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«Clery» - Organic Strawberry Seeds
Product code: 12237
2.22 €
Characterized by good vigour and rusticity, it shows a very high tolerance to leaf and root diseases. Leaves are mid-sized, light green, flower is below or even with the foliage, fruit is regular conical shape, bright, medium red in colour, very firm.
Product code: 2898
3.00 €
While they may not produce much fruit the first year, these sprawling plants will eventually yield heavily over a long season. They are considered everbearing and will flower over and over if plants are kept picked. This strawberry is ideal for container.
Product code: 2285
3.00 €
An excellent choice for containers or other uses for seed started strawberries. First it is very early and not day length sensitive so it will fruit as an everbearer - all season long. Secondly it is very large for strawberries of this type.