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«Striped mix» - Organic Carnation seeds NEW
Product code: 2895
1.14 €
A variety of annual carnation, 40-60cm high, double, fragrant flowers, 5-8cm in diameter, of various colors, with dark strokes or edging along the edge of the petals.
«Snow carpet»- Organic Alyssum seeds NEW
Product code: 3145
1.14 €
Flowering begins in June and lasts until autumn; for continuous flowering, faded inflorescences are periodically cut off and used to decorate flower beds, rocky slides and balcony boxes.
«Sugar mix» - Organic Marigold Seeds NEW
Product code: 13081
1.14 €
An annual plant with compact bushes, 30-40 cm high, with erect side shoots, inflorescences with a diameter of 5-7 cm, double, yellow-orange in color.
«Candy strip» - Organic Zinnia Seeds NEW
Product code: 13091
1.14 €
One of the popular varieties of graceful zinnia, plant height up to 60cm, inflorescences are double and semi-double baskets of various colors with stripes and specks, with a diameter of 6-7cm.
«Spermint» - Organic Mint seeds NEW
Product code: 15931
1.14 €
A spicy perennial that has a pleasant, refreshing scent and has been used for home medicinal purposes since ancient times, the fresh young leaves of this refreshing crop are perfect for decorating desserts, adding sauces and drinks.
Product code: 12721
1.94 €
A beautiful and productive plant with dark leaves, early, from planting to ripening 80-90 days, the fruits at the beginning are dark purple, then turn into green and brown, and when fully ripened, they are dark red, lilac flowers.
Product code: 13676
1.50 €
An early ripe variety for growing in open ground, on balconies, in indoor conditions in pots of 2 liters or more, fruits are small, grow in bunches, directed upwards, cone-shaped, at the beginning - dark lilac, then red-orange, weighing 5 grams.
«Purple Sunrise» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15906
1.14 €
Medium-sized, mid-ripening, very productive variety, bush 120 cm high, fruits weighing 100-350 grams, flat-round, blue-yellow, fleshy, tasty, sweet.
«OSU Blue Striped» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 15910
1.14 €
Mid-season, medium-growing, very productive, good variety. The bushes are not thickened, with large semi-potato leaves, 120 cm high. The fruits are round-flat, very black, turning down to blue-violet tones, weighing 100-140 grams.
«Starfall» - Organic Petunia Seeds NEW
Product code: 143
1.14 €
An annual plant, the stems are erect, branched, 25-40 cm high. Flowers with a pleasant aroma, simple, 5-10 cm in diameter, funnel-shaped, red, pink or purple with wide white stripes.
«Blue Star» - Organic Petunia Seeds NEW
Product code: 621
1.14 €
An annual plant with creeping side shoots, 50-70cm long, funnel-shaped flowers, 7-9cm in diameter, blue with a white star, completely covering the plant during flowering.
«Scarlet glitter» - Organic Nasturtium Seeds NEW
Product code: 1500
1.14 €
An annual plant with creeping stems 120-250 cm long, the flowers are beautiful, fragrant, painted bright red.
«Sensation» - Organic Cosmos Seeds NEW
Product code: 1469
1.14 €
An annual plant with branched stems, 80-100 cm high, reed flowers, 7-10 cm in diameter, white, pink, red and crimson in color.
«Scabiosa mix» - Organic Zinnia Seeds NEW
Product code: 653
1.14 €
An annual plant, powerful, spreading bushes, erect stems, 50-80 cm high, inflorescences in the form of hemispheres of tubular flowers, surrounded by single-row reed flowers, 8-10 cm in diameter, of various bright colors.
«Sailor» - Organic Eggplant Seeds NEW
Product code: 2897
1.14 €
A mid-early variety, a bush 60-70 cm high, slightly spreading, the fruits are large, elongated-cylindrical in shape, lilac in color with white-yellow stripes, 18-20 cm long, weighing 200-400 grams.
«Salad» - Organic Mustard Seeds NEW
Product code: 528
1.14 €
Annual plant, 25-35 days, leaves are elongated oval, light green in color, juicy, with a pleasant pungent taste.
«Snow Queen» - Organic Salad Seeds NEW
Product code: 7990
1.14 €
An early ripe cabbage variety of the “Iceberg” type, the growing season from germination to technical ripeness is 50-60 days, forms large round heads of cabbage, of medium density, weighing up to 800 grams.
«Sorel» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 1192
1.14 €
An annual plant, a strong, columnar-shaped bush, 60-70 cm high, densely double inflorescences, large, 12-13 cm in diameter, ruby red in color, long reed petals twisted into tubes, giving the inflorescences a decorative appearance.
«Italian striped» - Organic Sqash Seeds NEW
Product code: 15904
1.14 €
An early-ripening variety, the fruits are long, green in color with long creamy stripes, the fruits last a long time, are productive and tasty, bear fruit until frost.
«Slavko» - Organic Cucumber Seeds NEW
Product code: 3183
1.14 €
Mid-early self-pollinating hybrid for open and closed ground, the growing season from germination to fruiting is 45-55 days.
«Shepherd» - Organic Pepper Seeds NEW
Product code: 516
1.14 €
This is an early ripening variety of sweet pepper, the fruits are cherry-red in color, elongated cone-shaped with a pointed tip, up to 20 cm long, weighing 180-250 grams, the pulp is juicy and sweet, 7-9 mm thick.
