dried.
Product code: 13866
1.50 €
Cherry variety of medium ripening, highly winter-resistant, regular and abundant yield, begins fruiting 3-4 years after planting, partially self-fertile, large berries more than 6-8 grams.
Product code: 13814
1.14 €
Deciduous tree, growing up to 30-35 meters in height, the crown of the maple is lush, rounded, in autumn the tree changes its green outfit to a bright golden yellow, decorated with light transparent lionfish.
Product code: 13813
3.00 €
Tree up to 30 m tall, with a slender trunk and luxurious, free standing, rounded crown reaching 8 m in diameter. Fruits are red-brown, after ripening bluish-black leathery beans up to 20 cm long.
Product code: 13692
1.14 €
A natural hybrid of unknown origin, with the participation of cordata and probably pubescent and Caucasian linden, one of the most decorative species, widespread.
Product code: 13654
1.14 €
An ornamental tree 4-7 meters high with a spreading crown, leaves are graceful, feathery, large, about 40 cm long, blooms for a long time in July-September with golden yellow flowers in large inflorescences.
Product code: 13300
3.00 €
A tree up to 30 m tall, usually growing from the base with several trunks, when free standing, forms a powerful wide-pyramidal crown.
Product code: 12460
1.14 €
A short, up to 8m, tree with a tent-like crown, gray bark of the trunk and light brown young shoots with numerous whitish lenticels, in which the leaves are 3-lobed, leathery, shiny, glaucous-green and glabrous above.
Product code: 12455
1.14 €
Deciduous tree 20-38 m tall with a tent-shaped crown, which has regular flowers, bisexual, with a double five-part perianth, up to 1-1.5 cm in diameter, yellowish-white, odorous, collected in drooping corymbose inflorescences.
Product code: 12451
1.14 €
An evergreen shrub up to 1 meter high, is a chameleon plant, depending on the season, it has a different color of leaves: in summer - green, in spring - red, in autumn - bronze.
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