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«Chabaud White» - Organic Carnation Seeds
Product code: 11173
1.14 €
This delicate white Carnation can be easily grown by starting Carnation seeds in the early spring. Dianthus Chabaud La France has double, fringed flowers that have a lovely spicy scent.
Product code: 11172
1.14 €
There are so many uses for this attractive, sweet-scented Carnation, so start some Dianthus seeds and enjoy these lovely flowers! Grenadin Carnation can be used as a bedding plant, in containers, as an excellent cut flower, or in rock gardens.
Product code: 11171
1.14 €
Grow beautiful Carnations in your own flower garden easily from flower seed! In many parts of the world, the popularity of Carnations is more than any other type of flower including roses.
Product code: 11170
1.14 €
Start Carnation Seeds, and you can have a wide selection of lovely Carnation flowers for cutting and arrangements. Grenadin Carnations are very popular with florists and are used in corsages, bouquets, and a wide range of floral arrangements.
Product code: 557
1.14 €
Carnation 'Grenadin Mix' blooms in summer with fragrant, double flowers in shades of pink, red, rose, yellow and white. The plants are relatively compact, and the blue-green foliage is very attractive. Also known as Carnation 'Grenadin Double Mixture'.
Product code: 1448
1.14 €
The foliage is clump-forming and blue-green in color. The Carnation flowers are white, pink, red, yellow, or multi-hued. Dianthus Caryophyllus Chabaud Carnations grow as a perennial in frost free zones, or grow as an annual where winters are cold.
Product code: 1347
1.14 €
Start this Dianthus flower seed mix for shades of red, rose and white. Dianthus Superbus mix is a perennial Dianthus that reaches approximately 16 inches in height. Dianthus Superbus is hardy to zone 3 and is not frost tender.