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«Giant red Plum» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15437
1.50 €
Tall tomato with elongated large fruits of bright red color, they have a very attractive appearance and excellent taste, the pulp is dense, sweet, transportability is good.
Product code: 13144
1.14 €
A very valuable dietary product, which, unfortunately, did not get the place that it deserves, the thickening at the base of the stem is used for salads, it is stewed, both independently and with other vegetables.
«Costoluto Genovese sel Valente» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15272
1.14 €
Mid-season, tall, very productive variety, bush height 1.5 m, fruits are glossy, bright red, flattened, large-ribbed, dense, elastic, without cracks and spots, medium size, weighing 80-180 grams.
Product code: 15278
1.50 €
Tall, mid-season, excellent, very productive variety, one-dimensional, fleshy, multi-chamber, round-flat, weighing 250-450 grams, when ripe, the color changes to a beautiful brown with green vertical stripes.
«Grungy in the Sky» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15279
1.14 €
Tall, mid-season, very productive variety, bush up to 1.8 m high, regular leaves, medium-sized fruits, rounded, weighing 60-110 grams, yellow-orange-red, shiny, yellow flesh, juicy, sweet, fragrant.
«The Grinch» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15293
1.14 €
Tall, mid-season, high-yielding variety with powerful bushes, up to 1.8 m high, green cream with shiny skin, almost transparent like gooseberries, drop-shaped, weighing 10-15 grams, juicy pulp, very sweet taste, dense, crispy.
«Golden blue berries» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15297
1.14 €
Tall, early, high-yielding variety, fruits are sweet, rounded, interesting yellow-violet-brown color, weighing 10-20 grams.
«Marconi Golden» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15302
1.14 €
An early variety for open and closed ground, golden-colored fruits, large, attractive, truncated cone-shaped, have a good aroma and a harmonious sweet taste.
«Galician» - Organic Onion Seeds NEW
Product code: 15317
1.14 €
Universal mid-season variety, vegetation period 110-112 days. The bulb is round, weighing up to 250 grams. The color of dry scales is yellow, juicy scales are white, the taste is spicy, for growing in homogeneous cultures, high keeping quality - 97%.
«Gull» - Organic Onion Seeds NEW
Product code: 15316
1.14 €
Universal mid-season variety, vegetation period 110-118 days. The bulb is elongated-rounded, weighing up to 250 grams. The color of dry scales is yellow, juicy scales are white, the taste is sharp, for growing in homogeneous cultures.
«Extra Grano Violetto» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 15205
1.50 €
A unique, very early, super-sweet variety with excellent taste, forms strong bushes up to 80 cm high, with large green pods (6-8 flat-round beans per pod).
«Cossack Girl» - Organic Melon Seeds NEW
Product code: 15174
1.14 €
An early, high-yielding variety, ripens 70 days after germination, medium climbing, round-oval fruits, medium-sized, yellow-green, weighing 2-3 kg, thin skin, light cream flesh, high taste.
«Gray Bell» - Organic Watermelon Seeds NEW
Product code: 15169
1.50 €
The variety is mid-season, high-yielding, characterized by excellent transportability and keeping quality, oval fruits, weighing up to 7 kg (some up to 12 kg), light gray-green with marble veins, thin-skinned, the flesh is intense pink, tender and juicy.
«Golden» - Organic Melon Seeds NEW
Product code: 15172
1.14 €
An early ripe variety, the growing season from germination to the beginning of ripening is 79-80 days, the fruits are round-oval, medium in size, the surface is smooth, lemon-yellow in color, the flesh is white, with a creamy tint, tender, sweet.
«Golden Dust» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15150
1.14 €
An early ripe determinant variety, a strong semi-standard bush, round, incredibly fleshy, thick-walled, golden-orange fruits, weighing 80-120 grams, sweet taste with a slight, pleasant sourness.
«Frazier’s Gem» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15148
1.14 €
Mid-early determinant variety, fruits are dark red, round, even, without cracks and spots at the stem, dense, fleshy, very tasty, sweet, weighing 100-250 grams.
«Giant White» - Organic Ipomoea Seeds NEW
Product code: 15128
1.50 €
An annual climbing plant, up to 3 m high, flowers are large funnel-shaped, white, up to 6-8 cm in diameter, open only during the day, in cloudy weather and at night they close, used for vertical gardening.
«Giant African Bushel Basket Gourd» - Organic Calabash Seeds NEW
Product code: 15021
1.14 €
A wonderful, late variety of dish pumpkin, the fruits are very large, round, with a diameter of 30-50 cm, appreciated by artisans for their beautiful round shape, wonderful baskets or containers can be made from them.
«Greek» - Organic Bean Seeds (Vicia faba) NEW
Product code: 15024
1.50 €
Annual plants belong to the legume family, the roots of the beans are pivotal, the branched ones penetrate very deeply into the depths, the plant reaches a height of 150 cm, can be used in cooking and medicine.
«Kettle Gourd» - Organic Calabash Seeds NEW
Product code: 15022
1.14 €
Lagenaria with large fruits, 10-25 cm in diameter with a flat bottom, which will attract attention on any porch, ideal for bowls, vases, lamps, wood carvings, wood burning.
