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Organic Honey Locust Seeds (Gleditsia Triacanthos)
Product code: 6525
3.00 €
Honeylocust is a fast growing deciduous flowering tree which is very tolerant of alkaline soils, salty soils and urban conditions. Young specimens can put on 2 to 3 feet of growth per year. Honeylocust usually obtains a height of 40 to 80 feet.
Product code: 10746
1.14 €
Silky, dark-purple flowers add a dramatic dimension to gardens and a lovely deep, rose-purple color to herb teas. Like other members of the mallow family, it helps sooth irritated mucous membranes. Described as early as 1629 by John Parkinson.
Product code: 11592
12.00 €
Just like juicing raw cannabis leaves for their nutritional benefit, eating shelled hemp and raw cannabis seeds is also becoming more popular. “Hemp hearts” tend to have a light, nutty flavor and are extremely nutritious.
Product code: 4329
1.14 €
Wow, what an incredibly unique and attractive annual that can be established so easily from Amaranthus seeds! As shown in this image from Auburn University, Hot Biscuits Amaranthus plants are topped with clusters of ginger orange or cinnamon colored.
Product code: 10506
1.14 €
Houndstongue is a distinctive, greyish and downy biennial with broad lanceolate leaves and clusters of maroon red flowers. In bloom from May to August. Houndstongue is a biennial of dry, base rich soils on ground that is subject to regular disturbance.
Product code: 10524
1.14 €
Marrubium Vulgare Horehound can be established from herb seeds and harvested the first year. This woody perennial has hairy stems covered with 2-inch, toothed, downy, gray-green leaves. The leaves have a wooly crinkled appearance.
Product code: 8072
3.00 €
The japanese hop with the scientific name Humulus japonicus belongs to the family of hemp (Cannabaceae). Its origin leads to China, Japan and Korea aswell as the tropical Asia with Vietnam. During the late 1500s it was imported to the USA as neophyte.
Product code: 10895
6.10 €
Armillaria mellea, commonly known as honey fungus, is a basidiomycete fungus in the genus Armillaria. It is a plant pathogen and part of a cryptic species complex of closely related and morphologically similar species.
«Havana Z 299» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW
Product code: 10129
1.14 €
Havana Z299 is a tall growing plant reaching over 7' in height and reaching maturity in only 55-60 days. It averages 22-24 harvestable leaves which average 14" by 20" with good uniformity and has little to no suckering before topping.
«Harmanli» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW
Product code: 5885
1.14 €
Harmanli is a rare variety grown mainly in Bulgaria. This is a very large growing tobacco for an oriental type, reaching 8'-9' in height and producing up to 35 leaves per plant. The leaves average 14" to 16" wide and up to 24" in length.
«Talgar» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds NEW
Product code: 1505
1.14 €
The high-yielding skinned variety, on productivity approaches the Moldavian variety. It has a high yield of higher commercial tobacco. Sowing: end of April - beginning of May. Seeding rate: 3.5-4.0 grams per hundred.
Product code: 4339
1.14 €
This is a wonderful tobacco leaf for cigars, making a good filler and binder that imparts a deep, rich flavor to cigars. Leaves are darker, long and narrow, and offer a good high yield harvest.
Manchurian Fir Seeds (Abies Holophylla) NEW
Product code: 12424
1.14 €
Manchurian Fir (Abies holophylla) The Manchurian Fir tree is native to mountain regions of Russia, Northern Korea and China. It grows in elevations up to 5,000 feet. The Manchurian Fir tree grows in pyramidal form up to 100 feet tall.
Organic Sea Buckthorn Seeds (Hippophae Rhamnoides) NEW
Product code: 837
1.14 €
With plenty to recommend it, Sea Buckthorn is widely used for healing in Asia and Europe, where it is valued as a potent anti-oxidant, a source for Vitamin C and a healing oil. The attractive small tree or shrub, also called Seaberry.
Product code: 1681
1.14 €
Hawthorn is extensively planted as a hedge plant, especially for agricultural use. Its long, sharp spines and close branching habit render it effectively stock and human proof with regular annual maintenance.
Product code: 3693
1.14 €
Organic Common hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus) A very hardy tree, at first glance similar looking to Green Beech but tolerates poor soils better than beech. Although it prefers a deep open loam including chalk it is also suitable for heavy wet soils.
Product code: 6471
1.14 €
The Native Horse Chestnut tree, Aesculus hippocastanum, is large and spreading, suitable only for parks and big gardens. It will grow in any reasonably fertile soil and it is quite shade tolerant. Common Horse Chestnut trees can reach height of about 30m.
Product code: 11494
1.14 €
Hibiscus syriacus, the common garden Hibiscus is also called Rose of Sharon. It is a flowering shrub native to much of Asia. It is vase-shaped, reaching 2-4 meters in height. Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea.
Product code: 11493
1.14 €
Hibiscus syriacus, the common garden Hibiscus is also called Rose of Sharon. It is a flowering shrub native to much of Asia. It is vase-shaped, reaching 2-4 meters in height. Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea.
Product code: 2427
1.39 €
This venerable plant is loved and hated for the same reason - it grows fast and covers everything. Most people love the deep green glen it creates as it covers the ground, and also any tree trunk it reaches - with plenty of moisture, it'll climb to 50 ft.
