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«Double Mix» - Organic Moss Roses Seeds
Product code: 12693
1.14 €
Moss Rose ‘Double Mix’ is an arrangement of several Moss Rose varieties that grow 10 to 20 centimetres in height and produce gorgeous double flowers. The flowers have a yellow centre and come in many a colour, which range from white to yellow to red.
Product code: 632
1.14 €
Create a hotbed of long-lasting, tropical color in hot, dry garden spots with Sundial Mix, one of the most vibrantly-hued collections of blooms you will ever see! These 2-inch flowers are fully double and exquisitely formed, nestled above the succulent.
Product code: 3148
1.14 €
These sun-loving plants are easy to start from Moss Rose seeds. Gardeners are rewarded by the Moss Rose flowers and the easy-to-grow, low maintenance ground cover plants that are so versatile and hardy.
Product code: 2886
1.14 €
The Moss Rose is a ground cover plant that many gardeners will turn to for the hottest, driest, most problematic spots in the garden, and it establishes nicely from Moss Rose seeds.
Product code: 3149
1.14 €
Moss Rose seeds are great to grow for intense color and fast spreading plants. These orange Portulaca flowers nearly glow on top the green, succulent foliage! What a great attention-getter! Moss Rose works well as a ground cover plant.