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«Speckled Swan» - Organic Calabash Seeds
Product code: 11678
1.39 €
This unique gourd is a hit with customers. The long necks curve gracefully and enlarge at the end to resemble a swan’s head. The bulbed base measures 6 to 8" in diameter and has a flat bottom for ease of display.
Product code: 11677
1.39 €
Grow mammoth 7’ long gourds and amaze your family. Super tasty fruit are tender up to 4’ long. The tenderness and great flavor made them a favorite in our kitchen. Fun for craft projects and entering garden fairs.
Product code: 11674
1.14 €
Vine Jug is a old high quality variety developed in Germany. Fruits with green skin in bell shape and 1.5 Lb. in weight are very delicious and tasty, excellent for soup and stir-fry. Fruits resemble a vessel.
Product code: 11673
1.14 €
This smooth-skinned, nicely-rounded green gourd is just crying out to be a crafts project! Perfect for birdhouses, this Lagenaria (bottle-shaped) type is as fun after harvest as it is to grow. Very easy and heavy-bearing.
Product code: 11672
1.39 €
And you thought dragons only lived in fairy tales! Not so! You can grow one in your garden! This gourd is one of the oldest crops on record and bears fruit 12"-18" in size. The deeply veined fruit is a larger, bulbous piece that sits at the end of a long.
Product code: 11330
1.14 €
Round and pretty dark green fruits With a diameter of about 12 cm (5 in) and the appearance of its namesake, Cannon Ball can be dried to use it for crafting, painting and decorating.
Product code: 11329
1.14 €
Open Pollinated. Plant produces good yields of large 20" long light green gourds. Best if grown on trellis or fence. Perfect for making crafts. Excellent choice for home gardens.