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«Star Fall» - Petunia Seeds
Product code: 731
1.14 €
Annual plant. Stems upright, branched, height 25 - 40 cm Flowers with a pleasant aroma, simple, with a diameter of 5-10 cm., Funnel-shaped, and in different colors. Grow through seedlings in March - April, or sowing seeds in open ground in May and June.
Product code: 2145
1.14 €
What a dazzling arrangement of colorful blooms with colors of white, pink, salmon-scarlet, dark blue, azure blue and rose. Petunia plants are the most popular and widely used summer flowering annuals, and they are easily started with Petunia seeds.
Product code: 1515
1.14 €
The cultivar ‘Blue Bedder’ is a vigorous, single, Grandiflora annual with oval, mid-green leaves. Medium blue flowers bloom from summer to autumn. Very compact and uniform. Though commonly thought of as a summer annual.
Product code: 2697
1.14 €
No garden should be without a display of glowing white Petunias! Or, no patio should be without a container with these white flowers spilling over the sides! Either as a bedding plant or a container plant, you will not be disappointed.
Product code: 2733
1.14 €
Start these flower seeds for a southern perennial that provides color from late April through early October. Southern Star Mexican Petunia is low-growing and creates a perennial ground cover, or it can also grow in containers well.
Product code: 2732
1.14 €
The spreading Rainbow petunias just get better and better. Rainbow grow fast and get BIG. You can space plants up to 2 ft. apart, so a dozen will cover a lot of ground. They will flower their hearts out producing hundreds of brilliant 3" blooms in pink.
Product code: 5527
1.14 €
How attractive is a display of sparkling white Petunias in the summer garden! Easy-to-grow from flower seeds, this Grandiflora white combines the best of both worlds as it has the superb garden performance of the smaller flowered Multifloras.
Product code: 4617
1.14 €
Begin the Petunia season a week or two earlier this year with big blooms of every color and pattern offered by the beloved Celebrity series! This mix of the entire series contains solid colors, bicolors.
Product code: 6300
1.14 €
Noted for their narrow window of bloom time in packs, all Dreams varieties flower within 7 days of each other when sown at the same time. As grandifloras with 3 -1/2" blooms, the Dreams are also noted for their holding ability under hot, humid and rainy.