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«Mix» - Organic Clarkia Seeds
Product code: 12689
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An annual plant 30-90 cm high, strongly branching from the base of the stem and having a pyramidal shape, flowering is very abundant and long, numerous flowers have a variety of colors.
Product code: 1450
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Lilac Godetia is native to Southern California and a few other warm climates. It is also called Farewell-to-Spring. Godetia, easily grown from flower seeds, blooms from late spring into the summer, producing spindly, waxy stems and sparse narrow leaves.
Product code: 582
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Excellent annual cut flower in splendid colors. Flowers from July to September. Abundantly flowering in beds or plantings in group. Easy to grow. Long lasting cut flower. Clarkia pulchella is an annual which self-seeds in dry sites and disturbed areas.
Product code: 4204
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Godetia seeds produce this lovely mix of flowers that are a perfect addition for the flower garden. Godetia, also known as Clarkie, Farewell to Spring, and Satin Flower, is commonly grown across the United States.
Product code: 126
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The common name is Mountain Garland or Garland Flower, and it originated in California. This variety produces blooms with an array of pink, salmon and hues of maroon, and the colors are most striking when planted in groups.
Product code: 6219
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Godetia is a flower native to western North America. It can be found between California and British Columbia. Its scientific name, Clarkia, is named for Captain Clark who was an important pioneer for the United States in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.