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«Carousel» - Organic Zinnia Seeds
Product code: 2714
1.14 €
Festive colors adorn these daisy-like blooms giving your garden and landscape a playful and joyous look! Carrousel Mixed Zinnia blooms are often tri-colored as their petals radiate in vivid shades culminating in contrasting tips.
Product code: 1270
1.14 €
Profuse and brilliant pompom blooms of color make Zinnia Lilliput a great addition to your flower garden, containers, and along walkways. Grow this annual from Zinnia seeds for gorgeous orange blooms that will brighten any area.
Product code: 1271
1.14 €
What a show these annuals put on in the sunny flower border! Grown from Zinnia seeds, these large 4 - 5 inch brilliant yellow blooms are sure to attract attention. Canary Bird Zinnias will bloom through a long, hot summer without wilting.
Product code: 1264
1.14 €
Medium height stems produce lovely little blooms in a multitude of colors! Uniquely shaped Lilliput Zinnias bloom in small, round baubles that add interest and texture to your garden, or flower arrangments!
Product code: 1269
1.14 €
Nothing is easier to grow and establish from flower seed than Zinnias! They will delight you with the ease of caring for them and the long-lasting display of color. This Zinnia Luminosa has large 4-5 inch flower heads of bright pink.
Product code: 1268
1.14 €
With varied, bright colors and interesting streaks and spots, Heirloom Candy Stripe Zinnias are just the ticket to bring some visual interest into your garden! A favorite of crafters, florists and gardeners alike, Zinnias are easy to grow annuals.
Product code: 650
1.14 €
The blooms are fully double and stretch an amazing 4 to 5 inches across. Yet despite their massive size, they won't flop - the long, strong stems are especially sturdy, keeping these blooms turned toward the sun for a week or more in the garden.
Product code: 652
1.14 €
Feature large 10 to 15 cm (4 to 5in) purple blooms. Growing 50-80 cm (30in) tall, with thick straight stems that are less likely to bend when being cut, they make wonderful cut flowers and have a long vase life.
Product code: 12703
1.14 €
Annual plant, powerful, branchy, 80 cm high. Flowers are collected in large hemispherical inflorescences of dark red color. The diameter of the inflorescences is 11–13 cm. This variety belongs to the group of dahliaceae.
Product code: 12694
1.14 €
Developed in 1926, Heirloom California Giant Zinnias produce stems as tall as 4 feet with huge 5" blooms, making this variety ideal for cut flowers! The shape of the flower is a bit more open than the Dahlia Flowered variety.
Product code: 12684
1.14 €
A spectacular plant with strong peduncles that do not require a garter, and luxurious lush inflorescences of a delicate lilac-lilac color, perfect for decorating flower beds and obtaining high-quality cut.
Product code: 14947
1.14 €
An annual plant, powerful, compact bushes, erect stems, 30-45cm high, double inflorescences, spherical, 3-6cm in diameter, red, used for decorative decoration of flower beds, flower beds and balconies.
«Heroes of Ukraine» - Organic Zinnia Seeds Income for support AFU
Product code: 15479
0.91 €
An annual plant with powerful erect stems, 50-80 cm high, terry inflorescences, large, 10-12 cm in diameter, various bright colors, used for decorative design of flower beds. Income for support Armed Forces of Ukraine.