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Organic Shingled Oak Seeds (Quercus imbricaria)
Product code: 12440
2.00 €
Deciduous tree up to 30m tall, straight trunk with a pyramidal crown, dark green shiny narrow oval leaves with a rich autumn color, differs from most other oaks in leaves that form like laurel.
Product code: 6849
3.00 €
Cultivated in gardens, parks, planted as a soil-strengthening and water-protective plant, silvery leaves, bright bark, fragrant flowers make the sucker a very decorative plant.
Organic Common Oak Seeds (Quercus robur) NEW
Product code: 4297
1.14 €
Oak at the age of 25 years can reach 8.5 m in height, in which the diameter of the trunk at chest level is 20 cm, the diameter of the crown is 3 m, the branches start from the grafting site and grow upward at an acute angle, forming a dense and dense crow
Product code: 12802
1.14 €
Early ripe variety of asparagus bean, beautiful, golden-colored pods, fleshy, juicy, with a very pleasant buttery taste, fruit ripening friendly, the variety is resistant to bacterial and other leguminous diseases, universal use.
Product code: 12759
1.14 €
Productive, early ripe variety, the growing season is 53-58 days, the bush is compact, dwarf, 30-45 cm high, the variety is unpretentious in cultivation, has increased resistance to disease and lodging.
«Opera» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 15425
1.14 €
This is an annual plant, a strong bush, 60-70 cm high, terry inflorescences, large, 13-14 cm in diameter, white, up to 10-15 inflorescences are formed on one plant, used for cutting.
«Opalfoyer» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 15421
1.14 €
An annual plant with powerful erect stems, 50-80 cm high, densely double inflorescences, 8-12 cm in diameter, pink in color, used for decorative design of flower beds, flower beds and cut into bouquets.
«Oksana» - Organic Aster Seeds NEW
Product code: 15420
1.14 €
An annual plant with powerful erect stems, 50-80 cm high, densely double inflorescences, 8-12 cm in diameter, red in color, used for decorative design of flower beds, flower beds and cut into bouquets.
Product code: 14943
1.14 €
An annual tall, powerful and branched plant 70 - 80 cm high, inflorescences-baskets are large, terry, on long strong peduncles, 10 -15 cm in diameter, bright orange in color, flowering lasts from July until severe frosts (October).
Product code: 12708
1.14 €
An annual, highly branched plant, 20-30 cm tall, forms dense, compact bushes with exquisite leaves and a large number of miniature orange blossoms.
Product code: 6755
1.14 €
Organic nigella seeds are black seeds and have a nutty and slightly smoky, peppery flavour, together with a crunchy texture. Organic nigella is popular in Indian cooking (often as an ingredient of garam masala) and on Jewish rye bread in New York.
Product code: 13659
1.14 €
Mid-season and very high 2.5-3m in height, cobs are long - up to 20cm, the color of the grains is from yellow-green to emerald and olive, when collecting seeds you need to select only green shades, this variety of corn can be boiled, fried and frozen.
Product code: 12726
1.14 €
Mid-season for indoor and outdoor soil, the growing season is 55 days, the root crops are large, conical in shape, pink-red in color, with a moderately spicy taste, weighing 100-120 grams.
Product code: 10040
1.14 €
Medium late, head variety, the period from full sprouting to the economic shelf life of 68-75 days, the leaf is light green, whole-edged, fan-shaped, the tissue of the plate is swollen, there is no consolidation along the central vein, the weight of one p
Product code: 13131
1.14 €
Late-ripening variety, cabbages round-flat, dense, juicy, weighing up to 3 kg, in a section of white color, leaves with a waxy coating, the taste of fresh and sauerkraut is high.
Product code: 15396
1.14 €
Mid-early variety of hot peppers, fruits of bright yellow color, oval with thick fleshy walls, with a pronounced taste and aroma of habanero, but almost without sharpness, suitable for fruit salads and as an aromatic addition to sauces.
Product code: 15017
3.00 €
Popular sweet peppers of Spanish origin, have a particularly sweet taste, orange fruits, elongated, cylindrical with edges, 20-30 cm long, weight 80-150 grams, suitable for preservation, lecho, grilling, drying for paprika.
Product code: 15013
3.00 €
Mid-season variety, bush height 50-70 cm, cuboid fruits, weight 200-300 grams, bright orange color, sweet taste, thick walls, fleshy, great for fresh salads and any preservation, intended for greenhouses and open ground.
Product code: 13679
1.14 €
The growing season is 180 days, the fruits ripen from green to olive, one of the earliest rocoto, for the preparation of various aromatic hot sauces, salsa, jams and fresh food, the fruits are suitable for freezing.
Product code: 12977
1.14 €
The variety was obtained by crossing Pemagreen sweet pepper (it remains green when fully ripened) with hot Jalapeno Early pepper, the fruits are yellow in color, juicy, fleshy, thick walls and fruity aroma.
