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«Pouce Pink» - Organic Cornflower Seeds
Product code: 3150
1.14 €
This dwarf Cornflower variety only reaches 12 - 18 inches tall, and is a great height for borders and beds. Cornflowers make excellent cut flowers. The blooms last in the vase well, and they also dry nicely for everlasting arrangements.
Product code: 11165
1.14 €
For a beginning gardener, Cornflower seed is a great flower seed to start with. The flower seeds are larger, so they are easy to handle, and they germinate easily and produce blooms in about 10 weeks after being planted. Very rewarding!
Product code: 2097
1.14 €
Easy-to-grow from Cornflower seeds, this tall annual makes a great addition to the summer border. The color is a deep, rich claret which is as close to black as possible. Centaurea Cyanus Black Ball certainly adds drama!
Product code: 2381
1.14 €
If you have a wildlife garden and enjoy attracting bees, butterflies and birds, start this Cornflower seed for this tall, showy, yellow perennial. This yellow Cornflower is commonly known as Armenian Basket Flower or Giant Knapweed.
Product code: 3151
1.14 €
No matter what your landscape is like, a formal flower garden or smaller borders with wildflowers, these dwarf Cornflowers, with their pure white blooms, will add a charming presence. This white Cornflower seed, or known as Bachelor's Button flower.
Product code: 853
1.14 €
With unique layers of fringed petals, it might be hard to recognize our Imperialis Mix as the popular and prolific Cornflower or Bachelor's Button, but rest assured this unique and eye catching cultivar is just as easy to grow.