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«Firework» - Organic Watercress Seeds
Product code: 539
1.14 €
A delightful salad plant either by itself or tossed with other salad ingredients and delicious with cheese sandwiches or with a cheese dip - it even makes superb cold soups. The dark green peppery flavoured leaves of Water Cress are rich in vitamins.
Product code: 1467
1.14 €
Start Ornamental Cabbage seeds to create a colorful bed that is cold tolerant and easy-to-maintain. Ornamental Cabbage uses include edging the flower border or planting in containers for fall and winter interest.
Product code: 3090
1.14 €
Salsola komarovii, is considered one of Japan’s oldest vegetables. A gourmet speciality, popularly known as Okahijiki, it gets its name from the fact that it looks like seaweed (hijiki), but grows on land (oka).
Product code: 6754
1.14 €
Okra, also known as gumbo, is a warm-weather vegetable that thrives in the long, hot summers of the southern United States. Although okra loves hot weather, it can successfully be grown in cooler Northern climates as well.
Product code: 10890
6.10 €
Pink Oyster mushrooms are truly spectacular in their vibrant pink color. Our pink oyster strain is the pleurotus djamor var. roseus and is the most vibrant strain with pink gills. The vibrant pink varies by age and light conditions.
Product code: 10545
6.10 €
This mushroom has long been a favorite of mushroom hunters. Indoor cultivation is exceptionally easy as this species will grow on a very wide variety of substrates including straw, hardwood sawdust, paper by-products, soybean waste and much more.
Product code: 1001
1.14 €
The Samsoun Turkish tobaccos are among the best Oriental tobaccos out there. This variety of tobacco with - higher nicotine content now used to a greater shisha tobacco, and as an aromatic ingredient of cigarettes and pipe tobacco.
Product code: 1704
1.14 €
The Oriental Planetree is a large, rounded and handsome shade tree. The cream coloured bark is quite attractive and is exfoliating. Its ornamental bark makes it an interesting specimen in a winter garden. A popular street tree.
Product code: 1661
1.14 €
The Oregon grape is an attractive evergreen shrub that is native to the west coast of North America. Its fruits are blue berries that are borne in clusters and look somewhat like grapes. It is unrelated to the true grapes, however.
Product code: 10373
1.14 €
A beautiful, medium-sized, deciduous tree rarely taller than 10 m, native to China. It forms a stocky trunk that holds a broad crown with large, shallowly lobed, light green leaves. The beautiful, yellowish white flowers are held in large clusters.
Product code: 1691
1.39 €
The trees range from 40–60 feet (12–18 m) high with short trunk and round-topped head. The juice is milky and acrid. The roots are thick, fleshy, covered with bright orange bark.
Organic Oats Seeds (Avena) NEW
Product code: 6102
1.14 €
Early maturing and good standing with very high yields. A good choice for underseeding with a legume. Oats are a quick-growing green manure. For winter cover, sow by early Sept. in the North, slightly later farther south.
Product code: 10526
1.14 €
Introduced, perennial, nitrogen-fixing legume with stout, erect to nearly-erect, hollow, succulent stems, up to 4 ft. in height. Sainfoin is quickly gaining popularity in the U.S. and Canada as a non-bloat forage alternative to alfalfa.
«Oaxacan Green Popcorn» - Organic Corn Seeds NEW
Product code: 11521
1.39 €
This variety, originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, is a dent corn characterized by green kernels that make it a choice ornamental variety. This type of corn also tends to be high in corn starch and is ideal for grinding into corn meal.
Oilseed Radish Seeds (Raphanus sativus Var. oleiferus) NEW
Product code: 6526
1.14 €
Some varieties of the oilseed radish act as good soil bio fumigant. They are good at killing soil pathogens, pest and also suppressing weeds.
Product code: 4166
1.14 €
African Daisy tolerates a wide range of soil types and occupies areas with 500 to 1500 mm annual rainfall. Like all South African wild flowers, this beauty is best grown in well-draining soil, not heavy loam or clay.
Product code: 11045
1.14 €
African Daisies are one of the loveliest garden flowers. Outsidepride carries several colors of African Daisy seeds including shades of orange, yellow, salmon and a mix of beautiful colors.
Product code: 11051
1.14 €
Here is another hardy perennial that is grown from Helenium seed. Commonly called Mountain Helenium, Orange Sneezeweed or Owl's Claws, this Helenium Hoopesii grows from a taproot, so propagation from flower seeds is recommended.
Product code: 543
1.14 €
Alyssum plants make a great addition to pots, containers, and baskets. Grow as much as you need from Alyssum seeds! The flower seed can be started either indoors before frost season is over or directly outside once temperatures have warmed up.
«Orange mit Auge» - Organic Viola Seeds NEW
Product code: 1446
1.14 €
Garden pansies belong to biennial plants. They take on small habit, growing 15 - 20 cm tall. They are valued for their large, single flowers that consist of five rounded petals. The "Orange mit Auge" variety has orange petals.
