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«Curly Mix» - Organic Sweet Pea Seeds
Product code: 15359
1.14 €
An annual climbing plant, up to 1-2 m high, the flowers are quite large, with a pleasant aroma, the plants are cold-resistant, photophilous, used for vertical gardening, as well as for bouquets.
Product code: 11086
1.39 €
No garden should be without this treasured favorite! Rose Sweet Pea is so easily grown from flower seeds, and it is truly a charming flower producing frilly blooms all summer long. Give scented Sweet Peas something to climb.
Product code: 10747
1.14 €
This dark colored Sweet Pea navy blue will be a deep purple or navy blue depending on soil nutrients. It is one of the darkest blue Sweet Peas in existence. Up to five large, wavy bloom clusters on long, slender stems.
Product code: 568
1.14 €
Royal Sweet Pea vines are an old-fashioned favorite, and they are prized for being so easily grown from Sweet Peas seeds and their charming, scented blooms. This lavender Sweet Pea has an average of 3 - 5 blooms in a cluster.
Product code: 569
1.14 €
Sweet Peas are a very colorful vining plant with large fragrant blooms, and they grow so easily from Sweet Peas seeds. The plant has long stems so it makes an excellent cut flower, and is a wonderful addition to any flower garden.
Product code: 567
1.14 €
This scarlet flowered Sweet Pea blooms profusely all summer long. Its scarlet beauty stands out in any flower garden. Sweet Peas establish readily from flower seeds, and they are an excellent addition. Their beauty is stunning!
Product code: 1350
1.14 €
This very colorful maroon Sweet Pea is one of the best that Lathyrus Odoratus has to offer. This Lathyrus Royal maroon is quick to mature, and in approximately 8 weeks after sowing the Sweet Peas seeds, blooms will begin to emerge.
Product code: 122
1.14 €
Many people think of Sweet Peas climbing up trellises, lamp posts, or fences. White Sweet Peas flowers are also extremely popular for weddings and floral arrangements as they make a great cut flower!