Product code: 12924
1.14 €
Large-fruited variety, bush powerful, 80-100 cm high, cubic fruits, 12x12 cm, weighing 200-400 grams, wall thickness 8-10 mm, in biological ripeness of a beautiful orange color, juicy, aromatic, high in sugar.
Product code: 12718
1.14 €
This is a jalapeno with bright orange fruits, the fruits are more elongated than the usual jalapenos and look like carrots, from each bush you can take from 25 to 50 fruits, as they grow and ripen.
Product code: 15313
1.14 €
Indeterminate, tall, early, fruitful variety of tomato, fruits are flat-round, orange in maturity with yellow strokes and speckles, weighing up to 400 grams, fleshy, tasty, sweet, fragrant.
Product code: 15273
1.14 €
Tall, extra early, high-yielding variety, fruits are round, orange in color, with a transparent effect like gooseberries, weighing 10-25 grams, bright, rich taste, very juicy and sweet pulp, with a rich fruity aroma.
Product code: 13666
1.14 €
A mid-early determinant tomato variety, the fruits are very fleshy, sweet with a fruity aftertaste, round shape, golden-orange color, weighing up to 200 grams, intended for conservation, sauce, lettuce, tomato processing.
Product code: 13646
1.14 €
Medium early, indeterminate variety of tomato, fruits of the original pear-shaped form with ribbing at the stalk, at the stage of maturity, red, fleshy, excellent taste, the weight of each fruit is from 150 to 300 grams.
Product code: 13011
1.14 €
An early ripe variety, which has a bush up to 2 meters high, a raspberry fruit, flat-round, weighing up to 100-120 grams, the variety is suitable for fresh use and pickling.
Product code: 12866
1.14 €
A mid-season tomato variety, a bush 1 m high, round fruits, with an edge like peach, orange, weighing 50-80 grams, very juicy, sweet, fruits are rich in beta carotene, under favorable conditions, you can get up to 20 kg from the bush.
Product code: 11297
1.14 €
Mid-early variety, round fruit, orange color, weighing 200-400 grams, the variety is characterized by excellent taste, high yield, relative resistance to late blight.
Product code: 10337
1.50 €
Medium late, indeterminate (1.5-2 m), lettuce variety-bicolor, bicolor fruits, very beautiful, from medium size (200-400 grams) to very large (700 grams - 1 kg), brushes are heavy, there is no discharge of ovaries in the brushes ...
Product code: 8692
1.14 €
A mid-season tomato variety intended for cultivation in open ground, the fruits are bright red, fleshy, rounded, of high taste, with an average weight of 90-100 grams, characterized by good transportability.
Product code: 14959
1.50 €
The early ripe variety differs from other berries in the color of the yellow pulp, as well as in the increased sugar content of the pulp (up to 13%), the fruits are rather large, weighing 8–11 kg, round in shape.
«Oyster mushroom blue» (Pleurotus columbinus) - Organic Mushroom Spawn NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 10701
6.10 €
3.00 € (Sale: -103%)
Blue oyster mushroom is one of the rarest and most exotic varieties of oyster mushroom, the active antitumor effect of oyster mushroom has been proven, regular use of oyster mushroom can normalize blood pressure.
«Oyster mushroom lemon» (Pleurotgs citrinopileaus) - Organic Mushroom Spawn NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 10700
6.10 €
Lemon oyster mushroom owes its name to the bright color of the cap, identical to the color of the sour fruit, this type of oyster mushroom grows in the Far East, it contains amino acids and trace elements in a composition ideal for absorption by the body.
«Oyster mushroom» (Pleurotus ostreatus) - Organic Mushroom Spawn NEW EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 10699
6.10 €
Oyster mushroom is distinguished by a fleshy, rounded cap, curved in the form of a shell, therefore it is also called oyster, the color of the cap, as the fungus grows, changes from dark gray to ash-gray, the leg is short, inconspicuous, solid.
«Orinoco» Heirloom Tobacco Seeds EXCLUSIVE
Product code: 10131
1.14 €
It has a unique aroma of prunes with a vanilla plume, is easily fermented, very unpretentious, mainly used as a pipe.
Product code: 13132
1.14 €
Early parthenocarpic variety, for open ground and film tunnels, vigorous, climbing, medium-length greenbacks, about 13-15 cm, with a shallow seed chamber, the taste is delicate, refreshing.
Product code: 15177
1.14 €
The variety is early ripening, the fruit is cylindrical, smooth, milky or pale green in color, the pulp in technical ripeness is light yellow or pinkish yellow, disease resistant, recommended for fresh consumption and canning.
Product code: 12987
1.14 €
This is a rare variety of pumpkin, in appearance resembling a watermelon. The pulp at the cucumber is white and creamy, juicy, tasting and smelling like a ripe cucumber, the cucumber can be eaten raw, cook okroshka, salads and other dishes.
Product code: 4677
1.14 €
An early high-yielding variety with orange-pink flesh, tender, juicy aromatic and high palatability.
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