«Ofelia» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 1300
1.14 €
"Ofelia" peony-flowered aster (Callistephus chinensis) is an attractive plant that would work in many garden arrangements. This annual plant grows 60 - 80 cm tall. Its large inflorescences resemble peony flowers.
Product code: 1256
1.14 €
A lovely variety with eye-catching, orange flowers. 1½ft (40cm). The well-known Calfornia Poppy - the official State flower of California - is a beautiful annual with lovely blue-grey feathery foliage and flowers borne in profusion throughout.
«Orange Dwarf» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 4623
1.14 €
Masses of small red, golden centred, daisy-like flowers smother this bright plant all summer long. This lovely single marigold has a neat mound-forming habit and finely cut, citrus-scented foliage.
«Elegans Orange» - Organic Zinnia Seeds NEW
Product code: 1270
1.14 €
Profuse and brilliant pompom blooms of color make Zinnia Lilliput a great addition to your flower garden, containers, and along walkways. Grow this annual from Zinnia seeds for gorgeous orange blooms that will brighten any area.
Product code: 578
1.14 €
Calendula seeds are a long time favorite among gardeners because they are easy to start directly outdoors. Calendula is also called Pot Marigold because it is edible and used in many dishes. It is easily grown by sowing flower seeds directly outdoors.
Product code: 6755
1.14 €
Organic nigella seeds are black seeds and have a nutty and slightly smoky, peppery flavour, together with a crunchy texture. Organic nigella is popular in Indian cooking (often as an ingredient of garam masala) and on Jewish rye bread in New York.
Product code: 10220
1.14 €
With a stronger, more aromatic flavor and scent than regular oregano, it is one of the most important herbs of Italian, Greek and Mexican cooking. The flavor stands up to bold flavors like tomatoes, onion, garlic and beef.
Product code: 842
1.14 €
An aromatic, low growing herb, which is ideal for edging paths or filling pots on a sunny patio. The small flowers, which appear in late spring and early summer, come in a range of shades including pink, purple and white and are very attractive to bees.
Product code: 6756
1.14 €
Every herb garden needs Savory seeds! Grow Summer Savory for your garden from herb seeds and season meat and veggies all summer long. As fast as you pick these aromatic leaves, new ones begin to grow!
Product code: 5145
1.14 €
If you haven’t cooked with lovage before then you have missed out on a very flavourful herb. Lovage’s flavour is distinct and greatly appreciated by food aficionados, especially those who claim southern European heritage.
Product code: 1343
1.14 €
Summer savory boasts a warming, peppery scent and taste. One of the essential ingredients in Herbs de Provence (along with rosemary, thyme, and oregano), summer savory is also wonderful alone to season beans, meats, and stuffings.
Product code: 4467
1.14 €
Many herb gardeners are growing Hyssop seeds in their gardens. This hardy perennial likes full sun and well-drained, alkaline soil. It is a bushy plant with woody stems and small leaves. Pollinators love Hyssop flowers!
Organic Rosemary Seeds (Rosmarinus Officinalis) NEW
Product code: 2171
1.14 €
A wonderful addition to the kitchen garden, they also make fine ornamental plants and can be grown as a low, informal hedge - ideally where you can brush past them and release their delicious scent.
Product code: 2713
1.14 €
High-yielding early varieties of all-season parsley to produce green products throughout the season. The leaves are smooth, intensely green with a strong aroma, quickly grows after cutting. During the season, you can get 5-6 slices of marketable products.
Product code: 4410
1.14 €
Ocimum sanctum is a very aromatic species that is used as an incense and for flavouring. Also known as Holy Basil. The herb is warming, has antiseptic qualities, reduces fever and inflammation, clears bacterial infections.
«Omega» - Organic Pea Seeds NEW
Product code: 12575
1.14 €
Mid-season. The period from full germination to the beginning of the technical ripeness of peas 55-58 days. Grieving. The stem is medium in length, the leaves are of the usual type, medium in size, dark green with a grayish tint and a waxy bloom.
«Odessa 17» - Organic Sorrel Seeds NEW
Product code: 12368
1.14 €
It is an early variety. The growing season from germination to the beginning of mass cutting 40-45 days. The socket is raised, sprawling. Leaf elongated-oval shape, green, slightly blistered. The length is 12-16 cm, width 5-8 cm.
Product code: 1072
1.14 €
A unique, sweetly flavoured Ukrainian Salad Onion. Sown at wider spacings it produces thicker stems (almost like mini leeks!) and pungent tubular leaves. Small spaces made easy! Are you feeling left behind by the “grow-your-own” revolution.
Product code: 11733
1.14 €
This is a traditional medium early Japanese type bunching onion. At maturity, the stalk has white shanks up to 20-24" long with 6-7 deep green, thick leaves. These green onions do not form bulbs and do not multiply by division.
Product code: 1762
1.14 €
Titan often grown as an annual. 60-90 days from seeding to cutting. (Welsh Green Onion, Bunching Onion, Spring Onion) Titan, harvestable at any growing stage, despite their name native to Ukraine, and heirloom monocot.
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