Product code: 11519
3.00 €
Corylus colurna (Turkish hazel) is a tree native to southeast Europe and southwest Asia, from the Balkans through northern Turkey to northern Iran. It is the largest species of hazel, reaching 25 m (82 ft) tall, with a stout trunk up to 1.5 m.
«Hardy Kiwi» - Organic Actinidia Arguta Seeds NEW
Product code: 3522
1.14 €
From Japan and China, where it can be found climbing to the tops of the tallest trees, comes this rather fine, strong-growing, twining climber with bristly-toothed leaves and bearing in summer clusters of three or so fragrant.
«Hylander» - Organic Setaria Italica Seeds NEW
Product code: 10244
1.14 €
Grow Setaria italica seeds for a vigorous, robust annual millet that has many uses. Known as Foxtail Millet, Setaria Macrocheata is used in dried and fresh cut flower arrangements to give vertical accent.
Product code: 6703
1.14 €
Short-term, legume green manure for nitrogen fixation. Sow spring to late summer with or without grain, grass, or field peas. When sown late summer, spring regrowth is vigorous and nitrogen producing for tilling in before planting the spring garden crops.
«Honey Select» - Organic Corn Seeds NEW
Product code: 1291
1.14 €
Recent conventional corn breeding has produced this outstanding triplesweet with two types of kernels on each cob: 75% sugary enhanced (SE), and 25% super sweet (sh2). Honey Select corn seeds were bred for the home gardener.
«Hopi Blue» - Organic Corn Seeds NEW
Product code: 11518
1.14 €
Considered a staple corn of the Hopi people, this corn can be eaten as a sweet corn when young, or allowed to dry it can be used to make flour. Hopi Blue has a higher protein content than a dent corn and makes wonderful tortillas.
Product code: 558
1.14 €
Starting Helipterum seeds is an easy and rewarding way to grow this lovely annual. The Helopterum seed mix will produce blooms with yellow centers and papery petals in shades of white and rose. Helipterum flowers are excellent for cutting and drying.
Product code: 11051
1.14 €
Here is another hardy perennial that is grown from Helenium seed. Commonly called Mountain Helenium, Orange Sneezeweed or Owl's Claws, this Helenium Hoopesii grows from a taproot, so propagation from flower seeds is recommended.
«Holborn Glory» - Organic Sweet William Seeds NEW
Product code: 99
1.14 €
Sweet William ‘Holborn Glory’ is a very unusual, yet highly decorative variety. Similarly to other plants of this lovely family, this one is a biennial plant that grows around 50 centimetres in height.
Product code: 2300
1.14 €
Dainty, small-headed pansies in shades of purple, violet, cream and yellow, appear in profusion for a long period throughout the summer. The flowers of this annual or short-lived perennial are edible and can be used to garnish puddings or add to salads.
Product code: 1904
1.14 €
Start scarlet Strawflower seed and produce these beautiful 2 inch wide daisy-like blooms. They also come in shades of bronze, cream, pink, purple, white and yellow. The flowers bloom on top of stems that reach 36 to 40 inches in height.
Product code: 11897
1.14 €
Flowers yellow on upright, dusty gray foliage. Grows to about 2 feet. Highly aromatic plant resembles the aroma of curry–used sparingly as a culinary spice. More significantly, this is the verified and primary source of a rather famous.
Product code: 1905
1.14 €
Popular for fresh bouquets and dried floral arrangements, Strawflower is an excellent addition to containers or sunny borders. It establishes readily from Helichrysum seeds, and from late spring to fall.
Product code: 1903
1.14 €
Easy and fast growing from Helichrysum seed, Strawflower, is a hardy perennial native to Australia. In most areas of the United States, however, it is grown as a summer annual. The 36-40 inch tall plants have 5 inch long lance-shaped leaves.
«Hella» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 1317
1.14 €
"Hella" Princess aster (Callistephus chinensis) is an annual plant developing an erect and compact habit, reaching 50-80 cm in height. Abundant blooming and beauty of its crimson, cherry-red flowers that gather in large inflorescences atop the main stem.
«Hawaii» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 547
1.14 €
The "Hawaii" Aztec marigold, as this plant is commonly called, will reign on every border. It will look great planted alongside fences or buildings' walls. You may also use it as cut flower, as it remains fresh and great-looking in vases.
«Hosta Royal Standard» - Organic Hosta Seeds NEW
Product code: 12397
1.14 €
Large mounds of wavy, green, glossy, pointed leaves demonstrate both sun and drought tolerance. Fragrant, white flowers appear on 35" to 40" scapes in late summer; fragrance is most pronounced in the evening.
Product code: 2299
3.00 €
Grow your own Hostas from seed and discover how exciting and rewarding these gorgeous foliage plants can be! Perfect for shady borders and beds, the varieties in this mix represent some of the newest and best in Hosta breeding today.
Product code: 1489
1.14 €
When it comes to sheer, delightful old-fashioned charm, hollyhocks can't be topped. The tall spikes, covered with huge crystal-pink double flowers, bloom like mad from June through August.
Product code: 1895
1.14 €
When it comes to sheer, delightful old-fashioned charm, hollyhocks can't be topped. The tall spikes, covered with huge crystal-red double flowers, bloom like mad from June through August.
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