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«Mix» - Organic Foxglove Seeds
Product code: 15349
1.14 €
A perennial beautifully flowering herbaceous plant up to 1.5 m high, the flowers resemble a thimble, of various colors, are used for cutting and in group plantings, in addition, they are used to prepare heart preparations.
Product code: 15348
1.14 €
Perennial beautifully flowering herbaceous plant 120-140 cm high, inflorescences are elegant, large, pyramidal, up to 4 cm long, white, with dark specks inside the flowers, used in prefabricated flower beds, for planting along walls and fencing.
Product code: 11894
1.14 €
Digitalis lanata has a beautiful colouration, from late spring to mid summer it produces tall spikes of densely packed, fawn-coloured flowers each with a pearl coloured lower lip. Each of the blooms is delicately patterned with dark brown veins.
Product code: 11137
1.14 €
Growing Foxglove seeds is a wonderful way to establish this unique Apricot Beauty variety in your flower border. Foxglove apricot produces gorgeous, pastel shades of apricot-orange blooms that are lightly spotted.
Product code: 11136
1.14 €
Many Foxgloves are short-lived biennials, but this is a true perennial. It readily grows from flower seeds, and it gives plenty of colorful blooms. This yellow Foxglove will return for many years gracing the garden or flower border with its elegance.
Product code: 11135
1.14 €
Lending an elegant air and grace to any garden design, the popular, but difficult to find, white Foxglove is a carefree treasure, and it is easily grown from Foxglove seeds! The sturdy 42 inch stalks are fully packed with huge trumpets.
«Purple» - Organic Foxglove Seeds (Digitalis purpurea) NEW
Product code: 10482
1.14 €
Purple foxglove is a perennial plant reaching a height of 1.2–2 m, has large flowers-bells collected in a brush, the main color is purple, the spots inside the corolla are dark red with a white border, very unpretentious. Blooms in June-July.