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«Gold Princess» - Organic Onion Seeds
Product code: 2124
1.14 €
Very early maturing globe onion that matures weeks earlier than every other variety of onion we grow. The multi-purpose Gold Princess is commonly planted very close together and picked small for pickling, or for little fresh pearl onions.
«Oriental» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds SALE
Product code: 1001
0.57 €
1.14 € (Sale: 50%)
The Samsoun Turkish tobaccos are among the best Oriental tobaccos out there. This variety of tobacco with - higher nicotine content now used to a greater shisha tobacco, and as an aromatic ingredient of cigarettes and pipe tobacco.
«Ostrich Plume Mix» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 12701
1.14 €
A popular variety of Callistephus with long sturdy stems which are ideal for cutting for a vase indoors! Feathery, double flower heads in a sparkling array of colours are borne non-stop from late summer right through until late autumn.
«Orange Dwarf» - Organic Tagetes Seeds NEW
Product code: 4623
1.14 €
Masses of small red, golden centred, daisy-like flowers smother this bright plant all summer long. This lovely single marigold has a neat mound-forming habit and finely cut, citrus-scented foliage.
Product code: 4410
1.14 €
Ocimum sanctum is a very aromatic species that is used as an incense and for flavouring. Also known as Holy Basil. The herb is warming, has antiseptic qualities, reduces fever and inflammation, clears bacterial infections.
Organic Rosemary Seeds (Rosmarinus Officinalis) NEW
Product code: 2171
1.14 €
A wonderful addition to the kitchen garden, they also make fine ornamental plants and can be grown as a low, informal hedge - ideally where you can brush past them and release their delicious scent.
«Omega» - Organic Pea Seeds NEW
Product code: 12575
1.14 €
Mid-season. The period from full germination to the beginning of the technical ripeness of peas 55-58 days. Grieving. The stem is medium in length, the leaves are of the usual type, medium in size, dark green with a grayish tint and a waxy bloom.
«Oxheart Striped» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12554
1.14 €
Indeterminate, mid-season, large-fruited variety. The fruits are heart shaped, pinkish-purple with vertical golden stripes. The flesh is juicy, tender, sweetish. The variety is suitable for growing in open ground and greenhouses using supports.
Scotch Thistle Seeds (Onopordum Acanthium) NEW
Product code: 12545
1.14 €
A magnificent plant. The scotch thistle - the National flower of Scotland. Can reach 8-10 feet in height. It has large triangular stems and huge silver blue leaves that will stand out from a great distance.
«Alabama Red» - Organic Okra Seeds NEW
Product code: 12533
1.14 €
This is a great rare heirloom variety producing fat pods greenish red in colour. The fruits are produced on tall plants and they give extra flavor to soups, stews and sauces as well as being a classic ingredient for curries.
«OSU O Blonde Avec Tetons» - Organic Tomato Seeds NEW
Product code: 12497
1.14 €
Very rare, selected starting from the OSU P20 (Oregon State University). Extremely powerful indeterminate plants. Prolonged plum type with a nipple on its apical end. Juicy, firm and meaty. Good taste.
«Orange mit Auge» - Organic Viola Seeds NEW
Product code: 1446
1.14 €
Garden pansies belong to biennial plants. They take on small habit, growing 15 - 20 cm tall. They are valued for their large, single flowers that consist of five rounded petals. The "Orange mit Auge" variety has orange petals.
«Grandpa Ott» - Organic Ipomoea Seeds NEW
Product code: 6236
1.14 €
This old fashioned annual can easily be grown from Morning Glory seeds. Grandpa Ott Morning Glory is one of the original Bavarian varieties of Morning Glory vine. It was nearly extinct but has made a comeback in recent years.
«Ofelia» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 1300
1.14 €
"Ofelia" peony-flowered aster (Callistephus chinensis) is an attractive plant that would work in many garden arrangements. This annual plant grows 60 - 80 cm tall. Its large inflorescences resemble peony flowers.
Product code: 10361
1.14 €
This easy-to-grow patty pan squash has rich, creamy flavor. Bush growth habit makes it ideal for home gardens or market growers. Most tender when picked at 2” to 3” in diameter. Ready in just 50 days.
Product code: 10839
1.14 €
Onyx has been a top performer year in and year out and its outstanding yields set the standard in the industry. With excellent fruit quality and consumer appeal, Onyx continues to lead the market today.
Product code: 11323
1.14 €
One Ball's attractive and bright-colored fruits are very round - much rounder than Summer Ball, which it replaces. Semi-open, bush habit plants with short spines and very good yields.
Product code: 842
1.14 €
An aromatic, low growing herb, which is ideal for edging paths or filling pots on a sunny patio. The small flowers, which appear in late spring and early summer, come in a range of shades including pink, purple and white and are very attractive to bees.
Product code: 6755
1.14 €
Organic nigella seeds are black seeds and have a nutty and slightly smoky, peppery flavour, together with a crunchy texture. Organic nigella is popular in Indian cooking (often as an ingredient of garam masala) and on Jewish rye bread in New York.