«Sweet tooth» - Organic Carrot Seeds NEW
Product code: 13776
1.14 €
Mid-ripening variety, the period from germination to technical ripeness is 110-115 days, the root crops are small, cylindrical-cone-shaped with a blunt tip, 16-18 cm long, weighing 90-150 grams, red-orange in color.
Organic Switchgrass Seeds / Panicum NEW
Product code: 15851
1.14 €
This is a perennial, deciduous ornamental grass, like grass, gray-blue with a blue-violet tint, the leaves form hard, vertical persistent clumps, very showy. In autumn the leaves turn yellow. Panicum blooms from August to September.
«Sherbet» - Organic Calendula Seeds NEW
Product code: 15848
1.14 €
An annual plant, an erect bush, up to 30 cm high, flowers up to 5 cm in diameter, double, apricot-pink in color, used mainly for group plantings, borders, borders and for cutting, has good medicinal properties.
«Sugar Bonn» - Organic Pea Seeds NEW
Product code: 15837
1.14 €
An early variety of sugar peas, until technical ripeness is 52 days, the ripening of the beans is uniform, the beans are large, up to 7-8 cm, saber-shaped, with 6-9 sweet peas, used for preservation and fresh consumption.
«Purple space» - Organic Carrot Seeds NEW
Product code: 15836
1.14 €
A late variety of carrots, the growing season from germination to technical ripeness is 135 days, the shape of the fruit is conical, the weight of the fruit is 140-170 grams, the variety is well stored, used fresh and for processing.
«Snow peak» - Spurge Organic Seeds NEW
Product code: 15835
1.14 €
A plant with erect stems 50-80 cm tall, with numerous, oval, light green leaves, average size up to 5 cm, edged with an extremely beautiful white, like silver, border, milkweed flowers are small and inconspicuous, appear in July.
«Sweet Gold» - Organic Corn Seeds NEW
Product code: 15831
1.14 €
Early ripening variety, growing season 73-75 days, plant height 170 - 180 cm, lays the first head at a height of 60 cm, head length 22-25 cm, with 16-18 rows of large grains, very sweet, juicy, does not age for a long time.
«Spring» - Organic Scallion Seeds NEW
Product code: 15829
1.14 €
An early-ripening variety, grows in one place for 3-4 years, in early spring it produces green shoots, which for a long time retain a delicate and juicy taste, this is facilitated by a thick landing of a bow, during the vegetation the leaves...
«Start» - Organic Sorrel Seeds NEW
Product code: 15826
1.14 €
Early, high -product, broad -leaved variety, sheet length length - up to 20 cm, width of the sheet plate - up to 8 cm, the shape of the leaf top is dull, resistant to adverse conditions, diseases, dining room use.
«Skyland» - Organic Hyssop Seeds NEW
Product code: 15823
1.14 €
An herbaceous annual with a powerful tap root, young 3-4-day-old ovaries weighing about 10 grams with unripe seeds are used for food; the fruits are a dietary, low-calorie product with a large amount of pectin.
Product code: 12443
1.14 €
Tall shrub or small tree up to 6 m, spreading crown, gray-brown branches, long spines on the branches, leaves are large and thin.
«Spatula» - Organic Bean Seeds NEW
Product code: 15786
1.14 €
Mid-season (technical ripeness occurs in 70 days, harvesting in 90-110 days) variety of vegetable beans, characterized by high calorie content; tender, juicy and meaty beans contain a large amount of protein and sugar.
«Steppe» - Organic Peanut Seeds NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 13859
2.00 €
A late, productive variety with large fruits, it is successfully grown throughout Ukraine, the growing season lasts 120-160 days, the crop is generally unpretentious and stress-resistant.
«Sports» - Organic Lawn grass seeds NEW
Product code: 12663
1.14 €
A high-quality grass mixture recommended for creating grass sports fields and other lawns for active recreation; sports lawns should be characterized by increased resistance to trampling and rapid recovery after load.
Snowberry seeds (Symphoricarpos albus) NEW
Product code: 15716
1.14 €
Deciduous shrub up to 1.5 meters high with thin shoots, spherical fruits, up to 1 cm in diameter, white, with two seeds inside, inedible, high winter hardiness, unpretentious, tolerates pruning well.
Sequoia sempervirens Seeds NEW
Product code: 1673
4.00 €
An evergreen coniferous tree, reaching 110 m in height and 7.5 m in diameter, one of the tallest trees on Earth, lives up to 2000 years, the only one among conifers has the ability to produce industrial stump shoots and root suckers.
«Sugarleaf» - Organic Stevia Seeds SALE EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 3
0.97 €
1.39 € (Sale: 30%)
A wholesome alternative to processed sugar and chemically-derived artificial sweeteners, Stevia ("sugarleaf") is becoming more and more popular among health-conscious individuals. It's 20 to 30 times sweeter than sugar cane, yet is non-caloric.
Giant sequoia Seeds / Sequoiadendron giganteum NEW
Product code: 15703
1.50 €
It is the tallest tree in the world, growing up to 100 m in height. The trunk diameter is 10-12 m. The oldest sequoia is 3200 years old. Usually the tree reaches at least 30-40 m in height, with a crown diameter of 8-10 m. It grows quite quickly, 10-20 cm
White birch-leaved spirea Seeds / Spiraea betulifolia NEW
Product code: 15697
1.14 €
A tree-like shrub about 50 cm high, used for landscaping roadside areas and places with a lack of irrigation water, it will feel great in your garden and will become your favorite.
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