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Organic Lupin white Seeds (Lupinus albus) NEW
Product code: 1439
1.14 €
A perennial plant from the genus of the legume family, it has a branching stem up to 1.5 m high, palmate leaves, an inflorescence - a vertical raceme, flowers of bright colors.
«Golubivska 25» - Organic Sudan grass seeds NEW
Product code: 13134
1.14 €
The main direction of use of this variety is growing for hay. According to its characteristics, the plant’s height for cutting is 170-240 cm, for harvesting for grain - 210-280 cm, and has increased bushiness from 6 to 12 thin-walled stems.
«Blonde» - Organic Sudan grass seeds NEW
Product code: 13135
1.14 €
This variety of Sudanese grass is used for growing both for green fodder and for hay. According to its characteristics, the height of the plant at the first mowing is 130-165 cm, the height of the plants before the second mowing reaches 90-120 cm.
Organic Lupine fodder Seeds NEW
Product code: 13154
1.14 €
It is widely used in agriculture for feeding poultry, fish and large animals, both industrially and at home; the percentage of protein that is easily absorbed by the animal’s body is especially valued.
Organic Lupine alkaloid seeds NEW
Product code: 13153
1.14 €
Lupine has the ability to decompose phosphorus into forms of phosphate that are inaccessible to other crops. Possessing the highest ability to strengthen atmospheric nitrogen, lupine guarantees the provision of it not only for itself, but also for the sub
Organic Rapeseed seeds NEW
Product code: 1507
1.14 €
An annual winter or spring plant of the genus Brassica of the cruciferous family, the flowers are small, yellow, rarely white, the pods are long, narrow, the seeds contain fat from 33-50%, when sown in autumn it is a good early spring honey plant.
Pea field seeds (green manure) NEW
Product code: 9552
1.14 €
Green manure is a green manure, fodder and melliferous crop, valued for its early ripening (one of the best among legumes), which makes it possible to use it in intercrops before or after winter crops.
Chinese Mustard Seeds NEW
Product code: 11838
1.14 €
An annual oil plant, as a green manure, it actively releases sparingly soluble phosphates, normalizes the acid-base balance of the soil, can grow on any soil from very acidic to alkaline, germinates quickly and grows quickly, a good honey plant.
Organic Wintercress seeds NEW
Product code: 12550
1.14 €
A perennial plant with lower lyre-pinnately dissected leaves with a large rounded-oval terminal lobe, a good honey plant; autumn sowings provide early green food in the spring.