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«Terry Mix» - Organic Matthiola Seeds
Product code: 12690
1.14 €
With their spicy, clove-like scent, and tall sturdy stems, these stocks make fantastic cut flowers that bring fragrance and colour to your home.
Product code: 11567
1.14 €
An annual plant with a height of 20-50 cm, flowers are small, 1.5-2 cm in diameter, lilac-purple in color, during flowering they emit a strong and pleasant aroma, blooms for a long time, to extend the flowering period, mattiola is sown again after 14 days
Product code: 11064
1.14 €
Growing Stock seeds is very rewarding! The sturdy stems are filled with tightly clustered blooms. This garden Stock has crimson red blooms, and it gives a stunning display. Because of the sweet, spicy fragrance of red Stock Flowers.
Product code: 2705
1.14 €
This rare British native plant hold sprays of beautiful, fragrant, lavender-pink flowers from early summer onwards. Grey-green, flowering stems arise from an impressive rosette of grey, scallop-edged leaves.
Product code: 4125
1.14 €
Night Scented Stock is a compact growing plant that produces mounds of small, lilac-colored blossoms with powerful lily-like scent. The Evening Scented Stock flowers open in the late afternoon to evening and emits delightful fragrance that fills the cool.