«Purple Smudge Gold» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15015
5.00 €
Mid-season variety, bush height 50-70 cm, cuboid fruits, weight 150-200 grams, dark yellow with anthocyanin, wall thickness 6-8mm, sweet and aromatic, used for fresh salads and preparations for the winter.
«Green» - Organic Atriplex Hortensis Seeds NEW
Product code: 13296
1.50 €
One of the few plants that does not require care at all, it grows itself, ripens itself, crumbles itself and sprouts itself in early spring throughout the site, it can be used as a background plant, planting in small groups in the background of a flower g
«Oaxacan Green» - Organic Corn Seeds NEW
Product code: 13659
1.14 €
Mid-season and very high 2.5-3m in height, cobs are long - up to 20cm, the color of the grains is from yellow-green to emerald and olive, when collecting seeds you need to select only green shades, this variety of corn can be boiled, fried and frozen.
«Griechische milde Peperoni» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 15009
1.14 €
An early ripe fruitful variety, bush height 80cm, elongated cylindrical fruit shape, weight 50-80 grams, red color, sweet taste, walls of medium thickness, intended for greenhouses and open ground.
«Gull» - Organic Melon Seeds NEW
Product code: 14951
1.14 €
Medium early variety, medium-leafy plants, oval, smooth, yellow-orange fruit, with a medium net, marketable fruit weight 1.0–1.2 kg (up to 2.5 kg), medium pulp, creamy white, tender, juicy, sweet.
Organic Georgian Maple Seeds (Acer ibericum) NEW
Product code: 12460
1.14 €
A short, up to 8m, tree with a tent-like crown, gray bark of the trunk and light brown young shoots with numerous whitish lenticels, in which the leaves are 3-lobed, leathery, shiny, glaucous-green and glabrous above.
«Red Giant» - Organic Mustard Seeds NEW
Product code: 12944
1.14 €
An annual plant of the cabbage family, 35-40 cm high. At a young age, it forms a rosette of compact, juicy and delicate leaves. The color of the leaves is green with dark red streaks and a crimson edge. Salad mustard is widely used in cooking.
«Gilea» - Organic Pumpkin Seeds NEW
Product code: 11264
1.14 €
Mid-season variety, fruits are spherical, short-cylindrical, red-brown with a pink tinge, fruit weight is 7 kg, the bark is thin, dense, the flesh is red-orange, 4-8 cm thick, crispy, sweet.
Product code: 3374
3.00 €
Though many of the plants in the Hibiscus genus grow in tropical or semitropical regions, several hardier species such as this one are native to North America. Experimental gardener Thomas Jefferson included this species of hibiscus in his list.
Product code: 13669
1.14 €
A variety of sweet peppers such as Gogoshar, mid-ripening, tomato-shaped, large, ribbed fruits, weighing 150-200 grams, great for salads, preservation, stuffing, freezing.
Product code: 13099
1.14 €
An annual plant up to 80 cm tall, thermophilic, photophilous, fairly drought tolerant, prefers fertile, moderately moist soils, is widely used for flower beds and as a potted plant.
Product code: 13143
1.14 €
A wonderful early variety of bright salad with crispy leaves of a sweet taste, has a solid, half-raised rosette, weighing up to 500 grams, the leaves have an intense red-violet color, the edges are wavy, very attractive.
Product code: 13319
1.14 €
This is a mid-early tomato variety, indeterminate bush, 100-120 centimeters high, the fruit is red, flat-round, juicy, weighing 200-300 grams, has a long storage period.
Product code: 13335
1.14 €
Mid-season undersized variety of tomatoes, the shape of the fruit is hollow cream, great for stuffing, the average weight of tomatoes is 70-100 grams.
Product code: 13437
1.14 €
Japanese type of mustard salad with green leaves, an early variety, the period from sowing to harvest does not exceed 25 days, the taste is spicy with a light aroma of freshly ground pepper, unique and special, helps to strengthen the immune system.
Product code: 13580
1.14 €
The tree can withstand up to -30 ° C, the crown of the plant is regular, conical, needles 2-4 cm long. The tree can grow in partial shade, but loves fertile soils, an excellent decoration for gardens and parks. single and group landings.
Product code: 13596
1.14 €
A shrub with a height of 20-150 cm with multiple thorns, berries are globular, dark purple, with a diameter of 4-9 mm, used for the prevention of cancer, atherosclerosis, heart disease and other ailments, as well as for the rejuvenation of the body.
Product code: 13126
1.14 €
An early ripe variety with good taste, the average weight is from 8 to 10 kg, the fruits are round-cuboid, the roots are strong, the leaves are impressive in size, it is unpretentious, high productivity, excellent transportability.
Product code: 13121
1.14 €
A mid-season, tall cultivar of large-fruited tomatoes, recommended for cultivation in a greenhouse, in the southern regions - in open ground, the fruits are in the form of a barrel with an asymmetrical ribbing, large, at the maturity stage of red color, w
Product code: 13122
1.14 €
Mid-season large-fruited tomato variety for greenhouses and open ground, which has bright yellow fruits, flattened - rounded, fleshy and sweet, is used for summer salads and home cooking.
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