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Organic Lentil Seeds (small-seeded) NEW
Product code: 2525
1.14 €
A high-yielding variety of common green lentils, resistant to extreme environmental factors, drought-resistant, mid-season, grown as an annual herbaceous plant containing up to 26-29% protein, which is more than other legumes.
Product code: 13585
1.14 €
The smallest variety of lentils, the grains are round, black, shiny, like black eggs, hence the name. After boiling, it perfectly retains its shape, has a special unique taste and aroma, as if a whole bunch of aromatic spices have already been added to it
Product code: 13129
1.14 €
It has high drought tolerance and heat resistance + 60 ° С, is characterized by resistance to abiotic stresses - it tolerates spring frosts well in the seedling stage, and can withstand temperature drops to -10 ° С.
Product code: 12086
1.14 €
Petite French Green Lentils have a pleasant, peppery flavor and lovely dark green color. No need to pre-soak these delicious legumes! They cook on the stovetop in just 25 minutes and are a terrific choice for dishes like salads and soups.
Product code: 12085
1.14 €
Organic Lentil sprouts are high in fiber, protein and amino acids, vitamins A, C, B complex and E, iron, calcium and phosphorous. Raw organic red lentil sprouts can have a mild peppery flavor.
Product code: 2526
1.14 €
This healthy and versatile food (yes, the latin name means edible lens!!) is a great staple for anyone interested in healthy, frugal living and is very easy to grow at home. Probably the fastest cooking of all the legume family.