Product code: 4467
1.14 €
Many herb gardeners are growing Hyssop seeds in their gardens. This hardy perennial likes full sun and well-drained, alkaline soil. It is a bushy plant with woody stems and small leaves. Pollinators love Hyssop flowers!
Product code: 5145
1.14 €
If you haven’t cooked with lovage before then you have missed out on a very flavourful herb. Lovage’s flavour is distinct and greatly appreciated by food aficionados, especially those who claim southern European heritage.
Product code: 1343
1.14 €
Summer savory boasts a warming, peppery scent and taste. One of the essential ingredients in Herbs de Provence (along with rosemary, thyme, and oregano), summer savory is also wonderful alone to season beans, meats, and stuffings.
Product code: 6756
1.14 €
Every herb garden needs Savory seeds! Grow Summer Savory for your garden from herb seeds and season meat and veggies all summer long. As fast as you pick these aromatic leaves, new ones begin to grow!
Product code: 2713
1.14 €
High-yielding early varieties of all-season parsley to produce green products throughout the season. The leaves are smooth, intensely green with a strong aroma, quickly grows after cutting. During the season, you can get 5-6 slices of marketable products.
Product code: 10220
1.14 €
With a stronger, more aromatic flavor and scent than regular oregano, it is one of the most important herbs of Italian, Greek and Mexican cooking. The flavor stands up to bold flavors like tomatoes, onion, garlic and beef.
Product code: 1072
1.14 €
A unique, sweetly flavoured Ukrainian Salad Onion. Sown at wider spacings it produces thicker stems (almost like mini leeks!) and pungent tubular leaves. Small spaces made easy! Are you feeling left behind by the “grow-your-own” revolution.
Product code: 8939
1.14 €
Medium late bulb onion variety ready for harvest in 106-110 days. Bulbs are unique drop shaped, 150-170 g (5.64-5.82 oz), 12-15 cm (4.72-5.9in) long and 5 cm (1.96in) wide, covered with shinny light brown colour shell. Popular for great, luscious flavour.
Product code: 11818
1.14 €
Choose Varangian storage onion seeds for a very reliable, medium-sized, round onion with dark-yellow skin and a narrow neck. It cannot be beaten among hard types for long storage.
Product code: 11813
1.14 €
This old time favourite dates back to the early 1800s, and remained a popular commercial crop until the 1990s. Now out of large scale production, we're bringing this flavoursome Heirloom variety back for a new generation of taste-conscious home growers.
Product code: 8922
1.14 €
Red onions are sometimes called a Spanish onion or salad onion. The onion varies in flavor and can be used raw in salads, as well as cooked. It produces a medium-sized, flattened globe with purple-red skin.
Product code: 8937
1.14 €
The first commercial variety of sweet and mild bulb onions available to UK gardeners! The large semi-globe, copper-skinned bulbs of onion are so sweet and juicy they can be eaten raw without being overpowering - ideal for adding to summer salads.
Product code: 11733
1.14 €
This is a traditional medium early Japanese type bunching onion. At maturity, the stalk has white shanks up to 20-24" long with 6-7 deep green, thick leaves. These green onions do not form bulbs and do not multiply by division.
Product code: 12001
1.14 €
Popular, mid-ripening (100-107 days), high-yielding variety. Yielding - 3-4 kg/sq. Small-sized. It is grown in one-year culture from seeds. Bulb is dense, round-flat. Dry scales are golden yellow. Bulb weight 70-90 grams. Very good quality.
Product code: 12067
1.14 €
The standard yellow storage onion for the past century. Bulbs are up to 1” wide and can weigh 4-6 oz. Skin dark yellow and flesh is a pleasing white. Cures very well in the fall and if stored properly will provide crispy spiciness to dishes all winter.
Product code: 4372
1.14 €
This is a medium-ripening, sharp variety of onions. Vegetation period when grown by seeds is 100-115 days. Bulbs are dense, small-sized, the average mass is 90-100 grams, round or round-oblong. Cover husk light brown and dark yellow, flesh - white.
Product code: 12066
1.14 €
This fine large onion has gained a big following in the past several years. Bulbs in excess of 15 oz are possible, but the real virtue of this variety is the quality. Color is a snow-white, centers are bull’s eye single, tops are vigorous.
Product code: 8926
1.14 €
Salad, semi-sharp variety of onion with high frying of bulbs. The mid-ripeness. Vegetation period is 102-114 days. Bulbs of roundishly flat and flat shape, weighing 100-150 grams. The outer scales are attractive purple-red.
Product code: 12000
1.14 €
Mid-ripening (95-115 days), a variety of onions. When sowing seeds in one season forms bulbs (sevok). Bulbs are round-flat, large, weighing up to 300 grams. Color of dry scales yellow, sometimes with a pink tinge, succulent scales.
Product code: 11839
1.14 €
Medium-early onion variety, cultivation of which is produced on fertile, moderately moist, under-fed soil. The vegetative period - 100-110 days from the start of the shoots. The sowing is carried out in the spring.
Product code: 11795
1.14 €
Italian heirloom storage onion with thick, yellow-brown skins and light yellow flesh that is firm, but not fibrous. An early spring planting will dependably yield a nice crop of medium to large sized globe-shaped onions.
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